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Calvin and Hobbes: 78RPM

By LuigiL
When I was a kid I saw the collection books in a school catalog. I didn't know how much of an impact these characters would have on me and my art.

I am deeply grateful to Bill Watterson for creating this world that he shared with everyone. My only hope is that I could capture some of the magic he put in his work.

Hopefully someday, some kid, somewhere will be inspired by my work as much as I have been inspired by Calvin and Hobbes.
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One of my favourites!

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I don't recall his parents look like that and I have this page in one of the books
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I've never actually listened to classical music at 78RPM.  I should do that sometime, I bet it's awesome.

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Even at 23 yrs. old, Calvin and Hobbes still gives me the best belly laughs 😁
SuperNormalMan's avatar
I remember the strip this pic was based on.  Apparently, it was to piss off his editor when they stressed about panels or something.
T5-Comix-Cartoonz's avatar
One of my personal favorite strips from that timeless series! =D
RabidOctopus's avatar
Ahhhh, the memories...

One of my favorite things to do with this comic was read it while playing random songs. You could get some pretty fun combos!
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Bill Watterson would be proud..
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Wow! What a classic! =D

This particular strip in the series is one of my favs. I just love the different dance moves that Calvin and Hobbes do, and I always like the jokes about Calvin's dad threatening to disown him, or give him away, or else wish he never had a kid. Call it dickish if you want, but I always thought it was funny in the context of the season and given Calvin's personality :nod:.
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A fitting tribute to a great comic strip. Well done.
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This is wonderfully fun! :)
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Hah! I just recently started reading the series, and I immediately fell in love with it. :D
Great job!
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this is really good remake of it!! Good job!!!
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Oh snap wow! I thought this was a screenshot from the actual book xP
Took me a while to see that it was your own drawing! @.@ 
That's incredible! ^^ Consider me inspired ^_^
LaLadayCavalier's avatar
Yeup!!! ^^ Mission accomplished. I didn't think someone could draw something that's basically just copying another artist's work, and yet have such a rebirth of the original style as well as a clear expression of their own! It's very unique.
LuigiL's avatar
Thank you so much for the kind words!
CombotheBeehen's avatar
Oh my, I LOVE his art and those characters ;___;, I read on my sis's diary ;w;. Were was too funny!
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Bill Watterson inspired me, but now you inspire me Love 
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A classic strip: REDRAWN
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Lovely take on the characters! I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes, it is no doubt a masterpiece in the world of comics :D I have yet to read a comic strip that is funnier, sweeter, well drawn, well written, or more real then Calvin and Hobbes :)
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I am surprisingly in the same boat as you in terms of inspiration from Bill Watterson.

When I was in 6th grade, the kid who sat next to me was reading Garfield and I gave him a little crap about it "not bullied, just the general 'why are you reading that? you're in 6th grade' talk" and he responded "don't make fun of it until you try it!" So as time went on he would get comics from the library and I'd ask if I could see the page he was reading.

One day, he showed me Calvin and Hobbes and that forever changed my life. I can say that I have almost every book published including the uber-collection that was released around the turn of the century.

I read all of his inscriptions in his books and the one thing that I took away from him drawing wise was when he was talking about why he removed the pads from Hobbes' paws. He said to make note of what you want your viewers to see without making it distracting, which is something I practice in all of my drawings now.

//end megaderpy rant
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"Hopefully someday, some kid, somewhere will be inspired by my work as much as I have been inspired by Calvin and Hobbes."

Well, sir, I may not be a kid, but I sure as heck am inspired!
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