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And Unto Us A Hybrid is Born: Chapter 40. :iconluigifanatic87:LuigiFanatic87 8 16
And Unto Us A Hybrid is Born: Chapter 39.
Chapter 39: Two Hearts That Beat As One.
Maryanna groaned tiredly as she walked into their apartment and kicked off her shoes with a relieved sigh. She then hung her work apron and hat on the hook, and walked down to their room expecting to see Reggie there and was disappointed when she didn't see him. “Reggie?!” She called out as she changed her work outfit into a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt. She then made her way to the kitchen and frowned at the note she found waiting for her.
“My Darling Love...
I have went into town to get some stuff, I will return soon. Do not make dinner! We're going out tonight... I have something amazing to tell you. So get dressed and I'll be there to pick you up in twenty minutes.
All My Love...

As she laid the letter down on the counter her brain puzzled over what he could possibly wanna tell her... Did he get a raise? Did he win the lottery? Her mind boggled with different scenarios and she ignored them
:iconluigifanatic87:LuigiFanatic87 8 10
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The Scientist's Experiment: Chapter Forty-One
The medical convention was held, appropriately, in the building of medicine at a prominent New York university. Said university held a longtime partnership with Bellevue, using the university’s medical facility as almost an add-on to their main hospital building, so the university’s department was large and well-funded. The floors were all polished white marble, and the walls were hearty grey stone. It had spacious operating theaters, well-stocked classrooms, and all the latest books. And it was clear they followed Joseph Lister’s methods closely, because everything was kept gleamingly clean. Being built within the past decade, it also had indoor plumbing, which still amazed the students that came from more rural parts of the county.
Bellevue shared anything and everything with the medical department, from supplies, to patients, to corpses. And despite recent laws fighting against roadblocks, cadavers were still hard to come by, and any donation was extremely generous
:iconporter-bailey:Porter-Bailey 9 20
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Graphic Mpreg Birth in Car
Jeremy squeezed his eyes shut as he felt another contraction. They were slowly getting worse, each one leaving him more breathless than the last. “Drive faster,” he urged his husband, Matt.
Matt glanced over at Jeremy nervously. He bit his lip anxiously as he saw sweat drip down the other male’s forehead. “Don’t push yet, Jer! I know it’s hard, but you have to hold back.”
“Damn the traffic!!!” Jeremy screamed, throwing his head back as he felt his contraction peaking. Luckily his water hadn’t broken yet, so although the contractions were very painful, he probably wouldn’t give birth yet.
Still, the contractions were too painful. Jeremy panted hard, gripping Matt’s forearm. “You have to pull over,” he choked, forcing urgency into his voice. “You have to check me,” he moaned. There was no way he was under ten centimeters, not with contractions this awful.
Matt winced as Jeremy let out a roar o
:iconthetetrismaster:thetetrismaster 69 13
Ritski and Fray 9 Months Later (Finished!) by LunarisMidnight
Mature content
Ritski and Fray 9 Months Later (Finished!) :iconlunarismidnight:LunarisMidnight 20 0
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Pixel Art Commissions.
I am still learning but if you can think of any type of pixel art you want done just let me know and I will do my best. 
Literature Commissions
I will write anything Mpreg or otherwise but I will not write vore it makes me nauseous. 
If you change their mind within 24 hrs of sending points, I'll refund fully. Within 48 hrs, I'll refund 1/2 of total points given. Within 72 hrs, you'll refund 1/4 of total points given. After that, no refunds. If you want a refund it may take up to 14 days. 

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Jason and Deanna as Navi
This is Jason and Deanna from LIOGS made up to look like members of the Omanticaya Navi Clan from James Cameron's Avatar. No stealing. 
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New Comp and Back on The Saddle!!!!

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Mario: Leapin' Shadow by saiiko Mario: Raccoon Eh-rhu by saiiko Mario: Super Luigi by saiiko Mario: -FICTION- Desert King by saiiko .:Mr.L:. by Nintendrawer Mr L collab by Nintendrawer

Finally!!!! I am technologically savvy yet again! I finally got the right cord for the laptop so now I am working back at 90% and with any luck I will make it to 100%. I will do my utmost best to get back out from under the debris of mess that is my unfinished works. And hopefully by the end of the year I will have that folder empty. So plz no negativity, no hassling, no rushing, nothing, nada! I can't work under stress and impatience. I say I will work on it and I will, but noting me constantly to see if I am working on it, makes me feel hassled so from now on... NO MORE OF THAT PLZ! 

LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!! And thanks again for the much appreciated support. 

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Okay, so you all know how I have been working on so many different projects... Well I am currently going through all of the rough drafts and while there are many, I may not finish a lot of them. I will continue to work on 'And Unto Us A Hybrid is Born' for :iconmelodyrainbow654: I am also still working on 'An Awakening Chance For A Love That Laid Dormant.' (I believe that, that is the name of the title.) I am also working on combining all the LIOGS books into one big book, that hopefully I can publish on Amazon soon, or Barnes and Noble. Will keep everyone informed of that. I am also still working on the third and fourth books to the Wisteria Season Saga. And now for the best news of all...

I am working on a sequel to Pokémon; Brock's Journey To Parenthood, and Team Baby! That's right, and this plot will be intriguing because you all know how much Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie, and James hate each other right? Well they will have to put aside their hatred and be brought together when James' Daughter; Juliana, and Brock's son; Zacharias start dating! I think I hear wedding bells! Let me know in the comments what you think of this shocking sequel.
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Chapter 10:
Leaving Fuschia City and just entering Seafoam Islands.
Brock's Ninth Month and Ash's Fourth Month.

Brock sat up that morning as the sun hit him in the face. He rubbed his round belly and then made his way to the nearest bush to empty out his bladder.

Nearby side by side in their sleeping bags, Ash and Misty slept a little longer.

Pikachu slept on it's own sleeping bag beside Ash.

As he set about making breakfast Brock suddenly groaned as a strange pain wracked him. “Mmm... What the?... What's wrong little one?” He asked as he rubbed his belly to try and quell the pain.

Misty stirred and sat up rubbing her eyes. “You okay Brock?” She asked in a mumbled voice.

“Yeah.” Brock lied.

“Okay.” Misty said not believing him.

Soon Ash woke up and after breakfast they packed up camp and continued their journey to Cinnabar Island. They were hoping to make it back to Rosa so she could assist Brock in delivering the baby.

However as the sun started to set once again Ash and Misty realized that they weren't making it to the pier that night. They would have to wait till morning.

Meanwhile Brock walked slowly behind them groaning softly as yet another pain hit him... This one stronger then the last. “Mmm... Guys wait up!” Brock called out making them turn back towards him.

“Brock are you okay?” Misty asked as she and Ash hurried to help him.

“Do I look okay Misty?!” He snapped as he gritted his teeth against the pain.

“No need to be a snapping Squirtle.” Misty glared.

“Alright break it up you two.” Ash sighed. “Brock? How long have you been feeling like this?” He asked.

“Since this morning... I didn't think nothing of it at first but something just feels off.” Brock answered as he breathed through it. “I think I'm going into labor.”

“In that case we'd better get camp set up so we can welcome the new member of the group. Pikachu?” Ash called to it.

“Pika?” It asked.

“Use agility to set up camp.” Ash commanded.

Soon their camp was set up and while Brock laid on his sleeping bag to labor, Ash and Misty did everything they could to make him as comfy as possible.

“Thanks guys.” Brock said as Misty handed him a cup of tea. “You know... I've been a real jerk these past nine months and I wanted to say I'm sorry.” He said taking a sip.

“It's okay Brock.” Misty said softly.

“Yeah man it's no big deal.” Ash agreed.

“It is to me Ash... I mean you two didn't have to let me come with you guys. You could've been the most ignorant people and said nope sorry no carry on. But you didn't and I will always appreciate that.” He said grimacing as another pain struck him. “Oooooohhh... Uuuugggghhh!” He growled as it got stronger.

“Easy Brock just breathe.” Misty coached as she rubbed his back.

“Phew... Thanks Misty.” Brock said with a smile.

“Pika Pi.” Pikachu said as it nudged Brock's leg.

Brock looked down at the electric mouse and smiled. “Sounds like you're excited Pikachu.”

“PIKA!” It cried with a smile and then brushed it's paw against Brock's belly.

“Hmm hmm hmm... Someday you'll have kids Pikachu and when that happens... Heaven help us.” Brock chuckled.

“Why?” Ash wondered confused.

“Cause Pikachus can have up to twenty babies at one time... That's a lot of grandkids Ash.” Brock smiled as Ash's face paled.

“Goodness! You ready for all that Pikachu?” Ash asked looking at it.

“Pika.” Pikachu said shaking it's head.

At that Ash, Misty, and Brock all laughed until another pain caused Brock to stop laughing.  

“Ugh... Darn it!... These suck!” Brock growled as he panted through it.  

Ash held out his hand to him and Brock gripped it breathing hard until it ended. “Goodness that was brutal.” He sighed letting go of Ash's hand. “Thanks Ash... That helped a lot.” He added.

“You're welcome pal.” Ash said with a smile then rubbed his belly where he and Misty's babies were more then likely sleeping.  

That had been a shock in itself. Before leaving Saffron City Ash and Misty had gotten a check up on the progress of their baby and were given the news that Ash was carrying twins. Ash was so shocked he had fainted and Brock begged Professor Oak to double check him to make sure he was only having one and to his relief he was.

“Ash you okay?” Brock asked noticing him rubbing his belly.

“Yeah...  I was just checking to see if they kicked... But they didn't I do have to pee though... Excuse me.” He said getting up and heading for the nearest bush.

Brock grinned. “That is one thing I won't miss about being pregnant that's for sure...Ow!” He cried out as another one hit him.

Misty offered her hand and he took it gently so as to not hurt her and then began breathing.

“That's it... Just relax Brock you're doing great... Keep breathing it's almost over... And you're done.” Misty coached as Brock felt the contraction ebb away.

“Thank you.” Brock wheezed.

“You're welcome.” Misty said with a smile.

“Gosh they hurt so bad... It feels almost as painful as Onyx's body bind move. I mean not that he's ever done it to me or nothing but the pain Pikachu was in when Onyx did that to him kind of feels like these contractions do and it's just awful.” Brock explained.

“Thanks to Geodude we got more then enough wood for fire.” Ash said as Brock's Geodude pulled a sack full of wood over to the fire pit.

“Thanks Ash.” Misty said kissing him.

“Geodude!” Geodude said sounding hurt.

“Oh... Sorry Geodude thanks for the wood.” Misty said kissing the rock Pokemon as well.

“GEODUDE!!!” It yelled with excitement and flashed a smile.

Brock chuckled and then with some struggle got to his feet and leaned against a tree breathing through another strong contraction. “Oooohhh!!!” He moaned as the contraction got stronger. “Oh!” He cried as his water suddenly broke soaking his pants. “Guys? I think my water just broke!” He cried in fear.

Misty and Ash headed over to him. “What does that mean?” Ash asked curiously.

“To put it simply... That definitely means that this baby is coming tonight... It's not gonna wait till we get to Cinnabar Island tomorrow.” Brock answered with a solemn sigh. “Rosa's gonna be so disappointed though... She was really hoping to be a part of the baby's birth.” He added.

“Well I understand how she feels Brock... But you can't keep the baby inside you if it wants out.” Misty calmly told him.

“I know.” Brock said. “I just wish she'd came with us instead of letting me go alone... She's basically missed my entire pregnancy and now she'll miss the birth as well.” He pointed out.

“Yeah but think of it this way she has the rest of the baby's life to be a part of it... I don't think she'll wanna miss that for anything.” Ash declared.

“I hope so.” Brock said groaning as his now soaked pants stuck to his legs. “I've gotta get out of these sweats. Ash can you hand me my bag?” Brock asked as he sat on a log.

“Sure.” Ash said grabbing the bag and handing it to him.

“Thanks.” Brock said and pulled out a pair of red swim shorts. He then went behind a tree and changed. “Much better. He said as he came back to the fire pit. He then pulled a clothes rack out of his bag, set it up and placed his pants on it so that they would dry in the fire's heat.

Several feet away watching in a clove of bushes was a cat-like Pokemon. It was Meowth of the Notorious Team Rocket! He had been sent out by his other teammates Jessie and James to find some food. What had distracted him however was the sight of Pikachu... For years they had been trying to steal it and give it to their boss Giovanni as a peace offering.

“There you are... You little rat!... Hmmm...” He said taking a closer look. “Looks like that squinty eyed twerp is in a lot of pain. With him out of the way Pikachu will be an easy steal. I'd better go tell Jessie and James.” He said hurrying into the woods.

Meanwhile back at the campground Brock pulled out some stuff to throw a quick dinner together and was just starting to cook when another contraction gripped him. “Mmm!” He whimpered sinking to his knees.

“Brock?!” Misty cried coming to his aide as Ash looked up from where he had knelt down picking strawberries. “Maybe you should let me cook dinner tonight.”

Brock looked up at her and nodded weakly handing her the mixing spoon and pot holders. “You just focus on the baby and nothing else okay? I got dinner.” She assured him.

Brock nodded again. “Thanks Misty.” He said as he continued breathing.

Ash brought over the strawberries and set them beside Brock's bag. “Why don't we take a walk maybe that'll help.”

“Okay.” Brock agreed and stood to his feet.

“How're you holding up buddy?” Ash asked as Brock sighed.

“I'm good for now... Say Ash? Do you think... My Mom would be proud of me?” He asked as he looked up at the stars.

“I'm sure she would be very proud of you.” Ash assured him.

Brock sighed. “Do you think I'll be a failure as a Father like my Dad was?”

Ash gasped. “No way... Brock you will be an amazing Father. I mean you're basically a Father already to all your Pokemon. I mean you've taken care of Onix for years haven't you? He looks to you as his Father doesn't he? You love and care for every Pokemon you've ever caught and raised. So I know without a shadow of a doubt you will be an excellent Father to this baby.” He declared.

Brock looked at him with a weak smile. “Thanks Ash... That means a lot.” He said then gasped as he saw smoke rising before them. “Oh no!”

“Not them again.” Ash sighed.

“To protect the world from devastation!” Jessie cried.

“To unite all peoples within our nation.” James said.

“To denounce the evils of truth and love. To extend our reach to the stars above!” They cried together.



“Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light. Surrender now or prepare to fight.” They spoke in unison.

“Meowth that's right.” Cried Meowth as he jumped in between them.

“Grr... What do you pests want?!” Brock snarled.

“Can it chubby we're here to snag Pikachu.” James snarled.


“Dude calm down... Please don't punch me.” He stammered as Brock raised his fist ready to clobber him.

“Give me a reason why I shouldn't!” Brock snarled still holding James in a chokehold.

“Cause I have a beautiful face and I don't want it ruined!” James sobbed.

“Then if I were you. I'd split before I have Onix crush you like a pretzle... Understood?” Brock demanded.

Shakingly James nodded, squirmed out of Brock's grasp, snatched Jessie by the arm and took off running with Meowth chasing after them.

Ash was stunned. “Whoa Brock... That was awesome!”

Brock wiped the tears from his eyes. “He shouldn't have called me chubby... Ugh!” Brock growled as another pain hit him.

Ash hurried to his side and rubbed his back like Misty had and then helped him walk back to the firepit to tell Misty what had happened.

“The nerve of that creep. Calling you that. Which proves that they never think before they speak... How are you feeling Brock? Any changes since earlier?” She asked as she served them dinner.

“Nah nothing new... I just wish it would be over with... By the way... Do either of you know how to deliver babies?” He asked raising his eyebrow in question.

“Um... No I don't.” Ash answered.

“I know how to deliver baby Pokemon... But not human babies.” Misty answered.

Brock gulped nervously. “Oh dear... Well it just so happens I have a book on childbirth that my Mom gave me... It's in my book bag. It shows you how to deliver a baby and care for them for the first ten years of life. Ash could you get it for me?” He asked wiping his brow.

“Sure buddy.” Ash said getting up and digging through Brock's book bag until he found it. He then handed it to him.

“Thanks... Let me see if I can find the section you need to read... Aha here it is. Misty read this. It'll show you what you need to do in order to help me deliver this baby. Rosa's gonna be so disappointed... But I don't see this baby staying in me till morning.” He said handing the book to Misty.

Misty sat down and read over it while munching on her celery. “Um Brock... Do you have these items we need for the delivery?” She asked looking up from the book.

“I sure do. They're in my first aid kit. All you have to do is soak the scissors in alcohol, then set them next to the bulb syringe and the spool of string.” Brock said as he breathed through another one.

“What's the string for?” Ash wondered.

“Well... Once the baby is born. It's cord will have to be cut which can't be done until it stops pulsing. Then once it stops, you tie it off with the string and cut it and ta-da the baby is now able to breathe on it's own. Ugh... Please get out of me.” Brock begged as he laid down on his sleeping bag.

“How will we know when you're ready to deliver?” Misty asked.

“It should be in the book.” Brock growled gritting his teeth.

Misty read it and her face paled. “Now I know why you wanted Rosa to do this... That's a very personal place for me to be looking at.” She stammered.

“Misty? After all we've been through... I trust you... Please I need your help.” He begged.

“Okay. Remove your shorts... Ash if you want you can look away.” She said as she pulled on a pair of rubber gloves from Brock's book bag.

“I'll take the Pokemon for a walk.” Ash offered as Pikachu, and their Pokemon got up and followed him.

Brock slid his shorts off and relaxed as Misty examined him. “Please tell me I'm close.” He begged.

Misty finished checking and smiled. “Nine and a half almost there.” She announced.

“Thank goodness.” Brock sighed as he went to slide his shorts back on.

“You may wanna keep them off. You'll be ready to deliver very soon.” Misty pointed out.

“Okay.” Brock said grabbing his blanket and putting it over his lower half. “Thanks for your help Misty.”

“No problem. Anything for a friend.” She said smiling at him.

Brock nodded as tears fell down his cheeks.

“Oh Brock... Don't cry.” Misty said grabbing a tissue and dabbing his eyes. “What's wrong?”

“I can't believe this is really happening... I have had so many dreams and nightmares of this day and while a part of me says I am ready another part says no this is too fast... You know what I mean?” He asked looking at her.

“Not really... But Ash and I are here for you and we'll do everything in our power to ensure that you'll have an easy delivery. I promise.” She assured him.

“Thank you Misty... Oh man here comes another one.” He groaned as he began to breathe.

Misty offered her hand and he took it, breathing hard as Ash, Pikachu, and the other Pokemon returned from their walk.

“How are you doing Brock?” Ash asked as he sat down on a nearby log.

“Not too well Ash... Not too well at all.” Brock groaned breathing and panting.

“Brock you need to relax... Your breathing is becoming erratic and that could have catastrophic consequences.” Misty warned as she looked at the book.

“Like what?” Brock asked horrified.

“Well for one the baby could panic while it's still in the womb and in doing so could have the cord wrap around it's neck and choke it to death... Or it could try to get out early and risk tearing you open so far you'd bleed to death before we could get you to a hospital. So please calm down... Breathe like this... Hee hee hee... Woo woo woo.” Misty coached.

“Hee hee hee... Woo woo woo.” Brock repeated.

“Good job.” Misty praised clapping his shoulder and then getting up to add more wood to the fire.

“Whoa!” Ash cried out in shock.

“What's wrong Ash?” Misty asked as Brock looked up through his breathing.

“They kicked!... I felt them kick!” Ash exclaimed his face lighting up with joy. “You guys wanna feel?”

“I do.” Misty said and placed her hand on Ash's small belly. She waited for a few minutes then gasped as two tiny feet kicked her hand. Tears sprung in her eyes and she smiled. “Oh my gosh... Hello darlings... It's Mommy... I love you both so much.” She said kissing his belly and then kissing him.

Brock went to say he wanted to feel them but then gasped as he felt the baby drop followed by a huge amount of pressure. “Oooh!... Hate to break up this happy moment... But I think my baby's coming!” Brock groaned.

Ash and Misty quickly hurried to Brock's aide. Ash sat behind him letting Brock use him as a pillow and Misty checked him one last time.

“Okay Brock it's time... You ready?” She asked.

“I've been ready.” Brock groaned and took a deep breath then began to push. “Aaaggghh!!! OW!” He cried as he felt pressure from the baby descending. “Heh hee hee... Get it out!” He screamed as he breathed.

“You have to do that Brock... Now c'mon push.” Misty instructed.

Brock groaned and pushed again. “Aaaaggghhhh!” He cried as he pushed.

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10... Okay Brock stop pushing, relax and breathe for a few minutes.” Misty instructed not seeing anything at the moment.

Brock groaned and laid against Ash. “Phew... Hee hee hee... This is excruciating... Am I even close to the baby crowning yet?” He asked as he continued breathing.

“Not yet... But chin up... You keep pushing with that much power and you'll have this baby in no time.” She encouraged.

“It better come out or it's grounded for a year.” Brock growled rubbing his belly feeling the baby moving further down. Another contraction started and at Misty's nod he pulled his legs back and pushed again. “Ooooohhhh OW!” He growled again as he pushed.

“Keep going Brock... A little more... Push a little longer... And break! Breathe.” She coached.

“Hee hee hee... Woo woo woo... I'm exhausted... Just pull the baby out Misty.” He whispered softly.

“If it were that easy Brock I would... But you and I both know it's not that easy. Now c'mon give me another big push.” She instructed.

“Okay... Uuuugggghhh!” He screamed baring down and pushing as hard as he could.

Misty looked and gasped as she could see the top of the baby's head. In all her life she had never witnessed anything as miraculous as this.

“What's wrong Misty? Is everything okay?” Brock asked breathing hard.

“Yeah... I can see the head... It's... Oh my gosh there's no words.” She gasped.

“You can see the head coming out? Let me see. There's a mirror in my bag.” He said choking up with tears.

Pikachu found the mirror and handed it to Misty who angled it so that Brock could see his child's head.

When Brock saw the top of his baby's head emerging from him he burst into tears. He couldn't get over the fact that this was really happening and that he was moments away from meeting his and Rosa's child. “Oh my gosh! There's my baby.” He sobbed.

“C'mon Brock don't stop yet... Give me another big push.” Misty ordered.

“Okay.” Brock said pulling his legs back and pushing as hard as he could. “Owwww!!! It's burning!” He screamed as several Pidgeys flew out of the trees above them.

“You're almost done Brock hang in there.” Misty said as she grabbed the bulb syringe and cleaned out the baby's nose and mouth. “Keep breathing Brock.”

“Whoo... Whoo... Whoo... Oh man I am never doing this again.” He groaned. “Can I push yet?”

“Yeah go ahead Brock hard as you can.” Misty instructed.

“Okay.” Brock said as he began pushing again. “Aaaggghh!” He screamed again as the shoulders popped out. He then pushed again gasping as the baby slid out of him and into Misty's arms. All were silent for a minute and then the baby gave off a loud healthy cry.

“Waah waah waah!” The baby cried.

“What is it?” Brock asked through his tears.

“It's a boy!” Misty cried as she held up Brock's son. He had Brock's spiky hairstyle, Rosa's red hair, and his eyes were green.

“Oh my gosh... He's handsome.” Brock cried as Misty handed the baby to him. “He looks just like his Mother... But with my hair... Man is he gonna be a heart stealer.” Brock sobbed as the baby cooed and whimpered.

“Do you have a bottle for him?” Ash asked with worry.

“In my bag is a plastic baby bottle, a case of infant formula and a small saucepot. Boil some water, add a spoonful of formula to the bottle, shake it and make sure it's not too hot and then hand it to me so I can feed him. Okay?” Brock instructed.

“Okay.” Ash said hurrying to get the bottle ready.

Brock looked down at his baby boy. He couldn't get over the fact that he had even had a baby. Brock had cried tears of joy at the prospect of being a Father and now as he sat there feeding his son, the impact of it all hit him hard.

“I can't believe I'm a Father.” He said with a smile.

“You did great Brock.” Misty praised.

“Pika Pika.” Pikachu said nodding in agreement.

Brock looked over at him with a smile. “Pikachu come say hi to Baby Zacharias.”

“Zacharias? That's a wonderful name.” Misty said with a smile.

“Yeah cool name Brock.” Ash said smiling as well.

“Thanks... Rosa and I had it picked out if the baby was a boy, if it was a girl Rosa would've picked the name Lucille.” Brock said as he yawned. “Oh... Ash? In my bag is a portable crib that Professor Oak gave me... Could you set it up so I could lay him down after he eats?” Brock asked yawning again.

“Sure pal.” Ash said grabbing it and setting it up.

“Thanks Ash.” Brock said as he burped Zach, then he pulled out a diaper, stuck it on him and then after kissing him, laid him in the crib so he could finish delivering the placenta. Once that was out... Brock pulled on his swim shorts again and laid down soon passing out as the exertion of giving birth finally caught up with him. “Good night guys.” He muttered.

“Good night Brock.” They whispered and then sat down in front of the fire.

“Oh by the way I thought you'd want this.” Ash said reaching in his pocket and pulling out a twenty dollar bill. “It's what your bike cost.”

Misty looked at the money and then pushed it away. “It doesn't matter anymore.”

Ash looked at her confused. “Are you sure? I mean you hounded me for years about it.” He said.

“I'm sure... Cause you've given me something better then a stupid bike... That's a great friend and hopefully a slamming boyfriend.” She said pulling him to her and kissing him as they laid on Misty's sleeping bag.

Pikachu groaned and hid it's face not wanting to see his master smooching.

Brock unknowingly sat up and watched them with a smile on his face. He knew they cared about each other and that no matter what happened in the future they'd face it together.

The next morning while Misty watched Zacharias, Brock and Ash walked down to the lake to bathe and get dressed.

Brock lathered up his pouf and began scrubbing all the mess off of himself and then passed the soap over to Ash so he could lather up his pouf. “So did you two have a good night?” He asked noticing Ash's smile.

Ash's face paled. “How much did you see?”

“Don't worry I closed my eyes after your shirt went flying.” Brock assured him as he scrubbed his back. “So you really love her don't you?”

Ash nodded. “She's a perfect woman. She has spunk, attitude, and a gorgeous smile. She's everything I ever dreamed of. I wanna ask her to marry me but I think it's way too soon.” He said as he washed his face.

“One thing I learned before I proposed to Rosa was that if the moment is right... Nothing will make her say no.” Brock said as he sat down to scrub his legs and feet.

“You think so?” Ash asked as he began washing his back.

“I know so... If Misty loves you there is not a thing in this world that will change her mind when you pop the question.” He assured him.

“I don't have a ring.” Ash pointed out.

“I know a great place to find one. The Cinnabar Island Jewelry Exchange. They sell volcanic rings made of the finest rock and ruby.” Brock said as he wrapped his towel around his waist and walked out of the lake to get dressed.

“But they probably cost a fortune.” Ash argued as he followed him.

“True... But what're friends for?” Brock asked reaching into his bag and pulling out a sack of coins. “There's enough in there to buy the perfect ring... And don't worry about paying me back. Your friendship is payment enough.” Brock assured him handing it to him.

“Thanks.” Ash said as he put the coins in his pocket.

Once they were dressed Brock and Ash headed back to Misty so that Brock could fix Zach a bottle and Ash could feed the Pokemon while Misty bathed.

Once everything was done they loaded their boat and sailed to Cinnabar Island.

Standing on the pier with a Clefairy and Eevee was Rosa. She was wearing a dark blue spring dress that Brock had sewed for her last Christmas. Plus a pair of sandals and a matching purse. Flying above her was a Pidgeot. “Do you see them Pie?” She asked the flying Pokemon. She was getting worried for she had been waiting there all day yesterday and even well into the night.

“Pidgeot!” The bird cried and Rosa smiled as she could see their boat heading for her. She ran down the steps to the water and waited till the boat came ashore.

Soon the boat stopped and the ramp was lowered. Rosa smiled as she saw Ash, Misty, and Pikachu come down the ramp then gasped when she saw Brock walking down with a carseat in his hand. He stopped in front of her, laid the carseat beside his leg and then embraced her. “Hey sweetheart. I have someone I want you to meet.” He said as he unbuckled Zach and handed him to her. “Say hello to our son Zacharias.” He said with a smile.

Rosa looked at him then down at her son and smiled. She couldn't get over how much he looked like both of them. “Oh Brock... He's perfect... But I thought he wasn't due till today.” She said with a sad frown upset that she had missed the birth.

“Apparently he didn't wanna wait. I went into labor with him yesterday evening and he was born last night at 8:14 PM. I'm sorry honey. I really wanted to wait but he had other plans.” Brock said kissing her cheek.

She smiled again. “No need to apologize. The point is is that he's here and healthy.” She said and turned to Ash and Misty. “For helping Brock I am appointing you two Zacharias' Godparents.” She announced making them gasp in surprise.

“Wow Rosa thanks.” They said in unison.

“You're welcome.” She said with a smile.

Later that evening Ash went to the Cinnabar Island Jewelry Exchange and after combing through all the choices finally found the perfect ring. It was an onyx black band with a big ruby surrounded by small rubies.

(Misty's Ring:…)

“She'll love it.” He said looking down at Pikachu.

“Pikachu!” The electric mouse yelled with excitement.

While Brock and Rosa spent some family time with Zach, Ash and Misty walked out to the pier hand in hand as the sun set in the distance.

“I just love it here.” Misty said with a smile. “It's always so romantic and beautiful.”

“The only beautiful thing I see is you.” Ash said making her blush.

“Ash you're so sweet.” She said kissing his cheek.

“I have something to ask you and you can choose to say or do whatever you think is best but... Misty?” He asked getting on one knee and presenting the ring. “Will you marry me?” He asked.

Misty gasped as tears came to her eyes. “Oh my gosh Ash... I don't know what to say.” She sniffled.

“I know it may seem fast and soon but I love you Misty and I want you to be happy no matter what and I wanna have more babies with you and grow old with you... Please... Think it over.” He asked.

“Stand up Ash.” She giggled.

Ash stood up and she pulled him to her and leaned into his face. “I already have. Yes I will marry you Ash and yes I will have more babies with you and grow old with you. Yes to all of the above.” She cried before kissing him.

Brock and Rosa watched them from the back porch and smiled. “Way to go Ash and Misty.” Brock said with a smile.

“Pika Pi!” Pikachu cried with excitement.
Pokemon Brock's Journey To Parenthood Chapter 10:
Brock's Due Date arrives but will they make it to Cinnabar Island before the baby's birth? Find out in this exciting chapter that is literally almost 19 pages long. (You may wanna get food and beverage while reading it lol :P)

OC's are mine. Pokemon Characters belong to it's creator.

Cover done by Nintendo 3DS Art and Google Images. For :iconmariofan1999: Enjoy.  
My Core membership ends today, I am not sure when I can get another but I will let everyone know. Love you all and thanks for putting up with how slow and unreliable I am.
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