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Mario and his friends VS Evildoers! by luigihateriseveryone Mario and his friends VS Evildoers! :iconluigihateriseveryone:luigihateriseveryone 3 12 Super Mario Galaxy - Star Wars: Luigi Strikes Back by luigihateriseveryone Super Mario Galaxy - Star Wars: Luigi Strikes Back :iconluigihateriseveryone:luigihateriseveryone 15 3 Alvin with Super Mario's cap by luigihateriseveryone Alvin with Super Mario's cap :iconluigihateriseveryone:luigihateriseveryone 1 0 Luigi being raped by bowser, as he deserves by luigihateriseveryone
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Luigi being raped by bowser, as he deserves :iconluigihateriseveryone:luigihateriseveryone 7 11
Daisy loves Mario (my first fan art) by luigihateriseveryone Daisy loves Mario (my first fan art) :iconluigihateriseveryone:luigihateriseveryone 19 12


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Goddammit. My video was thrash and nobody supports it. FeelsBadMan
Guys, I finally did it! After some breaks in the middle time, these whole 4 months, i finally got to "finish" the "vídeo" that literally explains all the facts and comproves to why I hate the traitor, evil and monster that is Luigi!  
Mario and his friends VS Evildoers!
We get to see how Mario and his friends are betrayed by the rotten, evil and arrogant that luigi is. I made this for fun, but I might as well also put some more villains later. This would make a lot of sense, since luigi fans also love the evil characters (Boo, Dry Bones, Bowser, Wario, Dry Bowser, etc.)

Credits to : LoneWolfAlpha250 (Mario sprites), AnmeGirl (Princess Daisy and Peach sprites), RetroSpriteResources (Toad sprites), mbf1000 (luigi sprites), (Bowser sprites ripped by Mario Fan Games Galaxy), PxlCobit (Dry Bowser Sprite), Mageker (Dry Bones' sprite ripped from Super Princess Peach), KingAsylus91 and StarPower (Wario Sprite), Dark_Diety/Bwario (King Boo's sprite.) #supermario #mario #Nintendo #daisyprincess #princessdaisy #princessdaisymario #yoshi #toad #princesspeach #antiluigi #luigiisevil 


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Ricardo Ricardo
I'm truly a luigi hater and hates on everything that is related to him. Here you're going to find a lot of fan arts of luigi being miserable and Mario being the best, that we all know he is. I'm still a beginner.


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I already don't like you. :nod:
WerecatqueenNic Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
hey buddy ever heard of an opinion?
LapinceOFFICIAL Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018
You mentally ill
Says the guy who likes mlp and defends luigi. Get rekt, scrub!
jtung1 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 4, 2018
You're worthless and stupid! I hate you, you blockhead!
RedStarMaster7 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey dude, get a load of this. this guy wants Nintendo to remove Mario from the Smash Bros games.

ssb roster wishlist!!!

Be sure to read the description.

I was kinda harsh on him, and i feel bad about that, but the roster was terrible and i really wasn't happy when i saw how he thinks Mario should be removed from the roster.
Yes, of course! 

WHO ELSE, could it be? A luigi fan.

Don't need to feel bad about him, leave him as he is. He is already on pure misery. He knows Mario is the best and everything and everyone would be NOTHING without him.

And, he also put Mario's worst enemies and sega craps and, you can closely see that we have three of the characters : luigi (uuugghhhh), peach and Daisy too. But, if we take a close look, he put the EXACT amount of variations between peach and luigi. (not counting Rabbid luigi and the doctor) While he put only ONE Daisy. And he did put them, together, on two lines. 

I AM telling you : every character has it's mirror, his fans! We can always see that all Mario's fans are innocent children, peach's fans are most blond and may see themselves as sweet little girls with barbie fettishes, Daisy's fans are the girls who are mostly brunette and, somewhat, different from peach's fans, maybe stronger on their personality; Toads and Yoshi's fans are neutral, rosalina's fans are overrated jerks, and then

We have luigi's fans, they're, most likely, EVERYTIME : Mario haters, luigixpeach shippers, Daisy haters, fans of boo, dry bones, bowser, bowser jr, dry bowser, king boo (like he was also on the roster, which is VEEEERY strange, considering he is luigi's arch "nemesis"); most of them are borned in may or july (don't ask me why), really, that is a thing, most luigi fans I met on : Youtube comments, facebook, youtubers, Twitch TV, Twitter or ANY KIND of social media, when I ask their birthday or when I search for it, they're most from may or july. I see a RIDICULOUS amount of people who are borned on May and they ALWAYS have luigi, there are also a lot of diegos (again, don't ask why) that LOVE Luigi. I even know two Diegos, who were borned on MAY and they also love, LUIGI! Like, really, I've never seen ONE single person from May, like Mario better than luigi. And the worst part of all this, It's that luigi really DOES fit with May and also july; they not only hate on Mario, but also on his fans and there is no reason for that. Mario is definitely the best character! We all know him very well, he is honest and different from his brother (who holds grudge and hatred against Mario, for apparently NO reason at all. Mario never did anything to luigi, still people stay against Mario, because luigi plays stupid innocent) This and a LOOOOOT of guys i've met, are one, of the a LOOOOOOT reasons that makes me hate on luigi even more! I do HATE on luigi, TO THE DEATH!!! And they IDOLIZE luigi, like he is GOSH or something.  While Nintendo does MORE THAN RIGHT and they always make luigi look like some kind of pathetic and stupid guy, as he is, also, strangely like wario too.

Mario is GOSH on my opinion, as it's not normal how these THOUSANDS of gay luigiers hate on Mario, so, so, sooooooo much! 

Let's all agree : arrogance it's one of the WORST things on a person, that is what ALL luigi fans have, they're ALL arrogant, when they're nothing. Mario has a pure heart of a hero! Super Paper Mario also confirmed that! We can ALWAYS see : Mario being loved, on the front of all games' cover, OWNING the whole franchise, even kissing ALL the girls and, he isn't arrogant AT ALL. Neither are his TRUE fans (not the ones who like both Nintendo and sega, those are fake :P ) Mario is like GOSH, GOSH created the universe and so good to humanity, that it NEVER wanted anyone to lose their souls. By GOSH's will, EVERYONE would be saved, EVERYONE! Just like Mario. Mario hates bowser, because he is pure evil. If bowser grabbed a chance, he could be a good guy, but he won't. It's his destiny to be evil, he CHOSE that. Mario doesn't hate ANYONE, other people are the ones who hate on Mario. Mario invites EVERYONE to party, to kart Racing, to golf, to tennis etc. Even some wigglers and the Honey Queen Bee from Super Mario Galaxy on Mario kart 7.

While........luigi? The EXTREME opposite! We all see how they're arrogant, always liking to "joke", that luigi would be the perfect main hero, instead of Mario. Always calling Mario this, offending Mario and their fans. luigi has A LOT of satanic or (and) evil memes, while the other TRUE heroes don't have that.
See how luigi is? : hysterical, arrogant, weak of spirit, a bastard himself, plays innocent and people innocent him, that's what also indicates how evil he is! That's why those THOUSANDS of jerks hate on Mario AND love and care about luigi! He is TRULY good!
luigi would be the fallen angel, who lost his bright, because he had hatred on his heart, he was jealous of GOSH, he wanted to BE GOSH and he fell! Along with ALL his troops, turning all of them : ugly, hatred, despised, miserable, failed and forgotten! GOSH will never give back their bright and, on the FINAL DAY, they will all be extinct!

Resuming, if you asked me to describe Super Mario on a nutshell, would be :

Mario = GOSH

luigi = satan.
RedStarMaster7 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
O_O ...........
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