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:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi posted a status
I've bought stream slot for Cars 3. It cost me 50 bucks. Movie was streamed by 12 year old kid who kept doing toddler noises during the whole thing and the audio was so quiet that it couldn't be heard. I am not buying this sh*t again. Welcome to the internet, lads.

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bluewingfairy Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2017
good morning my friend, I like Cars 3, it is the best movie I ever see. P.S. what stream slot?.
LukasDeAudi Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Stream slot is a virtual seat, just like one you buy in cinema. What site it was? I have no idea; I just know it was under one of THOSE videos on dailymotion and there was paywall high AF
alviniscute Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017
that's insane. it would normally just cost 7 dollars to see it in a theater :P
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