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Feedback Love

I love getting feedback, specially comments <3

So don't forget to :+fav: and comment :dummy: xD

Hope you like :P


130 favs in 2 and a half days!!
OMG, thanks everybody for all the feedbacks! lol
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I ask for critiques but I don’t get any. It’s okay if you don’t want to or aren’t good at it, but it’s something I need as an artist ;;;;
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I like getting feedback
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I just hate it when my messages are filled with nothing but group additions. I love feedback and even something from one of my watched deviants would be nice.. but it's always stuff from groups.
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i'm so using this <3
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this is awesome! using <3
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Feedback messages in a nutshell: 93% Activity (Faves + Llama Badges), 3% Replies, 2% Comments, 1% Mentions, and 1% Critiques.

This probably applies to pretty much every deviant aside from myself. =P (Razz)

Yeah, I prefer Llamas and Comments over faves but I like all three.
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Also... 97%-98% "Thanks for the fave" spam, 2% actual comments (conversational, critiques, random reactions, etc.).

Man I love dA but people who just write "thanks for the fave" without reading my featured comment must hate me for getting fed up with receiving it. :(
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and I actually got BLOCKED because I unwatched them because I was sick of their thanks for fav comments despite me giving them TWO warnings
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Their loss. They should pay attention to you the first time. I tried to spam them back but only two of them are sassy about it. The rest probably ignored my "heartfelt messages" and one actually blocked me. But eh... My profile right now has so many things that forbid advertisements and thanks 4 d fave comments yet some people that still comment don't pay attention and still say "ZOMG TNX 4 ZE FAVE I APPRECIATE IT!" that I wanna remove that favorite immediately and block them. Really cheap way to advertise themselves tbfh.
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Comments help me to improve, help me to see my works under a different light and can start interesting threads and even potential friends so i love them. I do not force people to comment, but they are highly appreciated :) Nice stamp, i like this green as colour background, it relaxes.
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Comments are the best out of anything x3
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It's the best messgae i got.
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I love getting comments
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Same, it's actually the best message I get.
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I LOVE getting feedback :3 It helps brighten my day 
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same, especially if they help me on improvements :3
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This is just me in a shellnut.
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