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Character Shape Sketching 1 (with video link)

By LuigiL
Hey there! Here's the completed sketches for a sketching session I just recorded! :D

Here's a link to the youtube video: [link]

I plan on recording more often!
Let me know what you think!

I hope you like it! :D
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These shapes do help make more diverse characters!
I'll have to try that some time!
heystevejoe's avatar
Oh wow, I watched the video for this sometime back, I didn't realize this was you. I loved the way that before you drew in details, at least with the second guy, I remembered and even took a screenshot to remind myself, you just drew two clean arcs where the arms would go and it completely captured the character
Sarracuda's avatar
I love seeing the different shapes you used
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Maha089's avatar
very nice and simple lines thanks for sharing it :)
Palidoozy's avatar
Love their shapes man!
CatOfManyWhiskers's avatar
Thanks for doing these! I've been practicing similar shapes and style (stick arm/legs, shape body, round head), then building on it. It's turning out well! :)
Malesx's avatar
Biglew14's avatar
I learned a lot, thanks!
Emerson-Fialho's avatar
Very cool, Luigi! I love this... :D
StruggBuggStudios's avatar
Hah, you make it seems so easy, buddy!

Awesome work!
Rblue's avatar
These look great.
Orocobix's avatar
awsome , love your style!
dotsweare's avatar

Great variety you've done here! They all look amazing! :)
RaynerAlencar's avatar
Nice sketchs! and cool pencil brush! do you have them for download?
LuigiL's avatar
Hey buddy! Here's the link to the pencil brush I use: [link]
It comes in a pack, I don't really use any of the other brushes, just the pencil brush :D
I hope it's still downloadable, I downloaded it a long time ago =P
RaynerAlencar's avatar
Wow! Thank you so very much, bro!
SirMeierlink's avatar
I would really like to see more videos of your drawings.
LuigiL's avatar
I'm happy to read that! I'll hopefully make more videos very soon! :D
Ayami-S's avatar
this is so amazing! :iconchuuplz:
Is really interesting how you start by simple shapes and turn them into a different character (even when 2 and 4 have similar shapes, they are different), you can feel the personality of each one =3
LuigiL's avatar
I'm really glad you like it! I hope you'll enjoy future videos too! :D
Startastic-Blue's avatar
Oh, question. Is the video itself sped up, or is that the speed you actually draw at? I have to ask because I've been told drawing fast helps, and now I'm just wondering what's sped up and what isn't.
LuigiL's avatar
Yes the video is sped up so that I could keep it all in one video haha!
It is about twice the speed as normal. I sketched faster than usual for the recording as well, but I think I wont do that in future videos because it effects the drawings hehe =P
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