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Doctor and Doll

By LuigiL
Norman Rockwell has been a huge inspiration for me, he had masterful control in not only painting, but in capturing story and life in his work. I wanted to try and replicate one of my favorites here while playing with the proportions and style a bit. Happy Holidays everyone and I hope you all have a safe and wonderful new year :) 
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I love the original painting and this is such a wonderful homage !

PepsiTheHorse's avatar

I love Rockwell style art

EAHolland's avatar

I. Love. This. (Always loved the Normal Rockwell version of this, too).

I also would like to know if you sell prints of this?

noodle-doodle's avatar
do you have this available as a print? I would really like one
GallCommTV's avatar
There's not enough space here to even begin to express my feelings and emotions while looking at this piece. ...
I love this! !
I love this! One of my favorite Rockwel;l paintings and your tribute is perfect!
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Adroable and amazing done! ^^
Silver-Wolf-17's avatar
Dang, you even watermarked your piece in the same color and font that he usually does
rotten-apples's avatar
I love this :) Instantly recognizable, but with your own flair and warmth. You have a great talent for capturing texture (and personality!)-- each little detail in this looks amazing.
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This may be the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on. Amazing work =D
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This looks amazing!
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I can soooo see you as the next NORMAN ROCKWELL! I love his work!
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I remember seeing Rockwell's version of this at the doctor's office when I was a kid. It never failed to make me feel a little bit better about going to the doctor. Thank you for making this.
Liketheisland's avatar
That's incredible! I love how you homaged so much of the original but integrated your own style!
QuesoGr7's avatar
Very nice homage to Rockwell here!  That's actually what I thought this was supposed to be from the thumbnail alone! :D
beemaister's avatar
nice image
you should be the next generation Norman Rockwell
Alik-Melnikov's avatar
Adorable, wonderful work!
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how i wish to give more likes and likes for this oneeee!!! Love in the Air Love in the Air Love in the Air Love in the Air Love in the Air Love in the Air Love in the Air 
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Oh, my. This is so cute. :)) I am definitely looking up more of Norman Rockwell.
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