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Void Cinnamon

Please go here and rate [link]
Void Cinnamon theme

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One of my favorite themes!
need another theme like this ... specially that panel style... i love it...
This is the most popular Cinnamon theme for very good reason! Thank you!
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My favorite theme ever, thanks
where to get a picture?
Luv this shit!
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I love it!

What icon theme are using you?
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[link] Some of the best icons I've come across
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wonderful job!!!!!!!!!
Awesome theme

what is icon theme set used i wonder look like JAST
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Your best theme luis! The popop menus are awesome and the menu is very nicely done, tasty and unique.

- forgot to style the alt tab!
- some padding-left for run dialog entry, the cursor starts very far left
- the modal dialog buttons are jumping around because ".modal-dialog-button:focus" has different padding than ".modal-dialog-button", if you delete the padding under "...focus" the issue disappears.
- the green "on" toggle switch stands out from the colour theme, maybe it would look better monochrome like the off switch and the rest of the theme?
- black leaf shape for notifications as well?
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Hey thanks for the debugging!
yeah, i just got on linux. Ran into cinnamon like a month ago and started playing around with the css files from themes. never really coded or anything so I'm just kinda winging it.
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nice work there..
Has got to be one of the best Cinnamon theme I have ever used! Great Job
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Awesome work! Stunning setup. :-)
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