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[COMISSION] Wonderbolts Wallpaper

By LuGiAdriel14
For :iconmisspepperony: :3

Welp. here it is, wonderbolts wallpaper. This is actually my first wallpaper of them. So, yeah.

Also, did the background while in class. Not kidding, I can simply work on wallpapers there. well, kind of. lol

Oh by the way, there is a lack of fleetfoot vectors. I'm disappoint. lol

Fleetfoot vector by:

Spitfire vector by:

Soarin vector by:

Wonderbolts emblem vector by:
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Love this wallpaper! How did you make the white lines and crisp text?
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This is really cool! :D 
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Ha! Adriel! Nice one on getting to the header of an article!
Good job.
Trying to get both the Wonderbolts emblem and the caption at the bottom, but currently I have to choose one or the other! D:
THIS IS AWESOOME. I wanna use it for my facebook cover too but it's slightly too tall.
Could you adjust it to 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall?
That is, if it isn't too much work for you.
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Hmm... is this okay? :3

My fb is now swagged out
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This is great! Another great wallpaper for my collection!
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That is one top-notch Wonderbolts 'paper :D Just downloaded, it is AMAZING! Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh - I get to have a wallpaper - of The WONDERBOLTS! :iconrainbowdashchuuplz:
Hooray Fleetfoot! I have hardly seen any wallpapers and or any art from that pony, nice to see one here plus this makes me like the wonderbolts a lot more now. Amazing job to you and others that helped make this awesome wallpaper ^_^
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...marvelous. Simply. MARVELOUS!

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That's like a movie Poster. Thanks for good work.
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Woot people use my stuff :)
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Epic Wallpaper is Epic
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Why does that plz account look familiar...
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