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A critique would be nice
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Hi all,

  I'm in the process of creating new habits for myself including exercising and studying and I thought hey let's try this journal thingy on dA. Because why not, right? Anyway, I've no idea if anyone will actually read this but it really doesn't matter. 

So my name is Luka, I am...well...many "things" could be said here. But professionally I am and want to be an even better freelance illustrator. My number one goal in life is pretty cliche and simple. It's to be able to experience the ultimate freedom and happiness through the journey of my life.

A LOT has happened for me in the last few years, that I never, EVER thought imagined it would. From moving to a different country for the first time - living there even though I didn't speak the language and then after a year moving again to another country, getting random jobs in stores and kitchens, living the hard life. Getting the news that my dad had cancer (he's ok now, though! Still recovering but doing fine! GO DAD! :)). Oh, and I got scammed over the apartment. On a day when I was supposed to move into a new flat, the "owner" sent me a message: "you can't move in. sorry." and was unreachable since that. Went to the police where they informed me that the guy has rented out the same flat to 10 different people for the same dates and that they have him on file for a long tine. Great. I thought I was going to kill someone at that point. Depressed, angry, fearful and no place to go. So instead of moving into a nice new flat, I instead had to move back to my hometown because I simply didn't have anywhere else to go.

After a while, I was able to go back to France. How? As a house sitter. In the last year, my girlfriend and I were house and pet sitters for almost half a year I think! So that's half a year rent free. Amazing experience. There were struggles, yes, and difficulties but oh boy, so rewarding as well. Taking care of donkeys, dogs, cats, birds, goat, pig and two beautiful horses, one of which we had to "paint" with sulfur because the poor thing had mites (or something). So painting a live horse. With a brush. My jacket still stinks of sulfur almost one year later haha. But it made Darcy (the horse) better, so it's fine. :) So, I lived in many cities and towns and am currently residing in a small town close to Bordeaux, France. The plan is to move sometime this year again and hopefully, it will last for a few years. :) 

All of that being said. I've seen and experienced many things, some bad some good but all amazing experiences that I'll never forget, that's for sure. I also had the opportunity to work with many fantastic clients, who really made me feel good about my work, even though I know that I have a lot to learn still. It's ok. I'll get there. We all will.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to greatness, ultimate freedom, and happiness. And I tell you, I can feel it coming. :) I don't care how or when. It is coming.

That's all for now, and if you'd like to see more of my raw sketches, occasional sculpts, finished pieces, WIPs, videos etc., you can follow me on facebook HERE where I try to post daily (another one of my new habits).

Until next time, 
Love and peace to all,

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