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WoW Comic - Transmogrification

By Lukali
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I guess we all hang out at the transmogrifier yesterday to get dressed for success! :)

Made for the Swedish magazine "Level presenterar World of Warcraft" (Level presents World of Warcraft) no. 5/2011.

Also read my webcomic Warmongers!
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I'm so laughing right now X3
Houlee's avatar
SpyroTheWolfDERP's avatar
If only.
Horde gonna kill me: UMG ALLINCE KIL IT
Me (Mogged to look lvl 30): Hue.
*Kills Horde*
Teh-Lucario's avatar
Exactly why gear need to be green-purple to mog it
XDjayfeatherXD's avatar
The only problem is that you can't transmog anything below greens. (grays, whites)
tarrker's avatar
OMG! Why haven't I thought of this? GENIOUS!
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IF ONLY THIS WAS TRUE! *uses Training sword at level 90*
Jolin-chan's avatar
xDDD There should be fun items which alow you to look like a level 10 player with low life and low equip xDDD
Huslar's avatar
That troll is a cunning bastard
DerPidder's avatar
This got some serious laughs from me. Nice one. :D
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I'm glad you liked it, thanks! :)
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LoL i have seed this in a Swedish WorldOfWarcraft newspapper xD
LordKunaii's avatar
hahaha i am not the only one who do this?
Ragnarok6664's avatar
.."I-I cant feel my legs Lenny"...Oh gotta love this stuff :D
Lukali's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
LightDragon777's avatar
Gives me ideas~
Drpandagamer's avatar
Sadistic ! I love !

Troll and troll <3

ps: love the title " Arena Master Noobslayer < Asses of all Classes " best thing on this comic xD
Lukali's avatar
Thanks! Glad you like ^^
Drpandagamer's avatar
Continue you'r comic ! they are really Awesome ! But stop make fun of pandaren xD
Lukali's avatar
Haha, thanks! No more pandaren for awhile, promise ;)
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