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WoW Comic - Ho Ho Horgrimmar

By Lukali
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Merry christmas in arrears, everybody! Came back from my christmas vacation in January, so sorry for a late upload.
And yes: I know about Great-father Winter and Metzen the reindeer, but I wanted a traditional touch of it.

Made for the Swedish magazine "Level presenterar World of Warcraft" (Level presents World of Warcraft) no. 6/2011.

Check out my webcomic Warmongers!
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© 2012 - 2021 Lukali
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"Cairne Bloodhoof rip" Here I'm done
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ok, cairne wasnt his fault in fact
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favoriting this one also, umm, i wonder why i almost never get notices of your uploads... I'm sure i'm watching you already.
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His face at the last panel XD
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This made my day x')
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Santa's face when he says "Oh, really?".... Priceless :)
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Too bad he won't be getting a present for 2012, maybe.
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Absolutely hilarious! I love it! XD
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Awesome, thanks! :D
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Love everything about the art style you use in these.
The scenery, the vague multitudes, the detailed characters.

Also good to see Garrosh with a proper head.
Every artist who has drawn him as disproportionate as he appears in-game has mysteriously vanished.
I wonder why...
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Funny stuff very well made man XD
Lukali's avatar
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What did you use to color and draw it? I'm an artist myself and i have comics but dont know how to make it like this
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Sketched with a green pencil -> inked mostly with a middle-sized nib -> scanned and colored in Photoshop.
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Nice comic... although technically Cairne's death wasn't all his fault. Magatha poisoned Garrosh's axe.
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Hahaha xD

Nice job! xD
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I simply love it! I'm really curious, what nice boy Garrosh received for Christmas present!
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I love the fact that I get these comics on my facebook page days after I've seen them. It gives me the chance to smile a second time at these. Px
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Glad you liked it ^^
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