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Random Characters 1

By LuigiL
I'm pushing myself to draw more often! Here are some random characters :D
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facundomaxter's avatar
es idea mía o el viejo enano tiene cara de pepe argento?? xD :v
The-Quill-Warrior's avatar
So cool! I love their postures and shapes! ^^
Minweln's avatar
This is like magic to me! These characters are really different but we can see that they were drawn by the same person with the same style! :0
ReggieJWorkshop's avatar
These are some really great character designs, the one on the top left is probably my favorite
Yojama's avatar
nice character designs
coolclaytony's avatar
Since I did this on the newer one, might as well do it here too.

Gerald, Keagan, Mark, Dante, Cassidy, Betty, Selma, and Fiona
KIRKparrish's avatar
great designs Luigi
Da-4th's avatar
The old man that look like Mario and the woman on the far left are my favorites. I can tell what their personalities are just by looking at them. =)
ShanayAnderson's avatar
The girl on the far left and the girl on the far right are my favorites.  Great designs, as usual!!
Odd-Voodoo's avatar
Great Stuff! Your characters always make it seem like you have a great deal of fun when you draw!
JackAxeWell's avatar
Lovin' the red head :meow:
MegaFreedom1274's avatar
The 3rd one sorta looks like an old mario :D  Great job :D
SimplyPixelizing's avatar
I see a one, and I am hoping this is a series.
LuigiL's avatar
I plan on doing a series! :D
AydanADub1863's avatar
Amazing work as usual, Luigi. You ought to be in the animation business. :)
RicardoCabrera's avatar
Your work is amazing. I like it a lot. 
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