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New Ghostbusters #3 page 20

By luisdelgado
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It looks like hell is about to break, fortunately the original Ghostbusters are back and ready to get things under control :)
I could've never got this page right without the help of Dan Schoening, he's not only the best penciler I know, but he's always helping me come up with new and exciting efx.

Pencils: Dan Schoening :icondanschoening:
Colors: me
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Man, this issue was great and I love this shot. amazing work. I hope the NGB stick around now that the RGB are back too :P
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LOL at the beginning no one wanted the NGB, some fans (not all of course) were ready to "kill" Erik; and now that they gave him a chance to tell the story, it turns out that they like them :)
But I can tell you, we'll be seeing the NGB from time to time, just wait and see :)
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That's good! Good that the NGB will be around, not death threats to poor Erik D:

Honestly, I wish this GB were missing a little longer, issue wise. I know it was a few months in-story, but I think a total of 6 or 8 issues with the NGBs would have been neat too.

Either way the story played out well! Keep up the great work.
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I feel the same way, I really enjoyed Ron and Kylie, and I know they would've been awesome together if the NGB team would've last longer. But all we can do now is wait and see what Erik has in mind :)
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I couldn't tell you had trouble with that last panel! It was clever to have the Gozerian lettering on the walls translate to the GBs' names since they were the targets of those Collectors.

Also dug the color you gave to Times Square. Funny the other time it appeared was in the first Issue #3.

Was there a 15 easter egg in this issue? If you did, it's hidden really well this time...
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The fact that the letters on the wall translate to the guys names was Dan's idea, he's the mastermind behind everything :)

I know, it's funny to realize the connection, I don't know if Erik did it on purpose or not, but I know him well enough and I'm sure he did.

And there is a 15 easter egg, but it was Dan who put it. It's actually on this page, last panel, hidden among the flames, and no matter how hard I tried to find it, he almost had to come all the way from Canada and showed it to me himself; so, good luck :)
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I just kissed my parents goodbye and was about to swim to Canada and ask Dan in person.

I believe I see it in the flame directly above the word balloon that starts with "Um...". The 15 is in tiny white font.
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LOL I know how you felt :) But you sir, make Sherlock Holmes look like a rookie! It took me so long to find it and you did it without any help; seriously, Dan almost had to put a big arrow Looney Tunes style so I could see it
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Thanks! I appreciate it. I admit thought, sometimes Erik's pop culture references fly over my head. I found the 15 but man, lettering almost covered it up this time like back in Con-Volution I think it was.
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I know, that's something I'm always fearing when we get the final PDF, but so far I've been lucky, I don't know what I would do if it happens again
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"No beer, and no tv make Homer something something..."
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LOL I agree with Homer, same thing happens to me :)
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"'Go crazy'?"
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