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I mean...
Was that loud enough...?
Anyway, about the plans I've got for the first half of this year.
As some of you know, I've been working on several projects from the start of January and finishing both.
I am talking about Frozen City and The Red Wastelander.
The thing is, I've put so much thought in these two I am now in a situation where I don't know what to do next. Ideas simply don't come to me, or they do, but feel rushed and without a feel and taste.
So, I've decided to turn back and look at my earliest creations.
Remember Scarfix? No?
Thenory Hardware - Scarfix the Time Master
His name is actually Scarface, as my friend has corrected me recently. It's his character and it belongs to New World AU. You might be familiar with stories from it. For example:
Little Thenory Fuga Cover 2
See that skull? That's Scarface in his early age. His real name is Alsius Stormbreaker and he's the Demon Lord from LTF.
Now, there's the thing.
I want to have Scarface reincarnated after his not-so-well-made-appearance in my scrapped story Mirror Spell. He's going to get a new backstory explaining how he had become what he had become.
Until then, stay tuned.
I've promised new cover this weekend, but I won't be able to make it in time. My work schedule is quite unpredictable some times (most of the time these days to be honest). Just try to be patient with me. I'll deliver, even if it would take an extra week.
I am grateful for all the support you've been showing me lately and I know I don't deserve it.
Thank you.
Your truly,
As it is almost midnight around here, I find this moment perfect to reflect.

What did we achieve this year?




Before And After #1 by LukasDeAudi


Case Of Khymera (Fanfiction cover art) version 2 by LukasDeAudiLost Luna Eclipse Cover Logo by LukasDeAudiLittle Thenory Fuga Cover 2 by LukasDeAudi

Capture3 by LukasDeAudi

Big thanks to those who supported me through these tough times. And that's just a beginning...

Last days were filled with research of new Spyro games and revisiting of the old Legends of Spyro, and watching Skylander Academy. Interesting stuff, and makes one great theory ground. For example, in Skylanders, Cynder seems to know Spyro right away, while she struggles to remember other characters. I ignore the whole Malefor being her father thing, as it doesn't fit there in my opinion. What is the theory?

The end of Dawn of Dragon suggests Cynder and Spyro are alive. It doesn't have to be true completely, as they could get reincarnated or misplaced in the timeline. Spyro gets in the universe of the original Spyro games, and Cynder is stuck in the Skylanders. Skylander Spyro is simply too different to be the original, in terms of design and behavior. He is also missing his trusty companion, Sparx.

And there's that. Why would Master Eon allowed Cynder in the academy, if she was considered evil? He had to recognize something.

Okay, so first of all, and thank Judy for this one, Spyro from LoS games, he's a legendary being. If he's a legend, Master Eon would know him for sure. Suddenly, dragon that happens to look awfully lot like the legendary Spyro hatches in Skylands. Well, put two and two together. Master Eon treats the dragon boy with respect and the ego of Skylander Spyro grows.

And then Cynder appears. She remembers the original Spyro off the bat, impresses Master Eon. She's looking for a dragon, she didn't have a chance to get to know better. Everything else follows, and all the stuff she tells to Skylander Spyro could be just nonsense to not rise suspicion. Why would she be afraid of fighting and using her abilities you ask? There was an extreme amount of stress she had to go trough. I wouldn't be surprised if she had developed some kind of post traumatic disorder.

I'll update this journal with findings that surface with research I and Judy are doing. See you until then.     

Also, an update on projects:

  • Lost Luna Lunar Eclipse fanfiction
Currently working on it and I've got three chapters down.
  • AsReal Adventures
I am drawing sprites and backgrounds. It takes a lot of time, because I want them to look somehow good.
  • Other activity
There's two other things going on in the background. My main focus goes into getting a driver license and as a stress reliever, I use my oldest project - Tubular Crystal (Backstory for characters Lara and Commander Freez). I intent writing somewhat decent story and release it as RenPy graphic novel, if I manage to motivate myself enough.
I presume all of you have heard about Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia. We also know how their brawl ended, but what are the facts? What made Luna so desperate to be consumed by dark magic?

Well, the actual sources aren't as satisfying as I'd like. I've tried to Google around and haven't find anything apart from article on official wiki page. Maybe comics might provide some explanation, and I'll update this if I'll learn anything new.

So let's say we'll use just observation and facts from the show. What do we know?

**Nightmare Moon is the corrupted version of Princess Luna. **

**She was sent to the Moon by the Elements of Harmony. **

There's a statement that Luna grew jealous of Celestia, but I have doubts about reliability of that fact. We can assume the Harmony journal from which this sentence is, was written after Luna was long gone. This makes me think Celly wanted to look like a hero in the eyes of public, either for her sake, or more likely for the sake of Equestria. It would only make sense, as the theme of ruler doing a wrong thing for good cause is pretty common.

So, we are going back to start. Let's discuss my theory about the corruption of magic. I go into explaining of the whole thing in my Lost Luna Story, but short version should be enough. Basically, everything in Equestria is dependent on magic. Weather, food supply, day and night cycle, communication, etc. If you corrupt that magic, things will misbehave. Dark magic like the one we've seen King Sombra use can effectively achieve corruption. In episode one of season three, Twilight got exposed to such kind of magic for several seconds and Spike even shorter. It nearly drove them insane. Imagine if you'd get exposed to it for days, or even studied it...

Luna, is a bit of a rebel. She's determined to do things her way.

Now, one thousand years ago ago, Celestia was the Queen of the Day. We don't have information about her behavior, so I'd have to assume facts from one particular episode of season 7, the one with first appearance of Daybreaker. We can assume from that Luna and Celestia were rivals. Celestia grew mature over the years of ruling alone, while Luna, still young inside, kept her original personality.

I imagine Luna getting into dark magic to prank her older sister and slowly corrupting herself. That's the least violent case of all.

But let's leave that behind and look at season 4's first episode. We are introduced to a strange liquid, that makes you time travel. Really? First of all, I'd make a second opinion on that. It's unlikely Twilight saw a real thing, a real events. What's more possible, she realized something she had read in a book or heard. That scene with Celestia, it reminds me of bed time stories my uncle used to tell me. He was the brave knight, and his boss at work was the villain.

Anyway, getting of track. The whole history Twilight seems to be going through is heavily Celestia influenced. All the stories in Equestria are like that honestly. There's no explaining of Luna's motive in the Nightmare Moon event. Basically, she acts like a total loco, and Celly is the wise ruler, giving a raging kid an another chance. I am not trying to say Luna didn't attack Celly, nothing like that. It's just the story seems to be a bit onesided.

So, to wrap this up.

- Luna had enough of her sister's 'I am the greatest princess alive' act.
 - Luna studied dark magic to get stronger. This way she could challenge her sister and get some attention.

 - Luna refuses to fulfill her duties, which aggravates her sister.

  - Possible fight or even a small armed conflict - > NLR and Solar Empire confirmed

  - Luna's defeated and sent to the Moon.

What we see later in the show, after Luna's redemption, is a mild case of Stockholm syndrome. Luna is hurting herself. She gives out signs of anxiety, or even depression. And, she listens to her sister, obeys her orders, etc. Once Luna grows more comfortable, and stops being the nice little girl, she'll get traumatized again. Just take the Season 2's Nightmare night episode for an example...

Last thing I'd like to address. I am carrying the flag of NLR with all the pride. I've tried to be objective on the matter, but I apologize for if my statement will seem as Luna centered.

Celly loves her sister very much, and she does all those things to protect her. In the past, and in the present as well. She's afraid of losing Luna again, so she tries to remind her sister of the past mistakes.

I've said enough.

Now it's time to pack my stuff and move to another planet. Raging army of Bronies is coming for my booty. I am not allowed to make pony related content under threat of immediate death. So long....
Vicat Nocte, people.
This is going to be a quick update for those who remained in the community.

First of all, thank you all so much for bearing with me. My schedule is all over the place, because I usually work during weekend. I used to draw during Saturday and Sunday, which is no longer possible, because I work at that time, almost every week. I still try to get some content up, but I deep in my soul, I feel it's not enough.

So, what I've been up to. From the posts, you can guess I've got two projects in the making.

Lost Luna and AsReal adventures, these two are my main source of work. I try to find time, but anything is extremely slow.

Just yesterday, I've uploaded a new story on called 'Dragon with unicorn horn'. Go check it out, if you are interested of course.

Okay, so what am I planning?

I need to push through my exhaustion, even if it kills me. I cannot ignore my extraordinary followers and fans.

I'll try to make my schedule a little more organized. Let's try two posts a week and we'll see how it goes - One weekend post, and one workday post.

That's all.

Let me know how it sounds to ya.
Title says it all.

I'll be working on some other stuff for other projects, so since I'll be busy, there's no problem squeezing few more things in the plan.

Order as normal, only difference is you'll get your order for free.

All commissions ordered from 22th to 27th of December are free.
There was a question regarding Patreon and me, as author here on DA, putting up exclusive content.

While the idea of being paid for content is not alien to me. Certain people paid me for doing commissions for them, because they wanted to. I am no forcing anyone to give me money for the work, heck I'll do free commission for ye if you can't pay in the moment. There is always a compromise.

Anyway, I know some people would gladly subscribe to me, and I totally respect that, but....

Guys, people in question are usually deep in trouble themselves. Those people can't pay their bills and yet, they'll give you money for insignificant digital piece of cr*p. I want to avoid that at all cost.

So, no. I am not joining Patreon. I don't want to encourage this behavior. I am providing all the sources and exclusive WIP to anyone who asks for them, that's my MOTTO.

we have a shout out incoming. We are going to discover one and only DragonEyeMcCree .

One thing you'll notice once you'll visit their is the insane amount of Youtube related photo-manipulation. Dude, I love Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, you probably knew that.
So, here are some I've found interesting:
Mooiplier by DragonEyeMcCree Jacksepticeye by DragonEyeMcCree Sexbang And Hanson by DragonEyeMcCreeSpace by DragonEyeMcCreeEnjoying your Stay?? by DragonEyeMcCree <- You are giving me a workout here, pardner, lining up those pieces...

Anyway, that's not all:
I met Jacksepticeye by DragonEyeMcCree Jealous

Floffin by DragonEyeMcCreeNo Name for this demon yet by DragonEyeMcCree Really good drawings in style I want to master one day...

SlimeRancher-2016-02-20-08-00-00-50 by DragonEyeMcCree  FEED YOUR SLIMES!

Anyway, I am not gonna blabber about every single post they've made, go see for yourself.


In this case, slap that +watch button as well.

Today's double feature will be started by The-Dancing-Dragon. A quick summary: they are from Australia, which makes me to respect them very much.
They specialize in writing and photography.

You can check out their literature over there:
A Paw-Tunate Meeting A Paw-Tunate Meeting: Chapter One
D’artagnan wagged his tail happily as he stared up at the pretty lady. She smelt nice, like cinnamon, though that was probably because she was carrying fresh treats home from the bakery. The pretty lady made a shooing motion with her hands as she tried to get rid of him. D’artagnan knew he should probably leave, the pretty lady was probably busy and had things to do. He was going to leave, he really was! It’s just… He was hungry, very hungry. The harsh Parisian streets weren’t kind to anyone be it a well-off Parisian Lady or a young pup, alone and struggling.
Barking and letting his continuously moving tail speak for him, D’artagnan made to give her a big joyful lick. His plan didn’t go as expected and in the next second his ears were subjected to the highest screeching sound imaginable. It confused him as he whimpered and tried desperately to block the sound from h
A Paw-Tunate Meeting: Chapter 2 Going Mutts!D'artagnan mustered his best glare and attempted to conquer the stairs. It was surprisingly easy to sneak out. Flowers and Boar were both dozing lightly, one spread out across the bed, the other napping peacefully in the chair. He didn't understand why they slept like that. They were litter mates weren't they? When he was still with his Father and siblings, on the farm in Gascony, he and his family had always cuddled together when they slept. Isn't it better that way?
Placing two paws on the step below him, he was filled with an easy confidence. I can do this. With a bit more energy than intended he set off down the stairs, he managed to stay upright for the first few, however, at about the fifth step he didn't get so lucky. His paws scrabbled to keep him put as he began to teeter towards the edge, nearly tumbling the entire way down.
With one leg firmly splinted and bandaged he didn't think he was going to be able to st
A Paw-Tunate Meeting: Chapter 3 This Bites!Looking across at the clearly displeased puppy in Porthos’ arms Aramis couldn’t help but allow a small grin to break out, even in such a dire situation. It had been Porthos’ idea to take Charles with them as they went to the inn where ‘Athos’ had reportedly killed a man in cold blood, they thought perhaps the puppy might be able to discover something that they wouldn’t normally see. Charles was after all able to track down Athos’ boots for a good chewing, no matter where the stoic swordsman hid them.
At first Aramis had been against the idea of bringing their companion along, especially since he was still injured but after watching the lively puppy happily remain safe and content in the arms of the biggest Inseparable for the majority of the journey (Not counting, those times Charles very vocally let them know he had to relieve himself) Aramis decided that maybe this idea wasn’t half bad and that they should bring the puppy with them more
A Paw-Tunate Meeting Chapter 4:Roger's Special!Roger was restless. Scratch that, Roger was anxious. There was something wrong, he could feel it. As a proud horse and honorary member of the Musketeers he knew better than to dismiss that instinct. It had saved his life and the life of his brethren on many occasions.
Coming to a halt, Roger could feel Leader's eyes on him. Leader had many names; Athos, Inseparable, Musketeer but to Roger he was known as Leader, just like Fidget had labelled Aramis as Master and Raul had dubbed Porthos as Boss. Leader did not question Roger's instincts instead instructing Master and Boss to be silent.
Roger's ears flicked forwards as he registered the sound of multiple boot heading his way. Leader held his reigns steady as they waited. Master was the first to make a move, musket firing with Fidget not even batting an eye, he was used to th

Also, don't forget to check out this beautiful shot of Sydney:

CityScape (Darling Harbour, Sydney Australia) by The-Dancing-Dragon

And one sunset:
Sunset Blanket by The-Dancing-Dragon
I have to respect them for getting the sunset right, because from personal experience, I have to say...taking a good photo of sunset is super hard.

Anyway, that's all for The-Dancing-Dragon. Don't forget to check them out and click that +watch button on their page...
Well, I mean I hurt you, but it had to be done. I am sorry. I mean...


This time on this very odd hour, I am doing one very special shout-out to my late friend N4tka28
We've used to know each other and the second I've got to know her, I've discovered she has amazing feel for art. I mean, talent, yeah, that's the word.
Anyway, she had some form of insecurities. As I can see from the latest posts of her, she's getting over them. But you, my loyal watchers, are not here for me rambling about someone I used to know. You are here for shout-out.

I've picked three posts she has posted so far and you can preview them here:
The Look by N4tka28  I am the princess now by N4tka28 Ladybug ballerina maybe? by N4tka28

I kinda don't know what to say anymore, because I have no idea if she even desires this shout-out or not, but I have to do something to help her reach more people. She has only two watchers, and I want to see those numbers climbing, folks. ASAP!

Have a great day everyone, and Natari... please don't hate me for being an asshole few months ago. You are the first person I've got to know on the internet that I cared about. I still care about you, but there are ways I have to take and with those paths comes things and duties that ain't pretty. You had done nothing wrong, it was all me. Don't think about it too much, okay?

Also, one side note. I wasn't asked or payed to do this. I feel a certain duty in my soul to do this. I don't know...


Yesterday I've met one person and we've been learning about relationship between two countries that used be partners in crime few decades ago.
For that, I'd like to send thank yous to sun8day, that helped me understand more about Russia.

But, I am not here to just write, I've gone through the gallery of hers and picked five top deviations she's done. Here they are:

Rabbit Adopt Auction CLOSED by sun8dayUltrasea Adopt CLOSED by sun8day<da:thumb id="702769827"/>Neirosea Adoptable Auction CLOSED by sun8day

Of course, there are many more masterpieces hidden in that top tier gallery, go have a look yourself

Anyway, I'd like to give a shout out to someone who's been very kind to me.

I am talking about :iconkaynerd550: Brother and Sister Time by KayNerd550

I think they deserve much more attention then they get. Just look at these masterpieces:
Untitled by KayNerd550 Cat man by KayNerd550 FallenFeather's CutieMark by KayNerd550 Vanessa Trade Art by KayNerd550 Hamilton! song with Chibi by KayNerd550


Good night
Taking a break from drawing. Been tagged by WeraHatake 


1. How old are you?

 2. What gender and pronouns do you identify with?
    Male / He, His

3. Your name?   
    Lukas, duh

4. How social are you?
    No social life here


1. How long have you been on deviantART? (Old accounts included)
4 years

2. What are your future plans for the site?
Fan art, Literature: main base of operations and self promotion

3. Do you want to pursue a career in art?
No, not enough skill

4. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your art skills?
3 / 10

5. Do you ever plan on leaving deviantART?
Not yet, might have to if someone tries to ruin my reputation

6. Who is your favorite visual artist?
Just to name few: Solar-Paragon PkingSora mysticalpha and many more...

7. Do you use a tablet or a mouse?
Wacom Intuos - that's tablet, but I can use mouse as well

8. How long does it usually take you to complete your artwork?
4 to 10 hours

9. How well do you handle criticism?
Criticism is okay, hating is not. Hunting someone to the edge of the internet to bring him down is not okay 200%.


1. What is your sexuality/romantic preference?
I don't know how to call it

2. Are you currently in a relationship?
No, don't want to either
You know, there has to be a way how to do this more quickly. Man, I do not regret making these, but the pain of editing...
Anyway, little bird told me:


Being with someone places unnecessary responsibility on both sides. It puts people in stress and bad situations. There’s no relationship without future burden in it. It is always going to pros and cons. Sadly, negative traits are more present than the positive, when you look at it rationally. It is not worth the effort and funds.
I thought this one would a great for journal entry. It belongs to my dear friend Judy Hoffman a.k.a WoonaX. All credit to her and her smart brains.

Insulting someone on the internet is not the case of being a winner or loser in some pointless argument. It is a case of destroying of will to create stuff, being an opponent. Basically, someone hates you, because they think you are dangerous to their own popularity, or shameful pride.
Even though I don't celebrate birthday, you should!

:iconxrosalynx:  :iconnightcoreneko2::iconrcmero::iconraven-plume::iconthejennabrown::icontabi-tsu:
:icondittysama::icontnynfox::iconyoyo0102: :icondamaverickblast::iconboubacat::iconmorningwhisp:

Anyway, I wanted to do something different than just listing a way overwhelming number of people in a list. I also listed people's BD 7 days in prior, because let's be honest, I'd forget during a week.

When I do any of these, I usually think about them as Hall of Fame sort of thing. So, this is your happiest day. Enjoy!

By the way, I've already forgot when my own Birthday is. I am so dumb...
Somebody pinch when it happens, ok.
As always I am trying to keep up with the latest news. Now when I'm getting bigger and more famous, the amount of hate is getting slowly lower. But it wasn't this way all the time.

Back when I was starting, I used to have overall like 100 hateful comments on everything I'd do, luckily it wasn't on deviantART. You guys were amazing from the start. I'll give you that...

Anyway, I do believe this behavior goes with with something that humans have encoded in themselves. Don't get offended, but deep inside we are all monkeys. And monkeys tend to copy one another a lot.

So forgive me if I delete any hateful comment when it doesn't give any sort of a critique. By my experience, if there's at least one hate cell on any post, there's going to be a s***storm coming our way. I don't really know why this happens but it probably has to do with the humans being monkeys and stuff.

If you want to insult me or I give me some harsh criticism it will be probably better to use notes, so it's only me who can see the thing. I don't want to encourage swarming behavior where an army of 10 year old stomp me to the ground. That's what happened on fimfiction two years ago, and it completely ruined my name in community and I had to leave it.

Have a nice day everyone.
Lately, I've been talking to several people and all of the conversations were like that:

Me: (sentence)
Them: meh
Me: (sentence)
Them: ok
Me: (sentence)
Them: whatever

Me: (question)
Them: (random emoji)
Me: (sentence)

Every start of conversation:
Them: i am gonna end it soon
Them: i am sorry for myself
Them: k

Please, tell me there is still someone normal in the world.