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Let’s see what tomorrow brings.
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he luks lik such a gud boi must protec him luk lik da next peter parker ngl tho

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it looks like he fell:^

Reminds me of this skateboarding game I played as a kid called "mad freeboarding"
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Downtown coolsville

TheStripelessTiger's avatar

Can't be worse than the year I had.

ford05's avatar

Looks like he needs a hoverboard

derkman's avatar

What his name?

Ernimator's avatar

You draw Hogarth more than I did when I worked on the movie.=P

vidgamer123's avatar

Wait what?! Explain!!

Ernimator's avatar

Which part? His characters looking like Hogarth, or me working on The Iron Giant?

vidgamer123's avatar

Let's start with you working on one of my favorite animated movies! :D

Ernimator's avatar

Yeah, it wasn't too bad of a movie.;) I did some Development on it and animated several scenes before my contract was up with Warner Bros. You can check out my gallery on Deviantart.

Ernimator's avatar

But, I don't want to take away attention from Luigil's fun art.

LuigiL's avatar

Please go right ahead! I appreciate your comments and it's awesome to know you worked on the film! It's inspired me in many ways, probably pretty obvious lol

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Here's to a better future!

NeoNimbus526's avatar

I have no doubt that 2021 will be a new beginning for everyone.

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He looks like a modern version of Hogarth from the Iron Giant.

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Let's hope 2021 will be better!

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