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Today's double feature will be started by The-Dancing-Dragon. A quick summary: they are from Australia, which makes me to respect them very much.
They specialize in writing and photography.

You can check out their literature over there:
A Paw-Tunate Meeting A Paw-Tunate Meeting: Chapter One
D’artagnan wagged his tail happily as he stared up at the pretty lady. She smelt nice, like cinnamon, though that was probably because she was carrying fresh treats home from the bakery. The pretty lady made a shooing motion with her hands as she tried to get rid of him. D’artagnan knew he should probably leave, the pretty lady was probably busy and had things to do. He was going to leave, he really was! It’s just… He was hungry, very hungry. The harsh Parisian streets weren’t kind to anyone be it a well-off Parisian Lady or a young pup, alone and struggling.
Barking and letting his continuously moving tail speak for him, D’artagnan made to give her a big joyful lick. His plan didn’t go as expected and in the next second his ears were subjected to the highest screeching sound imaginable. It confused him as he whimpered and tried desperately to block the sound from h
A Paw-Tunate Meeting: Chapter 2 Going Mutts!D'artagnan mustered his best glare and attempted to conquer the stairs. It was surprisingly easy to sneak out. Flowers and Boar were both dozing lightly, one spread out across the bed, the other napping peacefully in the chair. He didn't understand why they slept like that. They were litter mates weren't they? When he was still with his Father and siblings, on the farm in Gascony, he and his family had always cuddled together when they slept. Isn't it better that way?
Placing two paws on the step below him, he was filled with an easy confidence. I can do this. With a bit more energy than intended he set off down the stairs, he managed to stay upright for the first few, however, at about the fifth step he didn't get so lucky. His paws scrabbled to keep him put as he began to teeter towards the edge, nearly tumbling the entire way down.
With one leg firmly splinted and bandaged he didn't think he was going to be able to st
A Paw-Tunate Meeting: Chapter 3 This Bites!Looking across at the clearly displeased puppy in Porthos’ arms Aramis couldn’t help but allow a small grin to break out, even in such a dire situation. It had been Porthos’ idea to take Charles with them as they went to the inn where ‘Athos’ had reportedly killed a man in cold blood, they thought perhaps the puppy might be able to discover something that they wouldn’t normally see. Charles was after all able to track down Athos’ boots for a good chewing, no matter where the stoic swordsman hid them.
At first Aramis had been against the idea of bringing their companion along, especially since he was still injured but after watching the lively puppy happily remain safe and content in the arms of the biggest Inseparable for the majority of the journey (Not counting, those times Charles very vocally let them know he had to relieve himself) Aramis decided that maybe this idea wasn’t half bad and that they should bring the puppy with them more
A Paw-Tunate Meeting Chapter 4:Roger's Special!Roger was restless. Scratch that, Roger was anxious. There was something wrong, he could feel it. As a proud horse and honorary member of the Musketeers he knew better than to dismiss that instinct. It had saved his life and the life of his brethren on many occasions.
Coming to a halt, Roger could feel Leader's eyes on him. Leader had many names; Athos, Inseparable, Musketeer but to Roger he was known as Leader, just like Fidget had labelled Aramis as Master and Raul had dubbed Porthos as Boss. Leader did not question Roger's instincts instead instructing Master and Boss to be silent.
Roger's ears flicked forwards as he registered the sound of multiple boot heading his way. Leader held his reigns steady as they waited. Master was the first to make a move, musket firing with Fidget not even batting an eye, he was used to th

Also, don't forget to check out this beautiful shot of Sydney:

CityScape (Darling Harbour, Sydney Australia) by The-Dancing-Dragon

And one sunset:
Sunset Blanket by The-Dancing-Dragon
I have to respect them for getting the sunset right, because from personal experience, I have to say...taking a good photo of sunset is super hard.

Anyway, that's all for The-Dancing-Dragon. Don't forget to check them out and click that +watch button on their page...
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