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Spiderman-Spiderguile pencils

Tercera colaboración con el sorprendente :iconspiderguile:

Su dibujo y tintas, mis colores.

Third collab with the amazing :iconspiderguile:

His drawing, my colors.

Original art here: [link]

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I think Spidey is shouting 'Look! Naked Belgians!'

Really cool colour work, especially on Hobgoblin :)
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this is amazing! And i think it's kinda funny how spiderman seems to be pointing at something XP
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Thanks! Yeah, maybe he's trying to distract the hobgoblin: Watchout! an elephant!!!
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Still a pleasure to look at this! :)
Thank you again!
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MY pleasure dude, in all honesty!!! I've been meant to work some other of your pieces, but i have a lot of work. Hope to make it soon :ahoy:
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Can't wait, my friend!! :D
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Gracias carnal, el spider es un chingón, pero como que agarró más fuerza verdad?
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no soy de comics pero el coloreado es estupendo.
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Gracias Marisol, es de los pocos trabajos que a pesar del tiempo me siguen gustando y veo que a los demás también.
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omg...once again man, you never cease to amaze, you and your partner. you guy are an epic team!! this deffinately brings back the childhood memories of my waking up early to watch the 1995 version of the cartoon, and trying to ignore my mom yelling at me to eat my breakfast. =D
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That's the best thing someone ever said to me about my work, that it brought back a fond, funny memory. Thanks dude!
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hey man, no problem. by the way, i mentioned you as my inspiration for the rockthemuse member of the week thing. just my way of saying thanks, and i look forward to seeing more work. =D
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This is beyond stunning!
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Thanks Derrick, this one opened the doors to so many great things and i when i started it i only wanted to have a good time coloring it.
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So friggin epic man!
so this was a collab?
Sweet work!
You guys work well together.
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