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Faith - Seven Virtues

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"Your about to get zeroed dirt-sniffer, move aside."

Xiddiga (Xiddi) Bos AKA Faith was an engineer aboard a Highrider space station. Highrider is an Earth term for those who were born or spend most of their time in orbit. Highriders born outside of the gravity well share a number of traits. They have adapted to environments with lower gravity, lower air pressure, and higher radiation levels and they tend to be taller and more agile. Many Highriders hail from Africa. 

Once a fractured continent of warring countries under a bewildering array of dictators, democracies and socialist states, the New Africa was born as Euro–nations negotiated with these scattered nations to build the Kilimanjaro mass driver. The African states have since established solid footholds in space—nearly one third of all space construction workers are African, and the majority of spaceport facilities and construction areas are on African soil. The resulting population has evolved into the Highriders, a space– based, high tech society linked by Pan–African roots and a determination never to be victims of colonial oppression again. Declaring their independence during the War (and enforcing it with commandeered orbital weapons), the Highrider Assembly is carefully neutral and ready to deal with all sides as long as their sovereignty (and control of space) is respected.

Xiddi spent all of her young life in orbit far above Earth and longed to see what "Dirtwalker" society is like below, she embarked onboard a cargo freighter down to Africa, and from there chartered a flight to Mega City to witness the largest American Metropolis and its people for herself. She found most city folk to be uncultured and rather uneducated yet refreshingly frantic and ambitious. Xiddi soon found herself captivated by The Aero Gauge race league, and decreed to dedicate herself to becoming the best racer she can be. 

Using her extensive knowledge of star craft construction, Xiddi has built a brutal hover craft featuring highly advanced shielding and power batteries to give  unrivalled firepower. After making her way through the amateur league Xiddi picked up her sponsor BulletTech, who were very impressed by her shooting skills.

Crimson Hammer Ship watermark by LUGAR00 

After reading about the High Riders I very much wanted to draw an Africa inspired character with a sci-fi theme. I originally intended this lady to have a space suit and electric/tesla powers, but I enjoyed drawing Peace as a racer I ended up changing faith to one as well. Faith took quite a while to do as the outfit I decided to draw on her is ridiculous haha, and to get it to look right spiralling round her took a while, also the pattern on the bikini and the body paint was very time consuming to do.

The info about High Riders is from the Cyberpunk Red Worldbook and the Highrider slang is from the Cyberpunk wiki…
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Tribal, unique lore around her (even if taken from somewhere), aaaaand one hell of an outfit? Very good work. Also, my brain is now humming about a mechanic working with these gals and doing, you know, my thing so thank you for that. And no, I don't know if that's sarcasm or not. XD

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Haha no worries, if one of my drawings gets you writing that's always a win in my book :)

Yeah the outfit is nuts, lord knows how you'd put that on.

I love the African nations' lore in Cyberpunk, they basically said "everyone on Earth is nuts, were going to go live in space away from you all." And if anyone causes them trouble they get shot with a city destroying space laser haha.
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I can 100% agree with loving that. But, unfortunately, Daughters of Dusk 3 needs to come first and I'm expecting to pay extra on that commission just for how insane the idea I have is (even though I'm super flexible on it, especially since the character themselves would change their hair to whatever they want it to be. :P *sigh* )

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Great job with the body painting!

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Thank you very much, I glad you like how it turned out :D

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