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Spam #2 by LukasDeAudi Spam #2 by LukasDeAudi
I did that comparison to show how I did art about 2 years ago and how I do it now. You can say I might have improved a bit. When you tell me straight away, I wouldn't believe you, but when you prove it this way, I can't argue. Feel free to drop a like or a comment.

Base: By me, unchanged for both sessions
Character: Daniela Electra Fuga (OC: idea comes from neondragon's character sheets, google 'Fuga character sheet' to get it), changed to be less dragon and more furry (actual change from dragon species to different species, idk how the hell they call it and I won't use my terminology)

BIO: Female in her early 20s. Smart and fast learner. Her talents varies from marksmanship to art making, she's pretty much capable of everything. She likes to read and invent her own stuff and theories. She can't cook very well, but won't burn the meal. She prefers solitude over crowded places. She fancies riding her custom hovercraft in the field where no one is. She's nice when you get to know her, but be prepared for a minor difficulties catching her.

She might be Mary Sue a bit, but I have trouble telling so. She's one of the first characters I worked with. Do not steal and ask me before using her.
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August 13, 2016
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