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Zenev Region Fakedex


[UPDATE: 05/01/2015]: First preview of the artDex
[UPDATE: 07/14/2015]: 11 fakemon added to the artDex
[UPDATE: 02/06/2016]: COMPLETED artDEX! :D


Artworks© Me LuisBrain
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It'd be cool if there was a Fakemon region you based off of one of the countries in Europe. Like Italy or Spain.
YanTheGarchomp's avatar
O MY... ITS... AMAZING!!!!! (Sorry for my english ... I'm not from America)
QueenVult's avatar
Still one of my favorite fakedexes on dA overall tbh, it's really tight and every design contributes something.
LuisBrain's avatar
Thank you very much! I really appreciate that :):):)
AWESOME!!! I love these Pokemon! They're pretty BADASS!
Banillaa's avatar
Wow that’s really cool! You should be hired at Nintedo and show them your awesome Pokémon art Heart 
LuisBrain's avatar
So cool!! What colors do u use to shade and make the light?
Hi i love it
It's public, I'd like to do sprites, thank you
LuisBrain's avatar
I don't get what you mean by "public"
but thanks and sure, I love fan-sprites :)
Thanks, what I mean is I want to create sprites of your fakemos :)
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I saw that snowman fakemon you made on a thumbnail and I legitimately thought it was a real Pokemon. Your ideas are amazing in my opinion. I just started deviantart today and I also make fakemon. Which one was your favorite creating? 
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Thank you so much! ^^
and probably this one
232: Tsarovo by LuisBrain
It is one of my personal favourites from this dex :)
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Cool! That's a very cool dragon. Plus, I honestly think your region is better than Gen 7. I do like Gen 7, but I think your Pokemon are much more charming and special. I posted my starters for my Region just now so if you aren't busy you can check em out. I have a Bush Bunny for my Grass Starter, (Not Shown in Picture) a Kabuki Mask for the Fire Starter, and a Clam Pirate for The Water Starter.
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Awesome dex, can I use your designs for my fan game? I'll credit you
LuisBrain's avatar
thanks! ^^ ...but no, you cannot, I'm sorry.
Loved the grass starter
thennessy's avatar
Hi Luis! I love your fakemon, are you planning a new region project now that the Zenev region is finished?
Love that so many of these are new and interesting creatures - rather than just animals with elemental bits slapped onto them
Doorman89's avatar
These are the best fakemon I've ever seen! But...can I have your permission to use some of these in a fakemon fan game?
LuisBrain's avatar
Thanks you!
but no, sorry you cannot, I'm not allowing my fakemon for any uses as of now.
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someone needs to make a game with these pokemon. I would pick the water starter and then get the grass cactus llizard thing for sure
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lovelovelove the designs ♥♥♥
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