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Per BRAND NEW Single Frame ¡Not animated!:

  CvS= 22 usd:

  KoF= 22 usd: 

  CPS2= 22 usd:

  SF3= 28 usd:

--Animation Option 1--
"Head Method" and is to cut and move the limbs to do more frames:
  Head Method by Chamat

Every new frame would cost from 50% to 80% of the style-price you select depending of what movement do you want and how complex the char is.

--Animation Option 2--
I also do "Head Method" but with 2 more steps: retrace the animation and then shade it:

 Head Method by Chamat->  Outline by LuisChamat ->  Shading by LuisChamat

This one is more fluid and every frame counts as a new one 100% costing the same for the style-price you selected.

Editing parts/ V.A.T.S. System
If you want just certain parts of the body edited I divide the body in 6:
3-R Arm
4-L Arm
5-R Leg
6-L Leg

Each part costs 16,67% from the original price for the style. 

Character PORTRAITS:
~It can be similar to the rate for a single frame. *Variable prices.

  NGPC= 130 usd:

0. Yo puedo hablar español.
1. The payment is sent via Paypal before I do the sprites. Never send the commission "as a gift" because there is a severe money penalty for you.
2. I can do any sprite style you want, all I need are the references. 
3. I can animate stances or whatever you want. 
4. I can bring your OCs to life, I won't judge anything but I can give you tips to make it "unique".
5. When it comes to your creations I accept and respect total secrecy, when it comes to chars from companies I prefer to publish them after some time.
6. I don't work with color separated palettes.
7. I don't like to do "any"-swap or totally simple editions.
8. I don't edit templates or bases. (Example: RPG Maker templates)

a. The price will vary, it can be less or it can be more, I try to be fair: It depends if I tried the style before, if it is a brand new frame/animation, of what technique I use, if it is a simple edition, if it's bigger or smaller than the standard size for the style, if it is detailed or if I have to spend time gathering new references.
b. At the moment I'm not available for full-char or large projects.
x. I'm ok with NSFW stuff.

Send me a note if you are interested.
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