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This template will help you to create the movelist for your fighting games original characters.

I used Ryu as the example of how you should fill the template.

It uses an alphanumeric Index to help you name the gif files in order if you also work in a folder.

There's also a questionnaire and a tutorial of how to use Power Point 2013 and the "Pink Poser", the guy you see in most frames here.


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thanks for sharing, yaa i did have something like this in mind when planing my own Originals , defnitly well use the time it come 
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really glad to hear that!
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The link of yours leads to an error. Is there a mirror somewhere?
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The download link are in the description.
useful for organization
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Thanks for the comment. Hope you use it plenty.
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YES! JUST YES! I was looking for something like this!
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Glad you liked it
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Can't wait to try this out, It'll really help out for my characters.
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Glad you aim to use it.
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Ahh, the words of encouragement.
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Yes, all you need is to keep practicing and never give up
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From what I have seen this is great. It covers all the elements for a character.
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I tried my best, thanks!
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Awesome template mate! this can come in handy for the artistic, fan made, fighting game command list artists! I don't have the skills of an artist, so that is why I went with text-only, but add in as much detail as possible.

Very nice submission!
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Yes I tried to make as user-friendly as possible, that's why I chosed Power Point most people handle that software.

Same goes for the Mannequin I created, it helps to know what pose you want even if you don't know how to draw.

Thank you!
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Muy bueno Chamat! Más Ryuuuu!
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:P No sólo Ryu, también para sus personajes originales.
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this is greaaaat, thanks you for this, =D Clap 
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Yayyyy, Ojalá le pueda sacar provecho
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Awesome! This will help me with my original fighting game idea Planet Protectors, which you can find here along with the special moves for each character. Let me know what you think of the characters and the idea as a whole. Thanks.
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I'm liking it a lot, seriously.

I read carefully to what you shown me. Check your PMs for the long response.
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