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TMNT villains

More ninja turtles art this week, here are some of the more iconic villains!
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Love these! Could you draw the Triceratons, the dinosaurs from Half Shell Heroes, and Danny from the 1990 movie?
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Love all these, 'specially the Shredder :D
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Shredder is human right?
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that is a great krang and suit! kudos on all the drawings
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I love how easily you mesh the cartoony and yet serious aspects of the TMNT series, its great! I just wanted to say I really appreciate your art, and I wish you the best in your future projects! Your skill is simply splendid!
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These look sweet! Especially Rocksteady and Bebop!
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I love these designs, they look so cool!
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Shredder is always the best.
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Awesome work! Cowabunga!
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Even the villains look bad-ass! Excellent work!
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That Shredder looks awesome!!
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