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The Red Wastelander full cover by LukasDeAudi The Red Wastelander full cover :iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 4 1 The Red Wastelander cover art by LukasDeAudi The Red Wastelander cover art :iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 7 3
Frozen City - Chapter 8
*Circa an hour before*
Anna felt a strange numbness inside of her chest. Why did she do that to Sebastian? His affection towards her wasn't anything bad, and even though she couldn't return the feeling, she could at least offer him something to look forward to. She could be his companion, let him think she cared.
The situation of theirs did that to her. Her social skills were bad before and the stress only induced it. She was snapping at her friends, acting like a jerk, even though they came to rescue her without the need to do so. Alex was the one that needed saving. He was the ambassador, one very important person that would negotiate the future of dragons and humans. Anna was just another person lurking in the darkness, surviving day by day. Her work might be important, but no one would recognize her for it. Humans would always steal the honours.
With Anna killing the governor, she would at least get recognized for something, even though it would earn her an electric chair at best.
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 3 2
Frozen City - Chapter 8 illustration by LukasDeAudi Frozen City - Chapter 8 illustration :iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 7 2
Frozen City Chapter 7
"How are you holding up?" asked Sebastian. He was kneeling down next to lying Adine. The yellow wyvern was steady and calm, shock from earlier gone completely.
"I am better now. My wing doesn't hurt anymore. Anna has done a great job," smiled the small wyvern. She was pushing herself towards Sebastian to minimise the vibrations of the vehicle they were in. She also found her friend's body heat comforting.
Sebastian noticed her behaviour and had to comment, "Careful, or others might start thinking you are cheating on Alex."
"I don't care. You are so soft and it feels good," mumbled Adine through her closed teeth. She had both eyes closed and it seemed like she was going to use Sebastian for a bed.
Their convoy was driving through the abandoned mining settlement. There were no signs of Anna or the strange dragon that kidnapped her either. Sebastian could hear Bryce talking over the radio with Lorem. The small blue dragon acted the role of their scout, as the buggy allowed him to quickly
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 2 0
Peacekeeper Sebastian [Frozen City] by LukasDeAudi Peacekeeper Sebastian [Frozen City] :iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 13 1 Sarah Fuga von Ahishira [Little Thenory Fuga] by LukasDeAudi Sarah Fuga von Ahishira [Little Thenory Fuga] :iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 9 1 Lara Lathara [Nebula Aethernus fiction artwork] by LukasDeAudi Lara Lathara [Nebula Aethernus fiction artwork] :iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 7 1
Frozen City - Chapter 6
Sebastian stopped the vehicle behind a snow dune. Its white and silver paint would keep it hidden.
"Did you bring any weapons?" asked Anna, who was putting the snow goggles on her head. She looked quite slender in the grey suit. Every muscle and curve were visible.
Sebastian looked at her, blushed and turned away immediately. Unfortunately, Anna noticed it.
"Hey, stop looking at my butt and answer me," barked out the red girl, "Damn it, those suits are so clingy. The one who designed them had to be a hell of pervert," she added.
Sebastian did his best to avoid the attractive girl close by. He caught and walked over to the wall lockers. "I've packed us some weaponry. Nothing big, but it will do."
From the inside of the locker, Sebastian took out his harpoon rifle. Anna was supposed to have a standard police handgun, Glock 21. Arming themselves didn't come without a complaint.
"You bring me a peashooter, while you've got a calibre of an attack helicopter. That's not fair, mister!" said A
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Frozen City - Chapter 5
It was three against two. Anna would take her chances. She was a dragon, she could take three monkeys head on, but Sebastian advised against it.
"What is your business with us?" asked Sebastian, after he reassured Anna wasn't going to attack the humans.
"You are both charged for treason. There were leaks of sensitive information. Your department was found guilty," said the tallest of the agents.
"There had to be some misunderstanding. We were investigating a handed-out case from the order of your government. We are authorised to use any information we find useful," shook Sebastian his head.
Circle of agents was getting narrowed. Sebastian took a step backwards. Anna was in his way, so he bumped into her.
Anna growled, menace growing in her eyes.
"You've got right to remain silent. Given the crime, there won't be any court..." started the tallest agent.
Anna dashed forward, grabbing Sebastian's wrist. She squeezed through the wall of humans and ran into the night.
All three agents yelle
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Frozen City - Chapter 4
Bryce was to honour the words of Alex and buy his brown colleague man's favourite beverage. Sebastian refused it with a smile, wiped sweat from his forehead and walked back into the interrogation room. "I am not letting a mad woman hurt the ambassador," he said.
As soon as Bryce was out of the office, he was attacked by a combined flurry of red and yellow.
"I demand an explanation," stormed Anna angrily at Bryce, "You are late!"
"I don't want to be nosy, but some inside details would be nice," joined in Adine.
Bryce looked upon the two females. For some reason, he didn't feel secure. Grin formed on his lips, "Great bad cop impression there, Anna."
Anna, with one claw raised, stopped dead in her tracks. "That wasn't intended. Besides, it was her idea," she pointed backwards at Adine. "Why don't you explain what the hell is going on?" added Anna in a low tone.
Adine, eyes wide, object, "My idea? You've wanted to...." The wyvern girl waved her talon at backs of leaving Bryce and Anna, "Uh
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Frozen City - Chapter 3
Anna almost went insane during her two-day stay in the hospital. She would take sleeping pills and nap the day away. The medication she was receiving had the opposite effect, though. They were making her all hyper. She couldn't sleep and boredom was her best friend.
Bryce was trying to help her a small bit. Alex chipped in as well. He had a talent of smuggling things in the hospital building. Along with portions of coffee Alex was getting who knew where, they brought her newspaper, book, and fresh food. Nutrition paste she had to eat was making her even more irritated. It tasted wrong, it smelled wrong, and she wanted to throw up just at the sight of it. Anna was glad to leave the hospital early.
After a short trip, Anna knocked on her home's entrance. Echoes of four legs moving could be heard and certain white dragon opened the door.
"Hey Anna," said Remy cheerfully upon spotting her standing in the doorway. "They let you out of the hospital?"
"No," Anna walked into the apartment and
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 1 0
Frozen City - Chapter 2
"How bad it is?" asked a deep voice.
Anna was lying in a hospital bed, facing upwards. Someone was holding her hand. Guessing from three-fingered grip and odor of fresh seawater, it could be only one person - Adine.
"She's the only one we've managed to rescue, sir. Rest of the convoy crew is MIA, sir, " replied a young male voice. Anna listened as carefully as her ringing head allowed.
"Keep your voice down, she's coming to herself," said the soft female tone on her left. Adine was rubbing Anna's wrist with her talon.
Anna raised herself from the mattress. She was sitting up, facing her friends from the old times - Bryce and Sebastian.
Bryce looked at her with one of his hazel eyes and smiled, "You look great, Anna."
Sebastian joined, "Yeah, considering you beat cancer just a month ago, and almost froze to death yesterday..."
"Kiss my rump," laughed Anna, "Can I get a cup of coffee? I could use a pick me up."
Bryce and Sebastian looked at each other and nodded simultaneously. Bryce gav
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 0 0
Frozen City - Chapter 1
Gray, sticky snowflakes flew through the air, as strong north winds propelled them through a frozen wasteland.
Figures of two dragons in dark, protective suits fought against the wind, one having more problems doing so.
"I don't know, Sebastian," yelled the flyer female dragon at her companion, "I don't think Anna would go that far. She has to be near the first wreck." She shielded herself with one of her wings, which were useless under current conditions. Sticky ash and snow mixed together were settling down on her, covering up the greyish pattern of her protective suit.
Sebastian waved at her, and they both kneeled down in deep snow. "I think I see something, " he said, as he pulled out his binoculars.
The storm prevented anyone from surprising our two heroes. Adine wiped the glass of her mask of melting cold mess. Sebastian took hold of his harpoon rifle, he had placed on his back the whole time. Even though dragons could be dangerous opponents in melee combat, against firearms huma
:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 0 0
Frozen City - chapter 4 cover by LukasDeAudi Frozen City - chapter 4 cover :iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 4 1 Frozen City - Alex Tomazuki by LukasDeAudi Frozen City - Alex Tomazuki :iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi 5 1


A Disney Xerneas by xersyc A Disney Xerneas :iconxersyc:xersyc 103 11 Untitled by TacoSauceNinja Untitled :icontacosauceninja:TacoSauceNinja 148 3 For Honor - Warden Cosplay by Carancerth For Honor - Warden Cosplay :iconcarancerth:Carancerth 81 1 shipwreck II by oliverryanart shipwreck II :iconoliverryanart:oliverryanart 108 1 At Home, in Shahda by SirInkman At Home, in Shahda :iconsirinkman:SirInkman 117 26 31819 by JohnoftheNorth 31819 :iconjohnofthenorth:JohnoftheNorth 54 1 Postcard from Barcelona 46 by JACAC Postcard from Barcelona 46 :iconjacac:JACAC 77 28 [CM] Miu by bitter--coffee [CM] Miu :iconbitter--coffee:bitter--coffee 145 10 The Lost Girls: Emma and Cathy Walk by sohighlydubious The Lost Girls: Emma and Cathy Walk :iconsohighlydubious:sohighlydubious 54 26 Male Siberian Blue Robin by uzairar Male Siberian Blue Robin :iconuzairar:uzairar 73 15 Caribbean Views 3 by robpolder Caribbean Views 3 :iconrobpolder:robpolder 51 9 Mclaren MCL34 - Carlos Sainz JR. by nancorocks Mclaren MCL34 - Carlos Sainz JR. :iconnancorocks:nancorocks 35 5 Unicorn by Bombalam Unicorn :iconbombalam:Bombalam 94 7 K098 | Bahari by meganeffingsandbox K098 | Bahari :iconmeganeffingsandbox:meganeffingsandbox 59 4 Blacktide by Takamatsu-kun Blacktide :icontakamatsu-kun:Takamatsu-kun 62 9 Chinmay by Paardjee Chinmay :iconpaardjee:Paardjee 55 19


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Simple full-body art + background
Nothing fancy, you know the drill


Layered Background




I've got three of five chapters of The Red Wastelander finished and ready for upload. Shall I upload them now, or should I wait until the 4th and 5th chapters are also ready?
Been doing some testing in my study on compatibility of me and the AWSW cast. The results don't look good for my person. Adine: too selfless, wouldn't work with my selfish attitude, simple as that
Anna: I'd get on her nerves, because I stand firm in my opinions and as I've figured out, she doesn't like that
Bryce and Remy: I am not into boys
Update on The Red Wastelander:

I am at 6.5k words. The story will have three to four chapters and I am currently writing the third. Hopefully, I'll get myself in line and finish it withing the next two weeks. I also want to release a TRW related drawing.


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Frozen City

Story: Chapter 8 - deadline: 10.3.2019

Artwork - Chapter 7 - deadline: 3.3.2019

Lost Luna Eclipse Fanfiction

Writing Chapter 2 - on hiatus

Nebula Aethernus

Writing first chapter - possible release: 2nd of June


Son of a genetically engineered military man and Thenorian woman,
Lukas DeAudi is here to bring you stories he either heard,
or those that directly touched his fate. For I, the chosen speaker,
I shall translate these thoughts and present them to you all
through power of the Void Eye.

Eye of Void


The alien artifact embed in someone important to I,
and DeAudi as well. She, The Carrier, cursed us with knowing,
and the only cure is to TELL.

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