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You Sank My Battleship! ATG day 13

Artist's Training Grounds, Day 13. Today's prompt: Draw a pony family activity / Draw a pony party!

I took a short break, hence the jump from day 9 to 13. However, after reading the prompt, I had some fond memories of playing Battleship with my younger brother and as a result, I drew his OC Circuit Board and my OC Tale Craft advertising the game in it's old 1967 style format.

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I'd always move my ships around like a complete asshole. It was fun.
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My brother did the same! XD
But as a strategy game, you and my brother were doing it right.
Why would a warship just sit still during a battle and just wait for the inevitable?

Then I started playing World of Warships....Facepalm 
Turns out some people like sitting motionless and broadside on to a Battleship.
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I remember playing this in my childhood... but I only played tow time seriously with my sister...
I liked the little ships more than the actual game.
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Same here! :) I would sometimes play with the little ships separate from the game entirely. I would stick them in a thick carpet we had so that their pegs would hold them upright and have my own naval battle. Ships don't need grids!
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I just say sweet, sweeeeet memories ;)
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