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Scorbunny sprite by Luigi-player Scorbunny sprite :iconluigi-player:Luigi-player 10 0 Grookey sprite by Luigi-player Grookey sprite :iconluigi-player:Luigi-player 13 0 Sobble sprite by Luigi-player Sobble sprite :iconluigi-player:Luigi-player 15 0 Yoshi sprite (Smash Ultimate) by Luigi-player Yoshi sprite (Smash Ultimate) :iconluigi-player:Luigi-player 2 0 Mr. Game and Watch sprite (Smash Ultimate) by Luigi-player Mr. Game and Watch sprite (Smash Ultimate) :iconluigi-player:Luigi-player 4 0 Kirby sprite (Smash Ultimate) by Luigi-player Kirby sprite (Smash Ultimate) :iconluigi-player:Luigi-player 2 0 King K. Rool sprite (Smash Ultimate) by Luigi-player King K. Rool sprite (Smash Ultimate) :iconluigi-player:Luigi-player 9 0 Ivysaur sprite (Smash Ultimate) by Luigi-player Ivysaur sprite (Smash Ultimate) :iconluigi-player:Luigi-player 5 0 King K. Rool sprite (Paon to Rare) by Luigi-player King K. Rool sprite (Paon to Rare) :iconluigi-player:Luigi-player 3 0 Pichu sprite (Smash Ultimate) by Luigi-player Pichu sprite (Smash Ultimate) :iconluigi-player:Luigi-player 9 0 Squirtle sprite (Smash Ultimate) by Luigi-player Squirtle sprite (Smash Ultimate) :iconluigi-player:Luigi-player 4 0 Donkey Kong sprite (Smash Ultimate) by Luigi-player Donkey Kong sprite (Smash Ultimate) :iconluigi-player:Luigi-player 4 0 Mewtwo sprite (Smash Ultimate) by Luigi-player Mewtwo sprite (Smash Ultimate) :iconluigi-player:Luigi-player 5 0 Sonic sprite (Smash Ultimate) by Luigi-player Sonic sprite (Smash Ultimate) :iconluigi-player:Luigi-player 8 0 Luigi sprite (Smash Ultimate) by Luigi-player Luigi sprite (Smash Ultimate) :iconluigi-player:Luigi-player 12 2 Diddy Kong sprite (Smash Ultimate) by Luigi-player Diddy Kong sprite (Smash Ultimate) :iconluigi-player:Luigi-player 9 0


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Scorbunny sprite
Aaaand the 3rd starter of gen8! Drawing it made me appreciate its smile even more, Pretty cute. We'll see how it'll end up being after evolving. Maybe it'll turn to a lanky, really fast runner-bunny?
Grookey sprite
Another starter! I like this new monkey. ^^ Hoping its evos won't disappoint! Will it play baseball...? : x
Sobble sprite
Finally we have the first gen8 info and the 3 starters - yay! And I even like all of them (for now..). This one's my favorite, though. : P
Yoshi sprite (Smash Ultimate)
Finally another one done. I'd like to add color variations, but for that I'll wait for official renders of them..
Mr. Game and Watch sprite (Smash Ultimate)
Well, nothing too special, lol. I also made his standing sprite, but I didn't want to add it to this image. We'll see if I ever make more and post them as a GaW spritesheet...


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Orkaan974 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well hello there! I was wondering if your sprites for Pokemon Sun and Moon were free to use (with credits of course!) ?

'cause I'm making a fan-game Pokemon, and since the starter-kit I'm using is searching for those ressources, I was wondering if it was okay with you to include it in the SK? Also wondering if you are going to draw the backs too? 

Thanks in advance!
Luigi-player Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2019

Yep! They are free to use, but I'd like to be credited.

There are no plans for backs, though - sorry!
NicoMts Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!
Luigi-player Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2018
SlytheTheBlade Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Is it alright I use your sprites for fusions?
Luigi-player Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017
Sure. Mentioning me in the credits would be nice. :)
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