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The Legend of Zelda - Hyperlink to Ganon City

About 3 months ago I was listening to a lot of Synth Wave while working on projects, I came across a really cool Zelda track. It got me imagining a new Zelda game set in the future, a sort of cyberpunk future!  this was the only concept I was able to complete before I got too busy to continue. It’s still a rough idea but I had a lot of fun and I’d still like to revisit this at some point. I have some ideas for Princess Zelda, Ganon, other races and bad guys, but I’ll have to find the right time to jump back into it. Hope you enjoy this early concept though :) 
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Nicely done. Fun fact, Breath of the Wild was once pitched as a futuristic game, with Link wearing a hoodie, sporting a guitar, and riding a motorcycle.

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This looks absolutely amazing!

Love the futuristic theme this was fantastically done!

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I saw they made a 3D model with this version of Link. Do you know what software they used for this?…
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I love it. Maybe you should do him riding epona But she is a hoverbike
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You mentioned this was inspired by a song; as it happens this reminds me of a different song: 
"One More Time", an 80s song by Canadian band Streetheart, the main riff of which just happens to be part of Zelda's Lullaby, except it was made 16 years before Ocarina of Time (and 4 years before Legend of Zelda 1)! :P
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Cyberpunk Young Link? Sold. Wondering if shorts would fit better though.
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So dang cool. And such excellent art and presentation. Drone-Navi is perfect. And I would love running around looking at that glowing shirt emblem all day. AAHH you're such a tease mentioning Zelda and Ganon!
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What is this, Zelda mixed with cyberpunk?!

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I would like to know the font you used for the title
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ok so this is really cool
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interesting concept.
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Cyberpunk 2077 vibes from that collar, love the beanie-ish hat too! (it looks like a beanie :P)
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Amazing! This would be a great Zelda AU. Since Zelda started as a sci fi story which turned into fantasy. His clothes and design looks great. He looks like a mix between Marty McFly, Luke Skywalker, and Link obviously. The blending, coloring, and eyes look good. The hair looks great! 

Overall: Great art! (sorry if I already commented)
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This is freaking amazing!
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Dude. This looks awesome.
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That is ABSOLUTELY amazing!!!
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Holy shit! I think this might be your best work yet.
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How do you make a pure skin? Daamn I love it
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