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Foxy Veronica

Commission for KnightmareVK
Art by luigiix

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© 2021 luigiix
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Give me her for one night at least... ;P

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Helllllo beautiful and 00-0 amazing detail work

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Thank you ! xD

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Remember folks, the more tails a fox have the more powerful they are. And she has at least 9 tails.

Also she looks amazing and stunning. As always Luigiix, you did amazing

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Thanks so much! :D

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Looove how you did the tails, and her expression is great.

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Thank you! :D

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Mega fluffy one :3

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She is foxy in more ways than one! 😍

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Thank you! xD

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nice though what can you tell us about veronica and why so foxy there :Por is it kitsune?

Hi, creator of the OC here! Veronica is an android with shapeshifting nanotechnology. This is the result of her experimenting with making soft fur using her nanotech, sort of an appearance preset.

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ah so that's who she is then. a andriod. makes sense and looks like her works regarding nanotech worked out there nicely. :)though is it soft enough that people can touch it owo

Of course!!!! The softest fluff you can imagine

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alright :D*soon feels up the fur and it is the sofest fluff one can imagine and enjoys it.* so soft in all the ways and no alergy sneasses :P*enjoys rubbing her fur now.* :D

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