Reflections on a year of DA.

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I've known of Deviantart's existence for nearly a decade, and yet, until very recently, I never thought that I could ever draw something worthy of posting online. In fact, even though I joined a year ago, I've only really begun posting in the last month. There are some incredibly talented people on DA and their artwork has provided me with oodles of inspiration for my writing and artwork.

With all this amazing talent, I didn't think I would have anything to offer such an already rich community. That's when I realized that 1: everyone has to start somewhere, and 2: it's the inspiration that makes the community so special. DA has inspired me and countless others to try their hand at creating art, receiving feedback, and developing their skills into something truly awesome!

On August 6, 2016, I put my doubts aside and signed up. Now, a year later and looking back, I have only one regret, that I didn't start sooner. 
:) (Smile)
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I just hope for you that your experience stays so good on DA and that you will have allot of fun making more art. :excited: