BS6 - The Changing Elements

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Power Rangers Bushido Spirits
Bushido Scroll 6 –The Changing Elements

Chiyoko's husband ran as fast as he could through the icy cold mountains. He shivered, groaned and quivered at the intense climb. He was almost there, slowly, but surely.  The search was finally over; he'd tracked down the Fire Bushido Stone.  The Asian man collapsed to his knees and sighed in relief.

"We're almost there…"  He sighed.

He stood up and observed the sight before him. The blizzard rushed a gust against his long coat. He sighed, and looked towards the mountain.  He had a hood and what looked like a shred of material covering his mouth to weakly protect his face from the cold.

"I will ensure our child grows to be strong…but then I can no longer be present around my family…Chiyoko, where did you go…?" He murmured.

He rushed towards the cave and there it was before him. The stone was in plain sight puzzlingly, almost waiting and begging for someone to come and take it. The man nodded to himself and proceeded to advance slowly into the cave.  It shined, and made several noises. He advanced carefully and slowly when he slowly looked up to find a white grotesque figure, almost blending into the snow jumping at him with a sword. The man rolled out of the way.

"Jupiter!!! What are you doing here?!"  He asked growling.

"I'm here for the Stone of Fire…." Jupiter snapped, snarling.

"The stones will never obey you!" He snapped.

"The Stones are apathetic to those who are willing to redeem themselves, good or bad…" Jupiter retorted.

The man drew his katana from under his coat as Jupiter brandished his.  The two then began to duel, a flurry of vertical and horizontal strikes, the two flipping over each other and launching kicks at each other which they managed to easily evade.

The man made a rush towards the Red Stone, Jupiter following.  Jupiter then tried to make a violent slash at the man, who ran at him. That was a big mistake however, as the ice began to crack violently beneath the two. Their positions of ice became platforms as they began to drift away from each other.  The man stood up and began to look at Jupiter, who spoke in a small whisper.

"Soon you won't be able to hang around the family forever. They'll get suspicious of you. You'll need to run, and change your name. Isn't that right, Hiromasha Taos?"

Hiromasha stared at Jupiter, shocked. He was right. He wasn't going to be able to adapt that name much longer.  Nevertheless, Jupiter jumped at Hiromasha and began to duel with him more. It was a strong battle, with Hiromasha being forced against the edge of the cracked ice, threatening to slip in the sub zero water.

"Old habits will die hard. Maybe one day we'll set this aside."  Hiromasha replied.
Jupiter began to enflame in a darkened light as he brandished his sword.  He jumped at Hiromasha, who rolled out of the way. Jupiter went crashing into the icy cold waters, seemingly sinking to his death. Jupiter stared up at the white abyss as he sighed.

"Perhaps never aging is the only real benefit of immortality…someday you'll beg for the release of death…." He thought to himself.

Suddenly, he was dragged upwards. Hiromasha was trying with all his might to push Jupiter out of the water.  He lumped Jupiter against the wall and took out the fire stone and a brush, he drew a kanji symbol for "Heat" and it began to develop a small warm glow of a flame.  Jupiter looked up at him.

"Why did you save me, even if I tried to kill you?" He asked.

"I'm not cruel like the Fallen. I believe, as I said, that one day, we'll set this aside…."

The two stared at each other.  

"But the fire stone is safest with me. " Hiromasha then added.

"And then what? You'll go travelling, getting the other stones? Where will they go? Who will you give them to..? Think about it…" Jupiter added.

"I don't know, but one day I will find a way."  Hiromasha replied.

Jupiter got up and walked away. Once friends, now rivals, Hiromasha stared at him as he left confused….
One of two Bushido Scrolls to accompany Eps 10 and 11 of Power Rangers Bushido Spirits
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