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Hard to believe, but it has been 8 Years since I had started my LuigiFan00001 YouTube channel! Through the simple times, the rough ones and the complex ones, the channel has definitely stood the test of time. I cannot thank everyone enough for helping my channel to make it this far, because without you, I would not have as much experience with my voice acting! Hoping that one day, after I am done with Law School, that I manage to score a slot in the field of voice work. Until that day, I will continue to pursue with my remaining series, and thrive to make new content. 

Best Regards to all!

But my channel is not going to last forever. Yes, it will be around for the next few years, but after some time, my channel will no longer be uploading new content. A lack of motivation is what's truly bringing me down. After all of my shows have reached their conclusions, only one more video will be made before I call it quits. I thank you all for subscribing to me for this long, but I cannot keep up my studies with this channel on my back.


Shows that I still have on the channel:
Total Stuffed Fluffed Island
Super Plush Mario
Super Plush PacMan
Super Plush Sonic
Legend of Monstro (Nearing its Conclusion)
Plants vs. Zombies Plush
Robot Peashooter
Secret Upcoming Project...
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1. This meme may be personal. You ready for it? 

2. If you married the last person you texted, what would your last name be? 
Alley, was talking with my other about accents.

3. Were you happy when you woke up today?
Not really. Still stressed as usual.

4. When were you on the phone last? And with who?
With a certain individual who called me during religious services.

5. What are you excited for?

6. What were you doing yesterday? 
Went to PF Changs with my mother, also took back a microwave.

7. Honestly, who was the last person to tell you they love you?
I cannot remember.

8. What's the last thing you put in your mouth?
Protein Drink

9. Have a best friend? 
Online? Yes. Reality, maybe twelve.

10. Are you scared to fall in love? 

11. Do you think teenagers can be in love?
That isn't true love, it's either puppy love, or lust.

12. Last person you wanted to punch in the face? 
My General Studies professor and his agenda.

13. What time is it right this second?
3:16:02 PM

14. What do you want right now? 
More Video Work, better job, better college classes, new state, live on own.

15. Who was the last person you took a picture with? 
My friend Rishita. 

16. Are you single/taken/heartbroken/or confused? 

17. When was the last time you cried? 
A week ago, I hardly cry anymore.

18. Do you have a good relationship with your parents? 
Yes, especially since one of them is at death's gate.

19. Do you find it hard to trust others? 

20. How fast does your mind change? 
Not too quickly.

21. I bet you miss somebody right now. 
No, I do not.

22. Can you honestly say you're okay right now? 
Not even close. Sometimes I love basking in despair.

23. Why do you think so many people cheat? 
As someone who knows the "Ultimate Cheater", its due to wanting to succeed in life. It's an art form! A way to stealthily achieve success.

24. Tell me what's on your mind? 
A blank slate.

25. What are you looking forward to in the next three months? 
The Awards Dinner at my old school.

26. Have you ever worn the opposite sex's clothing? 

27. When did you last talk to your number 1 top friend? 
Every day. :) 

28. When is your next road trip?
Saturday, going to the snow

29. Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell anything to? 
Literally everyone is of the opposite sex.

30. How's your heart? 
a pit of despair

31. Have you ever felt like you weren't important? 
Not really

32. Do you think somebody's in love with you? 
Too many people.

33. What are you planning on doing after this? 
Going to take a warm bath.

34. Next time you will kiss someone? 
I'd rather not.

35. Have you told anybody you loved them today? 

36. Who do you not get along with? 
Those who feel like they can make the world a better place. They can't. Sit down, shut the fuck up, and get with the program.

37. What does your 3rd recent text say? 
"Let's get down to business"

38. What are you wearing right now? 
Black Shirt, Brown-Grey jacket, Black pants and grey shoes.

39. You're locked in a room with the person you last kissed, how is it? 
I wish it would last longer...

40. When's the last time you had a grilled cheese?
Maybe 19 days ago.

41. What's your favorite boy and girl name right now? 
M: Cedric
F: Junko

42. How did you feel when you woke up?

43. Do you wish someone would call or text you right now? 

44. Do you crack your knuckles? 

45. What were you doing yesterday at midnight? 
Listening to The Battle of Award 42

46. What are your LEGAL initials? 

47. Who's the first B in your contacts? 
My friend Buck.

48. When was the last time you laughed really hard? 
With my mother. We need more events like this.

49. Your number 1 top friend walks out of your life, do you go after them? 
They'll leave... But not for long.

50. Explain your last awkward moment? 
In class, every damn day.

51. Are you afraid of the dark? 
The dark fears me. I fear nothing.

52. Do you have good vision? 

53. Have you ever tripped someone? 

54. Have you ever slapped someone? 

55. Are you Irish? 

56. Do you use chap stick? 
Only during winter months.

57. Do you have any scars? 

58. Is there someone you will never forgive? 
Not really. I do not quarrel with those who have a lower intellectual capacity than myself.

59. Are you dating the person you last held hands with? 

60. Name the last person to text you. 
Julie, my one friend.

61. Would you marry someone 8 years older than you? 
When older, sure.

62. Can you go in public looking like you do? 

63. Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with a J? 
I wish.

64. What side of the bed do you sleep on? 

65. What's the first thing you'll do on your wedding day? 
Keep quiet. I do not plan on getting married.

66. Do you fall for people easily? 
Not anymore.

67. Has anyone put their arms around you in the past 5 days?
I love hugs

68. Do you miss the way things used to be? 
I miss my high school, I wish my mother had no pain, and I wish the view count would stop decreasing.

69. Song you're thinking of right now? 

This game is fantastic~

70. Want someone back in your life? 
Yes, but they're dead.

71. Will tomorrow be better than today? 
I'm certain it will. :)

72. What's your favorite color? 
Blue, Green, Ruby Red, Purple

73. Who was the first friend that you had? 
My first friend was George back in Kindergarten... He moved away. I miss him...

74. Does it bother you when someone lies to you? 
Not anymore. Everyone does it to my face all the time.

75. Is there anyone who understands your relationship status?

76. Are you a naturally happy person? Or is your happiness forced? 
Used to be, but college is taking its toll on me.

77. Is there anyone you wish would fall in love with you?
No, I'd rather have people away from me. 

I tag no one.
Hoping you're all having yourselves a wonderful day, regardless if you celebrate or not. :D

Special shoutout to :iconcharmeleongirl46:, love you dear~
A HUGE HUGE HUGE Thank You to :iconcharmeleongirl46: for granting me with Core Membership! Expect new artwork from me here now that I have this membership~! (As well as many polls.) :^ )
So, lots of events have been happening to SML... The one child who put a noose around his neck inspired by "Jeffy", then the demonization of most of his videos... It's truly a shame to see. Now some of you may be thinking, "LuigiFan, why would you care about Logan and his videos? Why does it matter to you?" And the answer to that is simple, I feel bad for Logan. He is a slave to his own videos, making "Jeffy" videos all the time for the fanbase. Not being able to have a break can cause anyone to go mad or lose their charm, myself included. That's why I halt production sometimes on my videos. College is another reason, as it a big step for me.

Some of you may also wonder "Why did you go family friendly?" There are two reasons as to why. For one, I figured; "Hey, if Walt Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon did not need to swear to keep an audience, why should I?" And as such, I decided to tone down my language usage for a larger audience. Besides, one little innuendo here or there couldn't hurt. However, the second reason is more important. The whole demonization process with SML is the reason why. I feared that this event would happen, and it was only a matter of time before it did. However, no one truly deserves to be demonitized entirely, especially not a partner for at least 10 years, and being around for almost as long as YouTube's foundation. 

Logan, if you are reading this, as one plush-based YouTube user to another, I am hoping for the best for you.

Best Regards,
Others are doing these, I may as well too.


I don't really have anything to be honest. I guess if anything, the only thing I desire is a TV Tropes page. I've always wanted one for one of my shows. ^^

Stole from my friend NostalgicFandomChick 

Junko Enoshima

Top 36:
1. Callie
2. Marie
3. Cala Maria
4. Ms Fortune and Marina
5.Lord Dominator
6. Rottytops
7. Deli (Isaac Rule 34 Subreddit)
8. Demencia
9. Dynatron
10. Jessica Rabbit
11. Risky Boots
12. Harriet (Odyssey)
13. Weavile
14. Bayonetta
15. Valentine
16. Filia
17. Juri Han and Menat
18. Queen Tyr-ahnee
19. Becky (Nefarious)
20. Mesmeralda
21. Stealth Elf
22. Tristana
23. Queen Vexus
24. Major Dr. Ghastly
25. Splash Woman
26. Plumeria
27. Tapu Lel
28. Wii Fit Trainer
29. Susie (Kirby Planet Robobot)
30. Aeon and Venus (Skullgirls)
31. Tammy
32. Jessie (Pokemon)
33. Morte
34. Mezmerella
35. Eris (Billy and Mandy)
36. Squigly

Top Tier:
Genocider Jack
Orange Cookie
Cocoa and Cheesecake Cookie
Shannon (OK KO)
Courtney (Team Magma)
Pearl (SHE'S 21 PEOPLE.)
Golden Queen
Celestia Ludenberg
Harley Quinn
Platinum Princess
Courtney Gears
Jean (PacMan)
Malice (Nefarious)
Tephra (Nefarious)
The Gorgun
Crimson (Ridonculous Race)

High Tier:
Penelope Spectra
Jinx (Teen Titans)
Morgana (Darkstalkers)
Ibuki Mioda
Pretty Bomber
Black Puddle Queen
Nemesis (Fosters)
Miu Iruma

Lovrina (Pokemon XD)
Hex Girls
Izzy (TDI)
Hekapoo (Star)
Hela (Marvel)
Draco (OG Puyo Puyo)
Veran (Legend of Zelda)
Roller Brawl
Melody Pianissima
Baroness von Bon Bon
Eliza (Gradius)
The Siren
Go Go Tomago
Giga Mermaid
Hildy Gloom
Eliza (Skullgirls)
Disgust (Inside Out)
Princess Whats Her Name
Dark Queen (Battletoads)
Mystic Sonia
Miss Spider (James and the Giant PEACH)
Sorceress Wreck it Ralph

Low Tier:
Sabrina (Animated)
Candy Wife
Demon Hipster Chicks (Scott Pilgrim)
Vivacia (Garfield)
Contessa (Sly 2)
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Ten facts about you

  • One of my favorite animal species is the owl
  • I'm in college
  • I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • My middle name is Jorge
  • I REALLY love Sushi
  • I have an incurable motor mania
  • I love the smell of skunk (from a distance anyways)
  • My favourite colours are blue, green and pink
  • I live in The United States of America (TAKE A GUESS FOR WHICH STATE I LIVE IN.)
  • I have a parent who is always in physical pain.
Ten fears (Only One)
  • Copyright
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
Ten fav things
  • New Videos
  • My Friends
  • My girlfriend
  • Birds
  • Disney (and Disneyland itself)
  • My family
  • My friends
  • Custom Plush
  • Fine Desserts
  • Traveling
Tag ten people:
If you desire on doing this tag...  Go ahead.

I made a thing. :^ )
25 years ago, Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins was released. In that game, Wario was first introduced. (Albeit, he was a Mario doppelgänger.) But after that, Wario has become more than that. He's been given more character, personality and more shenanigans than ever! Plus, Wario is the definition of being yourself in a video game, that I can't help but love. Furthermore, WarioWorld is one of me favorite games period. So Happy Birthday Wario! May you continue your greedy antics for many years to come~!

Wait with Wario Wario Land Shake It - Wario Icon Mario Superstar Baseball - Wario cover Icon Wario is now with you WarioDatAss icon SBB Icons (Wario) Super Smash Bros Brawl - Wario-Man Icon Wario Come at Me Bro Emoticon Mario Tennis - Wario Icon 2 
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1. Name 10 of your favorite characters from 10 different fandoms
2. Tag 10 (11) people :iconmarkproductions: :iconanakoopa: :iconlordofkrakens: :iconnostalgicfandomchick: :iconwaver92: :icontotallydeviantlisa: :iconmarshalltrap: :iconashumbesher: :iconripslydo: :iconnotsmirks: :iconphantomstrider:

1) Callie (Splatoon)
2) Ms. Fortune (Skullgirls)
3) Tick Tock the Crocodile (Peter Pan)
4) Lord Dominator (Wander Over Yonder)
5) Dementia (Villainous)
6) Clockwork (Danny Phantom)
7) Bushroot (Darkwing Duck)
8) Bayonetta (Bayonetta)
9) President Haltmann (Kirby)
10) Arpeggio (Sly Cooper)

I feel as though my head is going to roll right off of my body. Some things I have seen on the internet are making my brain rot. Plus, my first day at the university is coming up very soon, and here I am ready to drop dead. Couldn't be any more anxious. 
Today is the 18th anniversary of the date of birth for the love of my life, and that is you; CharmeleonGirl46 ! It feels like only yesterday when we first met here on DeviantArt of all places in 2014! Since then I have seen your art improve ten fold, and become more mature as the years go by. However, I cannot thank you enough for all of your emotional support and editing to my wikia throughout the years. Without you dear, I don't think I could've made it through my years in high school. Having someone by my side through the good times and bad is truly a wondrous sensation. Going to Disneyland with you was also one of the most wonderful times of my life, and I am very thankful to have experienced it with you!

Have a wonderful day dear~
Stolen from my sis, xBrokenIllusionx  :^ )

❥⚬R͟e͟a͟l͟ N͟a͟m͟e͟: Matt
❥⚬A͟g͟e͟: 18
❥⚬R͟a͟c͟e͟: Human
❥⚬N͟a͟t͟i͟o͟n͟a͟l͟i͟ty: Cuban because of my dad, but I'm mixed up with English nationalities. 
❥⚬R͟e͟l͟i͟g͟i͟o͟n͟: None, I'm kind of a Hippie... So I let fates decide me. 
❥⚬S͟t͟a͟t͟u͟s͟: Undead (Long story.)
❥⚬B͟i͟r͟t͟h͟d͟a͟y͟: March 28th, 1999
❥⚬Z͟o͟d͟i͟a͟c͟: Aries 
❥⚬H͟a͟i͟r͟ C͟o͟l͟o͟r͟: Brown (Colorblind)
❥⚬E͟y͟e͟ C͟o͟l͟o͟r͟: Brown (Colorblind)
❥⚬H͟a͟v͟e͟ T͟a͟t͟t͟o͟o͟s͟?: No
❥⚬P͟i͟e͟r͟c͟i͟n͟g͟s͟?: No
❥⚬W͟e͟a͟r͟ G͟l͟a͟s͟s͟e͟s͟?: No

→ Do You . . .

❥⚬W͟r͟i͟t͟e͟?: Somewhat
❥⚬R͟o͟l͟e͟p͟l͟a͟y͟?: Depending on who.
❥⚬S͟i͟n͟g͟?: Yes.
❥⚬D͟r͟a͟w͟?: Sometimes.
❥⚬E͟d͟i͟t͟?: It's my life.
❥⚬E͟x͟e͟r͟c͟i͟s͟e͟?: Yes
❥⚬P͟l͟a͟y͟ S͟p͟o͟r͟t͟s͟?: Nah
❥⚬D͟a͟n͟c͟e͟?: NO.
❥⚬R͟e͟a͟d͟?: Yes.
❥⚬W͟o͟r͟k͟?: Yes. 
❥⚬B͟l͟o͟g͟?: Not really.
❥⚬D͟r͟i͟n͟k͟?: Um... Maybe?
❥⚬C͟o͟o͟k͟?: Yes
❥⚬B͟a͟k͟e?: Yes
❥⚬P͟l͟a͟y͟ a͟n͟ I͟n͟s͟t͟r͟u͟m͟e͟n͟t͟?: Used to play Piano.

→Favorite . . . 

❥⚬C͟o͟l͟o͟r͟(s)?: black, blue, green, purple, pink and white
❥⚬A͟n͟i͟m͟a͟l͟?: Cats, dogs, walruses, crocodiles.
❥⚬B͟o͟o͟k͟?: The Watchmen by Alan moore
❥⚬M͟o͟v͟i͟e͟?: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Psycho, The Wind in the Willows (Ichabod and Mr. Toad), Beauty and the Beast and too many more to list.
❥⚬A͟n͟i͟m͟e͟?: Keroro Gunsou, One Piece, Azumanga Diaoh
❥⚬T͟V͟ S͟h͟o͟w͟?: Ed Edd and Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Wheel of Fortune, Fear Factor, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (it's a guilty pleasure show), and lots more.
❥⚬C͟h͟a͟r͟a͟c͟t͟e͟r͟?: Callie. Callie. Callie. Callie. Callie. Callie. Callie. Mari- I mean Callie. Also throw in Lord Dominator, Izzy Glow and Callie to add more variety. Also Callie. The Perfect Character.
❥⚬A͟r͟t͟i͟s͟t͟?: Axl Rose... Oh yeah.
❥⚬S͟o͟n͟g͟?: Pyromania by Cascada
❥⚬S͟i͟n͟g͟e͟r͟?: Uh? Not sure. Cascada I guess, Celldweller
❥⚬B͟a͟n͟d͟?: Guns and Roses, Linkin Park, Rob Zombie, Three Days Grace, Powerman 5000 and a lot more but those are my main favorite ones.
❥⚬M͟a͟n͟g͟a͟?: None
❥⚬A͟c͟t͟o͟r͟?: Tim Curry, Jim Cummings, Travis Willingham, Grey Griffin
❥⚬S͟u͟b͟j͟e͟c͟t͟?: English and Surprisingly after 2017, mathematics.
❥⚬S͟c͟e͟n͟t͟?: The Smell of Chlorine in Pirates of the Caribbean.
❥⚬F͟o͟o͟d͟?: The Lifegiver (Pretzel Dog with Cheese and Bacon Bits.)
❥⚬D͟r͟i͟n͟k͟?: Chamomile Tea, Dasani Water, etc. 
❥⚬Q͟u͟o͟t͟e͟?: "Anybody can fall. But some people can rise up again." - Kamek

→ Romance~

❥⚬S͟e͟x͟u͟a͟l͟i͟t͟y͟?: Heterosexual
❥⚬C͟r͟u͟s͟h͟i͟n͟g͟?: No
❥⚬B͟f͟/ G͟f͟: Yes.
❥⚬E͟v͟e͟r͟ G͟e͟t͟ M͟a͟r͟r͟i͟e͟d͟?: We'll see.
❥⚬H͟a͟v͟e͟ k͟i͟d͟s͟?: No
❥⚬D͟i͟v͟o͟r͟ce?: No
❥⚬I͟r͟l͟ o͟r͟ O͟n͟l͟i͟n͟e͟?: Online or irl doesn't matter.

→ This or That~

❥⚬T͟e͟a͟ o͟r͟ C͟o͟f͟f͟e͟e͟?: Tea
❥⚬W͟i͟i͟ o͟r͟ X͟b͟o͟x͟?: Neither, Personal Computer, screw the rules. Totally my original idea.
❥⚬H͟a͟r͟r͟y͟ P͟o͟t͟t͟e͟r͟ o͟r͟ P͟e͟r͟c͟y͟ J͟a͟c͟k͟s͟o͟n͟?: Percy Jackson.
❥⚬F͟l͟o͟w͟e͟r͟s͟ o͟r͟ C͟h͟o͟c͟o͟l͟a͟t͟e͟s͟?: Chocolates.
❥⚬M͟o͟n͟e͟y͟ o͟r͟ P͟r͟e͟s͟e͟n͟t͟s͟?: Shut up and give me money.
❥⚬G͟a͟m͟e͟ B͟o͟y͟ o͟r͟ D͟S͟?: DS.
❥⚬D͟e͟s͟k͟t͟o͟p͟ o͟r͟ L͟a͟p͟t͟o͟p͟?: Laptop.
❥⚬Co͟u͟n͟t͟r͟y͟ o͟r͟ J͟a͟z͟z͟?: Why make me choose, they're both good.
❥⚬E͟a͟r͟b͟u͟d͟s͟ o͟r͟ H͟e͟a͟d͟p͟h͟o͟n͟e͟s͟?: Headphones.
❥⚬D͟o͟g͟ o͟r͟ C͟a͟t͟?: Both.
❥⚬S͟o͟d͟a͟ o͟r͟ J͟u͟i͟c͟e͟?: Both but prefer soda.
❥⚬H͟o͟t͟ T͟o͟p͟i͟c͟ o͟r͟ A͟e͟r͟o͟p͟o͟s͟t͟a͟l͟e͟?: Hot Topic.
❥⚬P͟u͟b͟l͟i͟c͟ o͟r͟ P͟r͟i͟v͟a͟t͟e͟ S͟c͟h͟o͟o͟l͟?: Eh.. Private.
❥⚬B͟a͟c͟o͟n͟ o͟r͟ S͟a͟u͟s͟a͟g͟e͟?: Bacon.
❥⚬M͟u͟f͟f͟i͟n͟ o͟r͟ S͟c͟o͟n͟e͟?: Muffin.
❥⚬S͟l͟e͟e͟p͟ o͟r͟ N͟e͟x͟t͟ E͟p͟i͟s͟o͟d͟e͟?: Next Episode.

Tagging because I can. 

CharmeleonGirl46 ,Waver92, pineapplecoconut 
Sometimes, I hate it when I predict things.

Right when I think the unthinkable would happen, it does. One of my inspirations passes away. June Foray, aged 99, passed away today on July 26th. Some of my favorite roles out of the MASSIVE list from her included: Magica De Spell from Ducktales, Granny and Witch Hazel from Looney Tunes, Rocky from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, Grammi Gummy from Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Jokey Smurf from the Surfs (One of the few characters I actually liked in that show,) Grandmother Fa from Mulan, Lucifer from Cinderella,

And finally, her most obscure role: 
Wheezy from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. What makes me love this role more than the others is due to her dedication. Although the character was somewhat minor, and only had two actual lines in the film, when the Disneyland ride opened, June Foray was one of the two original voices for the weasels to reprise their roles (the other being the voice of Smarty, David Lander.) Despite a minor role in the film, she still went on with voicing the character in the ride. This is dedication, and for that, I respect her for the time she placed in all of her roles.

Rest in Peace June Foray, Thanks for providing the voices of beloved iconic characters for many generations.
Time for a final cartoon list thing. This time, it revolves around characters I don't like. Why I would hate a cartoon character is a stupid idea, since it's not worth boiling my blood over a cartoon character, but I digress. Most of these characters I'm okay with, I just like them less than other characters.

Ren and Stimpy: None

Doug: None

rugrats: Phil and Lil

all grown up: Dil Pickles

rockos modern life: None

aaaahhh real monsters: The Snorch

hey arnold: Iggy

angela anaconda: Everything is hatable.

Angry beavers: None

catdog: Eddy the Squirrel

wild thornberries: Donnie

Rocket power: Most of the cast.

As told by ginger: See above entry.

jimmy neutron: Sheen.

Back at the barnyard: Mrs. Beaty

chalkzone: That one bully kid.

teenage robot: Krackus

danny phantom: Freakshow

tuff puppy: Birdbrain

bunsen is a beast: Everyone.

avatar: Ehhh...

catscratch: Human Kimberly? I dunno, hard to choose.

wayside: Most of the cast.

mighty b: Most of the cast.

invader zim: Dib to an extent.

penguins of madagascar: King Julien (not the movie version.)

fanboy and chumchum: Most of the cast.

sanjay and craig: Most of the cast.

breadwinners: Most of the cast.

Ren and Stimpy adult party: ...

dexters lab: Dee Dee

johnny bravo: Little Suzy

cow and chicken: Flem and Earl

im weasel: None

ppg 98: Dick

ppg 2016: Most of the cast.

ed Edd n eddy: Sarah.

courage: The Ulcer. (Doc Gerbil is a good runner up.)

sheep in the big city: Private Public

the grim adventures of Billy and mandy: Irwin, Billy, Mandy (To an extent.)
evil con carne: Cod Commando.

Samurai Jack 2001: None

samurai jack 2017: Daughters of Aku

kids next door: Mushi Sanban or King Sandy

robot jones: None

fosters home: World

camp lazlo: Gretchen

juniper lee: Ray Ray

puffy amiyumi: None.

teen titans: Gizmo.

camp lazlo (Twice?): Gretchen

ben 10: Upchuck

my gym partners a Monkey: Jake Spidermonkey

squirrel boy: The Entire Cast.

class of 3000: Eddie

chowder: Gorgonzola. 

problem solverz: The Entire Cast.

robotomy: None

secret mountain fort Awesome: Festro

adventure time: Treetrunks

regular show: Rigby

gumball: Gumball

clarence: Belson 

uncle grandpa: Aunt Granny?

steven universe: Don't really care about the characters enough to waste the thinking space on hating them.

we bare bears: Nom Nom

villainous: 505 is okay.

ducktales: Those Siren Duck Things.

darkwing duck: Never cared for Liquidator.

kim possible: Amy Hall

brandy and mr whiskers: Ed

buzz lightyear: None

phineas and ferb: Most of the cast.

gravity falls: Dipper.

star vs forces of evil: None

wander over yonder: Commander Peepers

pickle and peanut: Don't really care about the characters enough to waste the thinking space on hating them.

yin yang yo: Yo

wow wow wubbzy: Wubbzy?

space ghost: Brak

aqua teen hunger force: Sir Loin

venture bros: None

mr pickles: The boy character

rick and morty: The Dad Character.

king of the hill: Peggy

beavis and butthead: None

caillou: Caillou

thomas: Uh...

mario show: Toad

sonic shows: Sonic.

zelda cartoon: None

angry birds toons: Either Chuck or Helmet.

betty boop- None
popeye- Olive Oyl?

Rocky and bullwinkle: None

classic disney √: Mortimer Mouse.

winnie the pooh: None really

veggietales: Junior.

Scooby doo: Most of the Cast.

flintstones: Fred's Boss.

jetsons: None

yogi bear: Ranger Smith.

huckleberry hound: None

top cat: None

smurfs: Most of the cast.

snorks: Lil' Seaweed

wacky races: The Cavemen.

looney tunes: Tweety Bird.

tom and jerry: Butch

tmnt: Baxter Stockman

batman: Robin

spiderman: None

garfield: Jon Arbuckle

heathcliff: None

the Critic: None

spongebob: Patrick.

fairly oddparents: Timmy Turner.

family guy: Chris or Meg.

American dad: Barry

Cleveland show: Most of the cast.

robot chicken: The Humping Robot

mad: There are no real characters in this show.

south park: Butter's parents.

captain planet: None

teletubbies: Most of the cast.

Flapjack: Lady Nickelbottoms


LEAGUE OF SUPER EVIL: Doomageddon or nanny boo boo

PacMan (1980): Mezmeron

PacMan and The Ghostly Adventures: Apex.

Kirby Right Back At Ya!: Tokori.

Sonic X: Sonic or Chris.

Johnny Test: Most of the cast.

Pokemon Anime: Ash.

Friendship is Magic: Most of the cast.

Dan Vs.: None

Edgar and Ellen: Stephanie.

Making Fiends: None... The Hamster I guess?

Keroro Gunso: Natsumae. 

The Secret Show: The Fluffy Bunnies?

Sam Damn Sandwich: Everything.

El Tigre: Senor Sinestro 

Koala Bros: Mitzy?

Oswald: None

Arthur: Muffy.

Total Drama Island: Courtney

Total Drama Action: Justin

Total Drama World Tour: Courtney

Total Drama Revenge of the Island: Scott

Total Drama All Stars: Most of the Cast.

Total Drama Pakitew Island: Ella or Sugar.

6teen: Can't think of his name, but that one kid.

Totally Spies: Mandy

Almost Naked Animals: The entire cast.

Sidkick: ?

Pucca: None

Rolie Polie Olie: Screwy

7 Little Monsters: One.

The Simpsons: Bart.

Futurama: Fry.

Mucha Lucha: Snowpea

Max and Ruby: Ruby

Dragon Tales: Cassie or Ord

Atomic Betty: Sparky

Ruby Gloom: none

MegaMan Cartoon: Ringman. His arrogance annoys me.

Growing Up Creepie: none.

Freaktown: Most of the cast, especially Lenny.

Tiny Toons: Elmyra or Montana Max

Animaniacs: Hello Nurse or Elmyra

Pinky and the Brain: None

Carebears: Bright Heart Raccoon.

Hero 108: ...?

Kid vs. Kat: Coop. 

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast: None

Blue's Clues: Joe

Magic School Bus: Dorothy Ann

Cyberchase: None

The Backyardigans: Austin

Bob the Builder: Dizzy

Rubbadubbers: None to be honest.

Krypto the Superdog: Tail Terrier.

Dave the Barbarian: Faffy.

Lilo and Stitch: 627
What is your favorite?

Mine is a tie between Shovel Knight, Skullgirls, Nefarious and Binding of Isaac.

Enter the Gungeon, Freedom Planet and Shantae are good runner ups.
Although :iconwaluigi333: wanted me to list my favorite characters from each show on the list, I feel a separate journal would do more justice.

Ren and Stimpy: Mr. Horse

Doug: Roger?

rugrats: Drew Pickles

all grown up: See above entry.

rockos modern life: Either Dr. Hutchinson or Bev Bighead.

aaaahhh real monsters: Ickis is my man.

hey arnold: Grandpa Phil

angela anaconda: Everything is hatable.

Angry beavers: Both Daggett and Norbert.

catdog: Rancid Rabbit

wild thornberries: Nigel

Rocket power: Tito.

As told by ginger: None

jimmy neutron: Professor Calamitous 

Back at the barnyard: Pig or Biggie Cheese from the movie

chalkzone: Snap or Skrawl. 

teenage robot: Queen Vexus or Tammy.

danny phantom: Clockwork, Vlad, Technus, Ember, Penelope Spectra

tuff puppy: Ollie (The one minion.)

bunsen is a beast: None

avatar: Zuko

catscratch: The Main Cast.

wayside: Sammy the Rat.

mighty b: None.

invader zim: Gaz

penguins of madagascar: Kowalski. 

fanboy and chumchum: Kyle

sanjay and craig: None.

breadwinners: That one cop duck. (This is when I stopped watching Cartoons.)

Ren and Stimpy adult party: Same as other Ren and Stimpy intro.

dexters lab: Mandark

johnny bravo: Johnny Bravo himself.

cow and chicken: The Red Guy.

im weasel: Weasel.

ppg 98: Fuzzy Lumpkins 

ppg 2016: Silico or the Red creature that looks like Polycephalus seen in the Wrinklegruff Gals Episode.

ed Edd n eddy: Either the Eds, Johnny 2x4, or the Kankers.

courage: The Great Fusilli, King Ramses, Benton Tarantella, Freaky Fred, Schwick, Robot Randy, Shirley, Katz, Muriel, etc.

sheep in the big city: General Specific

the grim adventures of Billy and mandy: Grim, Nergal, Nergal Junior, Eris, and Hoss Delgado.
evil con carne: Hector Con Carne and Dr. Ghastly

Samurai Jack 2001: Aku

samurai jack 2017: Scaramouche

kids next door: Hoagie Gilligan, Mr. Boss, Toiletnator, Potty Mouth, Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb, Father, Monty Uno, and the Delightful Children from Down the Lane.

robot jones: Robot Jones.

fosters home: Mr. Herriman or Uncle Pockets

camp lazlo: Slinkman 

juniper lee: Ophelia 

puffy amiyumi: Kaz.

teen titans: Cyborg

camp lazlo (Twice?): Slinkman

ben 10: Ghostfreak or Heatblast

my gym partners a Monkey: Principal Pixiefrog

squirrel boy: None

class of 3000: Phillie Phil 

chowder: Schnitzel, Pâté

problem solverz: None

robotomy: Thrasher

secret mountain fort Awesome: Gweelok

adventure time: Gunter, The Lich, Marceline and Lemongrab

regular show: Benson or Skips

gumball: Carrie, Bobert or Richard.

clarence: Sumo

uncle grandpa Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve

steven universe: Cutman- I mean Peridot.

we bare bears: Ice Bear

villainous: Demencia, Black Hat, Dr. Flugg

ducktales: Scrooge McDuck, Magica de Spell

darkwing duck: Bushroot (Rest in Peace Tino Insana...)

kim possible: Shego

brandy and mr whiskers: That one Gecko character, forgot his name.

buzz lightyear Zurg.

phineas and ferb: Dr. Doof

gravity falls: Pyronica, Grunkle Stan, Wendy

star vs forces of evil: Toffee.

wander over yonder: Lord Dominator (Though Lord Hater is cool too.)

pickle and peanut: None

yin yang yo: Carl the Evil Cockroach

wow wow wubbzy: That one kooky kid

space ghost: Zorak

aqua teen hunger force: Carl and the Mooninites. 

venture bros: The Monarch

mr pickles: The Grandpa character.

rick and morty: Mr. Meeseeks or Rick

king of the hill: Dale

beavis and butthead: Both Beavis and Butthead.

caillou: Gilbert the Cat.


mario show: King Koopa, Mouser in Super Show

sonic shows: Robotnik.

zelda cartoon: Link.

angry birds toons: Chef Piggy.

betty boop

Rocky and bullwinkle: Fearless Leader

classic disney √: Pete or Goofy

winnie the pooh: Tigger

veggietales: Mr. Nezzer.

Scooby doo: Spooky Space Kook.

flintstones: Fred Flinstone.

jetsons: Astro or George Jetson.

yogi bear: Boo Boo.

huckleberry hound

top cat

smurfs: Gargamel

snorks: Junior

wacky races: Dick Dastardly

looney tunes: Daffy, though too many to count.

tom and jerry: Tom

tmnt: Shredder and Krang

batman: Harley Quinn (Only original)


garfield: Binky the Clown!


the Critic

spongebob: The Flying Dutchman

fairly oddparents: The Pixies, Jorgen and Anti Cosmo

family guy: Quagmire

American dad: Roger

Cleveland show: That one bear character

robot chicken: The Nerd! Bitch Pudding is a good runner up.

mad: There are no real characters in this show.

south park: Butters or Ned

captain planet

teletubbies: Noo Noo

and and the animation God, FLAPJACK! (Just noticed, you put the word "and" twice.) But anyways, Dr. Barber.

And Now TO Add Some of My Own.


PacMan (1980) Clyde or PacMan

PacMan and The Ghostly Adventures Lord Betrayus, Dr. Buttocks, Jean, Specter, Sir Cumference, Carl the Fire Ghost (Only seen in the halloween special) Buttler (To an extent)

Kirby Right Back At Ya! Kirby, Meta Knight, Chef Kawasaki, the Waddle Dees, King Dedede and Escargoon.

Sonic X: Eggman.

Johnny Test: Brain Freezer was okay.

Pokemon Anime: Meowth (Early Seasons), Arbok and Weezing

Friendship is Magic: Discord

Dan Vs. :Dan

Edgar and Ellen: Pet

Making Fiends: Vendetta

Keroro Gunso: Giroro, Putata, Mekeke, Shurara, Kululu, Keroro, Aki Kinata

The Secret Show: Professor Professor, Changed Daily and Doctor Doctor

Sam Damn Sandwich: No.

El Tigre: Puma Loco

Koala Bros: Sammy

Oswald: Henry the Penguin

Arthur: Mr. Ratburn

Total Drama Island: Duncan, Chris, or Owen

Total Drama Action: Duncan

Total Drama World Tour: Heather

Total Drama Revenge of the Island: Dawn

Total Drama All Stars: Chris

Total Drama Pakitew Island: Jasmine

6teen: None

Totally Spies: Jerry

Almost Naked Animals: None

Sidkick: None


Rolie Polie Olie: None

7 Little Monsters: Two, Three, Four, Seven

The Simpsons: Mr. Burns.

Futurama: Leela or Bender

Mucha Lucha: That one Lightbulb looking dude

Max and Ruby: Max

Dragon Tales: Zak and Wheezy

Atomic Betty: X5 or Maximus

Ruby Gloom

MegaMan Cartoon: Dr. Wily or PharaohMan

Growing Up Creepie: Creepie

Freaktown: Priscilla 

Tiny Toons: Gogo Dodo

Animaniacs: Wakko

Pinky and the Brain: The Brain.

Carebears: No Heart

Hero 108: Mystic Sonia

Kid vs. Kat: Mr. Kat

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast: Hamilton

Blue's Clues: Mailbox or Slippery Soap

Magic School Bus: Tim

Cyberchase: The Hacker or Delete (Though Gilbert Godfried (Digit) is a good runner up.)

The Backyardigans: Tyrone

Bob the Builder: Spud

Rubbadubbers: Tubb

Krypto the Superdog: Mechanikat

Dave the Barbarian: CHUCKLES! THE SILLY PIGGY.

Lilo and Stitch: Slushy, Yin, Yang, Gantu, Ruben, Hamsterveil and Richter

Metalocalypse: Doctor Rockso, The Rock and Roll Clown. He does cocaine! 

I tag my Platoon. 

:iconcharmeleongirl46: or Tamama
:iconxbrokenillusionx: or Giroro
:iconthegreatgailsby: or Kululu
:icongreen-tea-03: or DoroBRO
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He asks if I have watched some toons. Look buddy, I don't work with toons. Not ever since my brother got killed by one. Anvil dropped clean on his head.

Regardless, I have seen some stuff. 

Have you ever watched?

Ren and Stimpy √ (Unique.)

Doug √ (Never Cared For It.)

rugrats √ (Drew Pickles.)

all grown up √ (Never Cared For It.)

pre school daze x

rockos modern life √√ (Funny and Charming.)

aaaahhh real monsters √ (Interesting to say the least.)

hey arnold √ (Good, but not my forte.) 

kablam x

action league now x

angela anaconda √ (Hated It.)

Angry beavers √ (Charming.)

catdog √ (Love the intro, rest is just okay.)

wild thornberries √ (Nigel.)

Rocket power √ (It's okay.)

pelswick x

As told by ginger √ (meh...)

jimmy neutron √ (Pretty good, love some of the characters such as Hugh Neutron)

Planet sheen x

Back at the barnyard √ (Meh)

chalkzone √ (Actually pretty good! I wish I got more into it.)

teenage robot √ (See Chalkzone's entry.)

danny phantom √√ (Impressive and humorous.)

tuff puppy √ (Meh.)

bunsen is a beast √ (Didn't Care For It.)

avatar √ (Not my forte.)

korra x

catscratch √√ (Underrated, and I miss this series.)

wayside √ (Eh...?)

mighty b √ (Ugh.)

invader zim √ (Pretty cool, but kind of hard to get into if you don't start with episode 1.)

penguins of madagascar √ (.....)

fanboy and chumchum √ (...)

sanjay and craig √ (...)

breadwinners √ (This is when I stopped watching Cartoons.)

harvey beaks x

rabbids invasion x

tak and the power of juju x

alvinnnn and the chipmunks x

loud house x

pig goat banana cricket x

doug (Disney) x

Ren and Stimpy adult party √ (Bizzare.)

moxy show x

what a cartoon x

dexters lab √ (Not my cup of tea, but has its moments.)

johnny bravo √√ (Pretty funny! I love the humor more now that i'm older.)

cow and chicken √ (Ugh.)

im weasel √ (I actually like this one.)

ppg 98 √ (Pretty Good.)

ppg 2016 √ (Thought it would be good, then it became every cartoon fanbrat's punching bag.)

ed Edd n eddy √√ (Used to be my favorite show for the humor.)

courage √√ (Great humor, villains, and overall charm to make for one of my favorite shows.)

mike lu and og x

time squad x

sheep in the big city √√ (Underrated. Good humor and characters.)

the grim adventures of Billy and mandy √√ (I LOVE this show. Humor is spot-on, love it more that I'm older, love the characters and dark atmosphere.)
evil con carne √√ (As good as Billy and Mandy, though I wish it could have lasted longer.)

Samurai Jack 2001 √√ (Good story and actions, but Aku steals the show.)

samurai jack 2017 x

kids next door √√ (My Childhood! Fun humor and villains. Characters are charming.)

robot jones √ (Also underrated. Quirky and unique!)

megas xlr x

fosters home √ (Pretty good.)

camp lazlo √ (Better back then, now its okay.)

juniper lee √ (Okay.)

puffy amiyumi √ (Meh.)

teen titans √ (I wish I got more into this show.)

toddler titans (Real mature.) x

camp lazlo (Twice?) √ (Twice?)

ben ten (and its reboots) √ (only the original, it was a blast!)

my gym partners a Monkey √ (Meh.)

squirrel boy √ (UGH.)

class of 3000 √ (A nice guilty pleasure of mine, I used to like this show as a kid.)

chowder √ (Not bad at all! I love the art style and humor in the early episodes.)

secret saturdays x

generator rex x

problem solverz √ (Remember when this used to be the worst cartoon? Yeah, same here.)

robotomy √ (Underrated. Humor is good, and so are the characters.)

secret mountain fort Awesome √ (Freaky and annoying.)

Mixels x

adventure time √ (Pretty good, then stopped around season 5.)

regular show √ (Rest in Peace to this amazing show.)

gumball √ (Meh.)

clarence √ (...)

uncle grandpa √ (GOOD MORNING.)

steven universe √ (Completely Indifferent.) 

cloudy with a chance of meatballs x

we bare bears √ (I like this one!)

mighty magiswords x
ok ko x

infinity train x

welcome to my life x

villainous √√ (Although they are just shorts, they give Evil Con Carne a run for its money.)

ducktales √ (How can you not like this show?)

darkwing duck √√ (One of my favorite Disney shows. Everything is amazing!)

aladdin x

timon and pumbaa x

kim possible √ (pretty cool!)

teachers pet x 

jake long x

brandy and mr whiskers √ (Can't remember much, but it was nice.)

buzz lightyear √ (Zurg is amazing in this show.)

phineas and ferb √ (Unfortunately. The plotlines annoy me, then TrainBoy54 made this show worse for me.)

milo murphys law x

gravity falls √ (Pretty good.)

star vs forces of evil √ (See entry for Gravity Falls.)

wander over yonder √√ (Darn, I need to get more into this show. I love this show from the episodes I've seen.)

pickle and peanut √ (Don't care.)

two more eggs x

yin yang yo √ (okay.)

wow wow wubbzy √ (What is this doing here?)

space ghost √ (Good.)

aqua teen hunger force √√ (I want my name to be Spaghetti.)

sealab x

venture bros √ (Good!)

king star king x

mr pickles √ (Hate to say it, but its a guilty pleasure. Love to hate it.)

rick and morty √ (Good.)

king of the hill √√ (This show ain't right. But I like it.)

beavis and butthead √ (FIRE. FIRE. FIRE. FIRE.)

daria x

duckman x

dora x

caillou √ (For the purpose of dubbing.)

thomas √ (Loved it as a three year old. And only as a three year old.)

little bill x

annoying orange x

the nutshack x (Are you kidding me.)

mario show √ (all three from my childhood.)

sonic shows √ (All aside from Underground, I like them or I think they're okay.)

zelda cartoon √ (Decent.)

angry birds toons √ (Decent.)

inspector gadget x

betty boop √ (Good.)
popeye √√ (Love me some Popeye, it's a good cartoon!)

Rocky and bullwinkle √ (Pretty cool!)

casper x

felix the cat x

classic disney √ (?)

winnie the pooh √ (Pooh's Adventures of Decency.) 

veggietales √ (Good until Big Idea went bankrupt, then I hated it. Also grew up.)

Scooby doo √ (Meh, it's okay.)

flintstones (not the meme) √ (Sad, people don't care about Fred Flintstone, and would rather care about some Fortran ripoff)

jetsons √√ (Good!)

yogi bear √ (Pretty good.)

huckleberry hound √ (Makes me smile, I like this show.)

underdog x

top cat √ (Okay.)

jabberjaw x

smurfs √ (Hate.)

snorks √ (Better.)

wacky races √ (Okay, but I recommend only watching each episode once.)

looney tunes √√ (Very good. One of my favorite shows.)

tom and jerry √ (Good.)

tmnt √ (Love the original and 2003. 2012 is pretty good.)

batman (animated series?) √ (If so, good.)

superman x

spiderman √ (which one) (60's is a guilty pleasure.)

peanuts x

garfield √ (And friends? Or CGI Garfield) (Friends is good, CGI is annoying.)

heathcliff √ (Okay.)

the Critic √ (Where's the joke?)

spongebob √ (Good. Then I stopped watching around Season 5.)

fairly oddparents √ (See above entry.)

family guy √ (Decent at first.)

American dad √ (Good!)

Cleveland show √ (Meh.)

robot chicken √√ (Very good. Was my first adult cartoon... Even if it is stopmotion.)

mad √ (Meh.)

south park √√ (I still love this show, even if the newer seasons are okay.)

yokai watch x

captain planet √ (He's a hero.)

teletubbies √ (Not really animated, but yes. Part of my infanthood.)

peppa pig x

and and the animation God, FLAPJACK! (Wouldn't call it "God" but yes, I have. The animation is amazing and unique, but I wouldn't call it my favorite.) √

And Now TO Add Some of My Own.

LEAGUE OF SUPER EVIL √√√ (Very good. I loved this show back then, and I do now.)

PacMan (1980) √ (Pretty good.)

PacMan and The Ghostly Adventures √ (Villains are good, rest is cringe-worthy.)

Kirby Right Back At Ya! √ (See above entry, though Kirby, Meta Knight and a few others are also good.)

Sonic X √ (Could go in the Sonic section, pretty meh.)

Johnny Test √ (Meh.)

Pokemon Anime √ (Except X and Y, they're decent.)

Friendship is Magic √ (Oy. We don't speak of this one.)

Dan Vs. √ (good.)

Edgar and Ellen √√ (I love this show! Sad its so underrated.)

Making Fiends √ (Pretty good!)

Keroro Gunso √√ (Even if its an anime, I do love this show. Unique characters and good humor.)

The Secret Show √ (I miss this show. I used to watch it with my mother.)

Sam Damn Sandwich √ (No. No No. No No No.)

El Tigre √√ (very good, has the same syndrome as League of Super Evil where humor holds up.)

Koala Bros √√ (CHILDHOOD.)

Oswald √ (Loved this as a child)

Storm Hawks x 

Arthur √ (Mr. Ratburn is an amazing man.)

Total Drama √ (Every Season) (Island was good, Action was okay, World Tour is amazing, Revenge is okay, All Stars was meh and the less said of Pakitew the better.)

6teen √ (Meh.)

Stoked x

Totally Spies √ (Good.)

Kid vs Kat x

George of the Jungle x

Almost Naked Animals √ (Ugh.)

Sidkick √ (Ugh.)

Pucca √ (Pretty funny.)

Rolie Polie Olie √ (Unique.)

7 Little Monsters √√ (Biggest part of my childhood.)

The Simpsons √ (Decent.)

Futurama (Bite My Shiny Metal Ass.) √ (Pretty good.)

Mucha Lucha √ (Loved this as a kid, still like it!)

Max and Ruby 
√ (Parents are revealed, show was good when I was young. 

Dragon Tales 
√ (Childhood show, good.)

Atomic Betty 
√ (Indifferent.)

Ruby Gloom 
√ (Good.)

MegaMan Cartoon 
√ (Compared to the other video game cartoons, this one is good.)

Growing Up Creepie 
√ (Good.)

√ (Meh.)

Tiny Toons √ (Don't Like.)

Animaniacs √ (Good.)

Pinky and the Brain √ (G00d.)

Freakazoid! x

Hero 108 x (Saw a piece of an episode, doesn't count.)

Kid vs. Kat √ (Ugh.)

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast √ (Childhood, pretty good.)

Blue's Clues √ (Loved as a child.)

Cyberchase √ (Damn, for kids, this is some pretty intelligible stuff.)

Magic School Bus √ (Middle School memories.)

The Backyardigans √ (Actually good songs for children.)

Bob the Builder (The bomb when I was 3.)

Rubbadubbers (See above entry.)

Krypto the Superdog (Always woke up to this, the noises made me wake up. Show's decent I'd say.)

Dave the Barbarian (The most underrated show. Ever.)

Lilo and Stitch (Very good.)

I tag my Platoon. 

:iconcharmeleongirl46: or Tamama
:iconxbrokenillusionx: or Giroro
:iconthegreatgailsby: or Kululu
:icongreen-tea-03: or DoroBRO