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The Pair by LukasDeAudi The Pair :iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 2 1
Lost Luna Prequel Chapter 24
Some time flew by from the battle with Twilight Sparkle. Her closest followers, willing and unwilling, all of them were captured by either my task force, or Dream Legion. In the end, the number of ponies that swore their loyalty to the mad unicorn touched hundreds.
Eighth Ark had enough cryogenic pods for all of them, and there would be enough room for twice as much. Alea sealed the ship, programmed its system for the closest target in database and let it fly. Where it would end, where would tides of the universe carry it, no one knew for sure. Twilight's friends took the remaining Elements of Harmony with them, along with broken Twilight's crown. They would serve as an reminder of this event.
My sisters and I took the roles of ruling Equestria. Luna would join us in time, once she would cope with her own sister's illness.
Celestia didn't die, and death would be fulfilled wish for her. When Twilight touched her with dark magic, Celestia's powers got corrupted as well. Unlike Twilight,
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Lost Luna Prequel Chapter 23
I flew over the distance between my ship and Canterlot mountain. I was changing my disguise, depending on what I was doing. You don't see flying unicorns everyday. I also hoped the gray mailmare I had impersonated wouldn't be around at the time of my arrival. I didn't want to screw this mission up. This time though, even if I was found, I had a radio and a ship with weapons, capable of executing a genocide. I had nothing to fear honestly.
Canterlot changed to the point I wouldn't recognise it. Purple bubble shield was around it, just like during my infiltration. Well, I did cross this barrier once, and it wasn't something that hard. Canterlot had quite large cave systems under it. If you knew where you were going, you couldn't get lost. Infiltration of the capital proved to be rather simple in the end.
I ran a quick scan on the shield. It had Twilight's signature all over it, and it wasn't as strong as Shining Armour's. One or two plasma shells from my ship's main battery would break i
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Lost Luna Prequel Chapter 22
My crew members slowly came to themselves after few hours. I tended to the navigation and helping Alea in the meantime with controlling the ship. We managed to cover half of the distance between the exit vector of the jump gate and Equestria. I could feel the homesickness going slowly away. I knew our home would be taken back, but I was willing and determined to do what was right.
Shadow of the blue planet in the front of us faded in from the dark abyss of space void. It seemed like the planet wasn't moving and simply waiting for us to catch up with it.
"Hell of a trip, wasn't it?" said Luna with a light smile on her lips. All six of us were at full alert.
Obsidian stretched her already long neck, "Here I come Equestria,"
I gave her a smirk, "You haven't seen that planet in a long time, haven't you?"
"Obviously," she replied, "I don't know what to expect. What great inventions ponies achieved during my absence?"
I had to laugh, "Great in
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Lost Luna Prequel Chapter 21
Crystal Empire was once again clear from all the hostility and disharmony. Twilight would rub her hooves together, if it meant end of work for her. She didn't want to be a princess like Celestia suggested, not at all. But after seeing her own future, where she's openly rejected by Celestia for failing to protect harmony in Equestria, she couldn't simply stand by and wait for her fate to come. She had to eliminate all the threats, and restore power of her mentor's regalia. Without actively soothing ponies and adjusting their minds, there would be a rebellion. They couldn't find out their princess was getting old and powerless to stop anything. They could decide her younger sister, or even that darn changeling, were simply better rulers.
When presented with such an idea, Celestia didn't object. Twilight was the only one she could trust after all. She was her faithful student, the only one left after her sister's betrayal. Princess Cele
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Lost Luna Prequel Chapter 20
We decided to have one last meeting and good rest, before we would start our final approach. It wasn't my decision, but the one of my crew's. Especially Obsidian was really for taking it slow. I didn't object against the idea this time. We had that argument once already, and it would be a waste of time.
Alea issued a slow burn around the orbit of the moon we were at. Gate disappeared behind us and we would reach it again in six hours. That was just enough time to wrap everything up and get ready for possible suicide run. I remained in captain's quarters for the whole given time. Luna joined me after four hours I was asleep. She respected my wish to get some shut eye alone. I didn't have much of that for past few days. I couldn't belive this whole crazy journey through space and time took only a week. If we managed to win and survive, we would be on the edge of the new age. Ponies and changelings would be friends again, and space exploration would certainly become a thing.
I talked with
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Lost Luna Prequel Chapter 19
"I've made my decision. We won't turn back."
Again and again, some of my crew were seeking a way out of their participation in retaking our home.
"I respect you as a captain, I've made that clear I hope," said Obsidian, "But I want a solid plan. What will we do after we arrive to Equestria?"
"I can try to talk to my sister, and maybe convince her to see it our way?" tried Luna. She earned frown from me.
"Denied! You are not committing suicide. Not today, not in the near future." I said.
"But, Celestia's my sister!" argued Luna.
"Sister, that had you locked up on word of someone without a proper court. I am sorry, Princess, but our situation isn't pretty enough to make such decisions," joined Obsidian my side.
Luna shot us both an angry look, but remained silent. Vertex came up with a plan next.
"We've got weapons on board. We could take the capital by force," she said.
Obsidian was quick to respond, "Not against that, but we need to earn more than a victory. Killing someone as Celestia
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Lost Luna Prequel Chapter 18
"Chrysalis, you are back!" greeted Luna my person immediately upon entering her line of sight. I was too sad to reply and she did sense that. "Where's Stardust?"
"Gone. Her sickness got her," said Vertex, coming up from behind of Luna. My fillyfriend responded with 'What?' as she had no idea of what was Vertex referring to.
"I'd like to know as well," joined Obsidian, "Why didn't you say anything? We could have done something."
"No, you couldn't," snapped Vertex, tears in her eyes, "That sickness, there was no cure. I didn't have the heart to tell you."
"It was caused by the poison on world down below. Stardust told me." I added. I was the first one to recover from shock. Death of someone close wasn't uncommon for me as was for my sisters. I lost two hives in total after all. One had to be hardened after such experience.
My sisters were glaring at one another, clear message of anger and sadness mixed in their faces. Luna jumped between them, "Guys, chill. We are one short, yes, but tha
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Lost Luna Prequel Chapter 17b
I wouldn't believe it if it didn't happen in front of me. Amora's body had lost its colour and shape, and she literally became a statue. It was like she was part of the facility.
I blinked and had an urge to ask Luna if she saw the same thing as I did. In the end I didn't have to, because Luna exclaimed, "What the heck was that about?" Confirming she was just as confused as I was.
We took advice of Amora with passion. I wasn't eager to meet my siblings more in my life.
"Down the hall and to my left," I repeated words of my mother.
When we were walking the mentioned hall, made out of polished dark marble again, I wondered, where was the work force used to build this place. There had to be a whole swarm of changeling drones to construct such a massive structure, not even considering the amount of digging.
I stepped in the corridor on my left, to run in the closed door. I tried pushing into them, expecting them to be locked, or at least stuck after the years of not moving. What came as a
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Lost Luna Prequel Chapter 17a
With Luna healed up, ship in great condition, there was nothing that could stop us from going on an another adventure. Problem was, where to go.
There were three or four planets in the system, plus several moons that could house a settlement.
So, we spent days just to try to pinpoint the location of interest. In the end, we were successful, sort of.
There was a significant amount of energetic signatures on moon, around which the exploded orbital station and wrecks of the Arks were orbiting. It made sense in the end, considering what Erasten told us. Elders were in dire situation, so they just landed on the first world they could reach.
I wondered what we would find.
Alea did some analysis of the moon. It returned some basic ideas what we would have to deal with.
Magnetic radiation was present, that was good. I didn't mention that, but this kind of radiation made us to be able to use magic at all. Other worlds in the system didn't have it.
Moon's surface was mountainous, rich in materia
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Lost Luna Prequel Chapter 16
Alea moved Little Wrath on the other side of an orbit, outside of the radioactive dust field, formed after the orbital station fell apart completely.
From the explanation of Alea, the station exploded because of us. She had performed several scans, just before I and Luna went on the adventure, and she found out the main reactor was faulty. Either damaged by the time in space, or something else. Thus, entering the station made the reactor to start up, and run towards its end. Also, we didn't detect any life signs before boarding, because there weren't any. Those changelings had to be in stasis, and their wounds weren't caused by excessive hunger, but rather the radiation that had been leaking from the reactor for last thousand years.
Shortly said, mystery solved on our end. How it was in reality, nobody would be able to find out.
More adventures were out of question. Luna had both of her wings broken. She had woken up, and Alea fixed the bones with medical equipment on board. She wouldn
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Lost Luna Prequel Chapter 13
I had a lot of time to explore the Little Wrath.
Alea was turned off, we were running on auxiliary power source, and even Luna didn't wake up to that moment.
The part of the universe we ended up in was nothing like I'd expect. Red and orange nebula was stretched around the place and dense field of space dust was taking the most of the system. The gas planet we were orbiting had three moons, with one almost hidden in the dust fog.
I went to check on my pony friend. It was the first thing I did after I had made sure we weren't in any outside danger. I checked her heartbeat and listened to her breathing. She seemed fine by that observation, outside of fact she wasn't awake more than twenty four hours after she was hit with that spell.
I felt confident enough to try and uncurse her, but with no luck. Technically, she was sleeping so if I managed to do a sleepwalking spell, I could peek in to her consciousness and help her regain control of herself.
I did so. It was the last option I had.
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Lost Luna Prequel Chapter 14
My vision was blurry and I couldn't make out any solid shapes. I felt like I wasn't breathing for a long time. I turned my head up and realised someone was looking at me from above.
"Hey there, sleepy head," said Luna, pale more than usual, but happy.
I remained motionless as she was nuzzling my cheek gently. Shouldn't I be the one comforting her? Luna pulled me up and hugged my form. I didn't care anymore about anything that just happened, apparently only in my head.
Luna did remember all of the stuff from earlier. She also knew exactly what attacked us in limbo. I was right about the trap set by Twilight. That purple menace knew Luna could figure out something in that dream was off, and that she could break out eventually. For that case, Twilight sent in the hunter of sorts, that would keep anyone trying to escape at bay. I could blame King Sombra for that.
Let me explain. Luna told me, Sombra used a certain spell to keep his slaves in check. That spell reminded anyone under its infl
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Lost Luna Prequel Chapter 15
Before we agreed on exploration of the orbital station, Alea performed a scan of the environmental stability. When her analysis didn't return anything out of order, she said we were clear to engage in exploring. Her only recommendation was we would bring environmental protection suits, just in case. That proved to be a problem.
You see, I could fit in one of the suits no problem, as there were few designed especially for someone of my size. Luna was about 0.75 of my size, so the suits made for alicorns were too big. The other way around, the smaller ones, for standard changeling workers, were just too tiny. Luna went in a way of 'fuck it', and with the help of her magic, she managed to squeeze herself in one of the worker suits, after several minutes of swearing and kicking the ground.
Shortly said, we were ready.
Station was dark on the inside. Joined streams of light from mine and Luna's horn were just about enough to provide enlightenment to see clearly.
First thing I noticed were b
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Lost Luna Prequel Chapter 12
Just a quick note to say that a lot of things happened in between entry 11 and 12. I am currently on board of Little Wrath, floating in darkness around some forsaken planet several light years from Equestria.
But now, to fulfill the gaps.
It didn't take long to make a target out of myself. Same day, just when I was finishing writing my previous diary entry, someone had knocked on my door. I presumed it was Luna, who was supposed to meet me and was an hour late already. I was prepared to give her a little lesson on keeping promises, but the second I had opened the door, I regretted I didn't check who was behind them. Two solar guards and Princess Celestia herself entered without greeting, pushing me out of the way.
"Are you aware why are we here, changeling?" said alicorn in formal tone.
Celestia had never called me 'changeling' before, not even when I was in trouble.
"Does it have to do anything with the newspaper article?" I answered her with question. She shot an unamused look my way
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Lost Luna Prequel Chapter 11
My date with Luna didn't turn out to be anything extraordinary, but it did make a difference. It brought much needed relaxation.
With Twilight gone and Cadence aware of mine and Luna's relationship, there was nothing much that could ruin my near future.
Even the Changeling archives started being more interesting. About a week before writing this entry, I had discovered certain set of memories. Those memories belonged to leaders of the changelings back then.
What triggered my curiosity was the mention of a fleet of colonisation vessels, placed here in the Crystal Empire. According to data, there were seven of them in total, but one failed to takeoff when the time came. There were subtle hints of something like that in earlier memories, but only now, it started to form a bigger picture.
If my assumptions were correct, that ship had to be situated somewhere in the Archives, along with several smaller escort vessels. But, how could something as big as a colonisation ship go missing?
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Mechanical pump
Blood transfusions
Waste disposal unit
Grey matter
Electrode implants
Prodded and probed
Electroconvulsive therapy
A laboratory rat
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