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Tekioh Region Fakedex [SALE: ON HOLD]

By LuisBrain

[UPDATE 07/19: Still several lines available ^^]

[UPDATE 05/27: Still several lines available for purchasing :)]

[UPDATE 03/07: Numbers 034, 040, 041, 048, 089, 090, 106, 107, 116, 117, 125, 127, 129 and 132 have been sold! :):):)]



Download for FULL view! ^^

Artworks(c) Me!..LuisBrain
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mantopichu's avatar

could i use these for my group if i give you credit?

VAVera2493's avatar
Hey Luis. Are the undecideds still undecided on your part?
lucyDrawer11's avatar

I want Spizard and Gusanut in my team

SebastiaanZ's avatar

Also you are making commercial profit out of an IP of Nintendo.

SebastiaanZ's avatar

Damn expensive for sprites. And I can just recreate them without trouble if I really wanted to. Not interested in wasting the time though. 90 for a sprite, are you kidding me? If it was a painting sure, but come on a friggin sprite.

LuisBrain's avatar

1st of, Quite a rude approach buddy, if you're not interested just don't comment whatsoever.

2nd, they're not "sprites", I'm not sure if you know what a sprite is if you're mistaking these as such. They're artworks and designs that I spent time and effort in making. If you're so capable of making your own then I don't see why you're even bothering in commenting here in the first place as this is a sale, it's right in the title.

and 3rd. Nintendo owns the brand "Pokémon" but not Fakémon which is what these are, Fakemon can be interpreted as any type of creature design, therefore, Nintendo has nothing to with these, ask all the "fakemon" games available as apps or web games online that emulate Pokémon games if you don't believe me.

kirogamer123's avatar
How do I do if I want to buy one of your crafts?
LuisBrain's avatar
Send me a note and we can discuss over there! ^^
HourglassHero's avatar
LuisBrain's avatar
I already told you betch! 
atmmachine11's avatar
Hey good luck man! I think what you are doing is a really good idea, and I hope the best for you and your family.
Mikeyschannel's avatar
are you revamping the ones you don't wanna sell?
LuisBrain's avatar
I'm wondering if buying the art will include the Battle Sprite of the character or just the drawings. 
LuisBrain's avatar
If the fakemon has an sprite done for it, yeah I can add that as well
LavaSpecter's avatar
if you buy a Pokemon, do you get the rights to it, or just the picture.
LuisBrain's avatar
You pretty much get the full rights if they're not gonna be used for commercial purposes.
Kyle-Dove's avatar

Pleaaaase I will auto buy Cachaleen and Submalot!!!!! you gotta let me have them you know I love them!
LuisBrain's avatar
Hahaha My bad! sorreehhhh!...
and that's alright! they're still available if you want them! Just send me a note ^^
(I just updated the fakedex too lol)
im i the only one that thinks these are pretty expensive?
VAVera2493's avatar
As he said, you are free to believe what you want, but art is a luxury item. If one can afford it, fine. If not, you can always admire it :)
corychampion31's avatar
I might buy lemons in a few months
LuisBrain's avatar
You are in all the right to have your own opinion, I respect that...but right now I must kindly ask you to keep it to yourself and move along that other people who are probably more aware of the trajectory of my work and/or life by now and acknowledge the amount of effort and time that was put into these can purchase them.
JaxckLl2's avatar
The price of a thing does not depend on the amount of emotion or effort that you put into that thing.
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