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Per BRAND NEW Single Frame ¡Not animated!:

  NeoPocket= 10 usd:

  GemPocket= 15 usd:

  CvS= 20 usd:

  KoF= 20 usd: 

  CPS2(SFZ/MvC/DS)= 20 usd:

  SF3= 26 usd:

  GG= 30 usd:

--Animation Option 1--
"Head Method" and is to cut and move the limbs to do more frames:
  Head Method by Chamat

Every new frame would cost from 50% to 80% of the style-price you select depending of what movement do you want and how complex the char is.

--Animation Option 2--
I also do "Head Method" but with 2 more steps: retrace the animation and then shade it:

 Head Method by Chamat->  Outline by LuisChamat ->  Shading by LuisChamat

This one is more fluid and every frame counts as a new one 100% costing the same for the style-price you selected.

Editing parts/ V.A.T.S. System
If you want just certain parts of the body edited I divide the body in 6:
3-R Arm
4-L Arm
5-R Leg
6-L Leg

Each part costs 16,67% from the original price for the style. 

Character PORTRAITS:
~It can be similar to the rate for a single frame. *Variable prices.

  NGPC= 130 usd:

0. Yo puedo hablar español.
1. The payment is sent via Paypal before I do the sprites. Never send the commission "as a gift" because there is a severe money penalty for you.
2. I can do any sprite style you want, all I need are the references. 
3. I can animate stances or whatever you want. 
4. I can bring your OCs to life, I won't judge anything but I can give you tips to make it "unique".
5. When it comes to your creations I accept and respect total secrecy, when it comes to chars from games I prefer to publish them after some time.
6. I don't work with color separated palettes.
7. I don't like to do "any"-swap or totally simple editions.
8. I don't edit templates or bases. (Example: RPG Maker templates)

a. The price will vary, it can be less or it can be more, I try to be fair: It depends if I tried the style before, if it is a brand new frame/animation, of what technique I use, if it is a simple edition, if it's bigger or smaller than the standard size for the style, if it is detailed or if I have to spend time gathering new references.
b. At the moment I'm not available for full-char or large projects (I'm just open for NGPC full chars)
x. I can sprite NSFW stuff, no one has asked this before, but just to let you know.

Send me a pm if you are interested.
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gatorison's avatar
hola  amigo tienes facebook? me gustaria comisionarte el char de alice estilo kof
gatorison's avatar
ya sabia de su existencia amigo, pero la busco estilo kof xiv  con su ropa del xiv y movimientos,  ademas a esa alice le faltan sprites 
es un char muy muy beta te aria una buena comision por el char ..gracias por responder
OmegaOverdrive's avatar
I might think about getting a CVS sprites or a KOF XII one. These are all very good. ^w^
LuisChamat's avatar
I see for Omega Kitty, right? オメガ猫、すごいいい! :3

I have seen you worked with DOA867, I know him, and Jamesman, I know his works.

Send me a note with more details.
TCGamerboy2002's avatar
Alright. For Jack and Cole, all their sprites will be unique to each other.
LuisChamat's avatar
Yes, we are on the same channel! I'm not fan of swapping.

So you aim for more OCs? the different sprite-style? or perhaps animating one of their stances?
TCGamerboy2002's avatar
Probably more OC's. We'll see what's in store.
Mete122's avatar
So just asking TOPS made a Venom mugen character how much I have to pay for you to fix some of his sprites and blend them with normal MVC2 sprited Venom?
LuisChamat's avatar
You mean this version?


Click to show the animations and tell me the ones you think need fixing.
Mete122's avatar
ok but how much? Ground Pound,Tendrill Grab,Symbiote Coffin(I also would like to see coffin resprited) Web Impaler and The Madness in MVC2 with same color proportions and shading to match with original sprites
I can't pay now but I will talk to you once I have money and then you can start
How I have to pay? do I have send money with paypal to your account or anything else(Since this is first time I'm doing some sort of stuff like this)

LuisChamat's avatar
Yes the payment is via PayPal.

I can match the original style without problem. The shading and palette can be changed as you want.

As you say, you want each sprite redone each one of them would cost at the moment 10 usd that is what I ask for MvC style.
Mete122's avatar
is this promotion or the normal price?
LuisChamat's avatar
Normal price, In the near future those prices are going to rise due several factors, hope you don't mind.

We can keep the conversation via pm. I prefer the format plus I can attach images, links and I'm more aware of pms than comments.
Mete122's avatar
fine then we can continue this later in Pm.I currently don't have enough money 
LuisChamat's avatar
No problem. Contact me when you are aviable.
AceParrish's avatar
Just out of curiosity are you still doing this?
LuisChamat's avatar
Yes I am, I was quite busy because doing some commissions so I couldn't reply until now.

Send me a note with what you would like to see sprited.
Bahethoven's avatar
do you do animations i am a game developer and i am currently working on a game but i hit a road block. i need pixel art for my game  also do you do original characters what i mean is if i send you concept art will you be able to make a pixel character 
LuisChamat's avatar
Hi there I saw your videos on youtube that you need some spriting for your game. Also I remember, if Im not wrong, that we talked via hotmail.

Ok. I do full chars but you have to fill the following template that includes the movelist for your char (if it is a fighting game char):


The chars are in NeoPocket style, here's an example:


The NeoPocket full char costs 60 usd.

Though I can do any sprite style NeoPocket is the only one I chose since a Char takes me from 3 to 5 days to develop. You can consider the version I do as a "sketch" while seeking your definite spritestyle. Of course you can use it as it is.

Also I have seen that you talked with a lot of spriters, I hope between all the options you can find the right one for your game.
Bahethoven's avatar
for now i am working with jaredjlee he is cool i will get back to you if he does not follow through 
RieyTails's avatar
Wow, your head method seems very helpful when making stances, it definitely helps to create an animated sprite by rotating limbs, but still make each frame different from one another so it doesn't have as much of a robotic or "tweening" animation to it.

I'm actually not aware of many advanced pixel art techniques that can make things much more optimal when it comes to animating a sprite, I think I should look that up.
LuisChamat's avatar
Cool you like it. Here is the full tutorial for Head Method and some other tips:

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