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Hello! I've got a range of new prints available in my store at the moment. Click the image to check 'em out!

Louie Joyce Art Shop

+ More: behance . the loop . tumblr . deviantart . blog . facebook . twitter . instagram
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Check me out! New website:

+ More: behance . the loop . deviantart . blog . facebook . twitter . instagram
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Didi some updating on my blog, check it out:
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My solo Exhibition of Illustrations is opening at Monstrosity Gallery this Friday, and will be open for 3 weeks. Please come along if you're in the area. Should be a fun time, and i've put together a body of work that i'm very, very happy with.

Here's some links of note:
Monstrosity Gallery
Exhibition Info
Facebook Event

The Art Life
Two Flat Whites
Lost State Minor
Grafik Museum
Art What's On
The Colour

My Portfolio
My Blog
Red Mera Vintage
RMV Blog
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Red Mera Vintage:…
Vintage Fashion Blog:
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Why didn't i get Team GAGA?!?!

I might've actually kept that avatar.
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SmARTarts is an annual youth arts & cultural festival showcasing the creative talent and initiatives of young people aged 15 - 26, as part of National Youth Week.

I have two of my pieces in the group Exhibition. Got them framed and they look great if i do say so myself. So yeah,
check the poster for the info. Opening should be a fun night. Come and check it out if you are in the area.

Also there's a festival day on the 17th April which is going to have all sorts of exciting stuff going on. Live music, art market, zines, workshops etc. etc. etc.
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A few weeks ago i sent off an entry for an exhibition in the MUBE Gallery in Sau Paulo Brazil. Having not heard any word on whether it had been recieved or not, i was very pleased to see my entry hanging on the wall in this video (top of the page youtube vid):…

My entry was this one:… You can see it around the 1:40-50 time.

Feels pretty cool to have my work hanging on a wall in Brazil. Only wish i was there to see it.
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I have started a blog....

I am also now unemployed. After working full time the past two years i'm trying my hand at the artists life. We'll see how i go. Got a couple of freelance jobs lined up right now so, so far so good.  That means i'll probably update this (and the blog) much more often. So yeah.

Hope everyone is well.
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too old.

Maybe i'll update some new journal thingy later. BVut probabaly not. Just some work updates in my gallery.

Been awhile...

Tue Nov 13, 2007, 2:39 AM
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Lui's Journal

...since i updated this thing. What's new?

I turned 20 last month, on the 21st. Not so new, but new to here maybe. I did just update my age thingy.

I finished my course last week. It was hectic and down to the wire, but we got it done (group project) and that's all finished. I'm finished. For now at least. Taking next year off to work and travel and have fun fun fun.

That's pretty much all that's new. Now i earn the money and concentrate on my art. I might actually start updating this thing regularly again!

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Boy howdy...

Mon Oct 15, 2007, 5:22 PM
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Lui's Journal

Sitting in at (today, canceled) class, taking advantage of the faster internet than mine.

Been drawing tons lately. both for class, and just cause i'm having a great time doing it. Feel like my drawing is really improving. Working on a storyboard at the moment which is going well. I'll upload it once it's done. And i'll put up a bunch of my other drawings too.

My birthday on Sunday. Looking forward to that. Gonna go to the driving range on Sat, and then bowling that night. Should be fun.

Supposed to be meeting someone after class, but since class is canceled, i can't be bothered going home onbly to come back in. Killing time.

But i really don't have anything else to say, so...

Next time.

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Ah! i have angered the Computer Gods.

Tue Oct 2, 2007, 11:42 PM
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Lui's Journal

My laptop overheats with the simplest of tasks. That's annoying, cause i do most of my graphic work on it. And the monitor for my desktop keeps having spaz attacks if i leave it on for too long.

Plus i've gotten all fluey.

On the plus side i got the printer working.

Oh, and TINA was fun. I didn't sell many zines, but i traded a few, gave some away, and bought some good ones aswell.

Check out :iconbenjamincee: and :iconbullseyegendo:
Both obviously produce some aweomse work.

And now i retreat to sitting in front of the fan and watching Six Feet Under.

i's entirely too hot right now.

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Welcome! and TINA stuff.

Fri Sep 28, 2007, 4:43 PM
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Lui's Journal


Welcome to my new DA page. I used to go by Lucid-Lui, but i felt it was time for a change so change i did.

Going to TINA tomorrow (This Is Not Art). Really looking forward to it. Got some zines printed, picking them up later today. Not many, but enough for me to go around trading them for other peoples and maybe sell a few. Though, the qulaity of the print isn't terrific (my fault really), but i didn't have time to sort it out so it was that or nothing at all. And really i'm just happy to have some of work printed in zine form. Makes me psyched for when i really start getting into producing some full colour comics. I've got a bunch of "The Comedian" strip i did a few years ago. This one:   The Comedian by luilouie

Full colour prints, they're looking pretty nice. And then i've also got a B&W booklet made up of a mix of sketches from me and my sister, and few smaller comic strips i've done. So yeah, TINA should be fun.

As far as other work goes, getting towards the end of the studying year so i've got lots of homework. But i'm hoping to upload some more stuff soon. Got another Storyboard to put up. More sketches (Some i'm hoping to ink and/or colour). And maybe i'll finish one of the big pieces i've been working on in past months.

But other than that imma gonna be re-watching all my peoples from the old page and faving some more works.

So yeah, cheers for coming round.
Till next time,

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