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Tribal Girl Poses

By LuigiL
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I’ve been trying to think of a name for her, how does Ana Kaona sound? This will be my last post of her for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed the explorations!
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She's so awesome!

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Look up for Mayan names or words. She kinda looks mayan for me.

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Cute design! I love the gator cuddle >w< is it her pet?
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How about Elena? I always thought that was a good name
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She's adorable! ^^ What culture is she exactly? :)
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In taino anakaona=golden flower

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She looks like Moana. Nice

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Coincidentally, I'm using the name "Kaona" in my own game idea as the name of two mountain trails.
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If I could make a suggestion. Why not name her Xikala (Zick - KAY - La) It just sounds tribal. My 2 cents.

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Love this character's design!
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The different poses of the tribal girl are really adorable and one of them and with a little very nice crocodile that will become huge and big crocodile but very nice and hug.Clap Meow :3 Love 
And the name of Ana Kaona for the girl is very good.Clap :) (Smile) 
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Wow What An Untamed Breauty.
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One of my characters is named Kaona too - Kaona Yamazawa.
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