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Ghostbusters 5 page 19

This is by far one of the most challenging pages I've ever done, but by the time I was done I knew it was winner. Love all the weird things Dan draw allowing me to use as many different colors as I can.

Pencils: Dan Schoening :icontraditionaldanimatio:
Colors: me
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Awesome work, challenging but wow really worth it, seriously man your coloring really brings life to Dan's work, my fav is how you make the glowing effect on the ghost.

The page reminds me of the realm of the Boogeyman :D.
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Thanks, it takes a lot of time and a lot of learning to keep up with Dan, he's the best artists I've ever work with, and I'm glad the fans feel happy with my work.
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great work!

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Sweet job! Great colors and details!
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All that's missing is a blimp with "Boo York -The big pumpkin" written it.
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Ecto Goggles... Giga Meter... Samhain's Fortress! Holy mother of artistic goodness, that's awsome guys!
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I'm glad you liked it, this was Dan's master piece and I wanted to make the colors as good as the pencils
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Reminds me of the "Big Apple Amusement Park" after the Boogieman got his talons on it. It's an epic splash page. :)
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Samhain's fortress! SO cool!
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SQUEE! Ecto Goggles and the Gigameter! Now the only thing I need from this pic is context, because I have no idea what's going on. Guess I'll just have to pick up the comic to find out... :P
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LOL you really have to, and the next one is gonna be even better, just wait for it :)
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Got it today, read it on the way home. Another great issue! I HAVE CONTEXT! SWEET, TASTY CONTEXT!
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Love it! You & Dan make one hell of a team!
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Thanks mate, I think so too, he's an amazing artist and I learn a lot from him every day :)
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I know I say this everytime any of you post pics from the comic, but on the whole you guys pull off a stellar book every month, I am so glad to see the work that comes from you guys.
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