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How Tough Are You? Cuphead

I got into Cuphead, this was the result. (Please don't be like Undertale.)

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how do you do the smoke bomb?
SylveonsRibbons101's avatar
well i had beaten the game!
Th3Tur3GodMrbl3ach's avatar
This is normaly level right now
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hey can you check out my gallery?
LuigiFan00001's avatar
Kindly refrain from spamming on my pictures. 
mixelboy27's avatar
Sorry It’s just that I am a new person on devianart and want people to check my art out.
LuigiFan00001's avatar
Then I would recommend refraining from posting on people's pictures to view your "works", because people can find it as spamming.
tribalfrisk's avatar
i had to use the auto parry just to beat the devil on the hardest difficulty so i also beat the devil without the smoke bomb does that make me tough?
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Right this way, go ahead
tribalfrisk's avatar
ya i thought lol
wladma-yaklo's avatar
hi there, can I use your fanart for my video edit? I will surely give you credit
LuigiFan00001's avatar
By all means! Go right ahead. :)
chillydeathdude's avatar
i should say "with out any items or specials"
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tribalfrisk's avatar
that does not make you tough that makes you insane you should go to a battle with other people to see who needs the least stuff to beat the devil you would win.
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Well, I am that too. :^ )

And GOOD, place the bets now.
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Please don't be like bendy
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XoxInvaderLizxoX's avatar
Lol that game is hella difficult( especially without the smoke bomb). Even though I haven't played it yet. Forgive me I'm a noob. XD
On a side note bad news buddy, the fandom has already gone bad. It sunk low so quickly.
Regularcommenter's avatar
It's unfortunate that the game is already going down the horrible fate of other popular indie games
xBrokenIllusionx's avatar
Yeah, that's exactly why I didn't get into this game. And honestly, I hate the fact that literally it seems the trend for games seems to be doing them as old cartoon styles and what not. That's getting old honestly.

It's one of the reasons why I decided to not so much get into this game. When it comes to things that are trending, I just wait till it dies down for the most part or fully before even thinking of getting into it. I hate getting into things that just become so toxicated.
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