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Wind Runner


Another entry for my Tales of Sand series

“The Golden Sea stretches away to the horizon, an endless expanse of sand, stone, and bone. Sweltering during the day, freezing at night, and with not a drop of water to be seen. But what’s this? There on the horizon, a sail? In a land without seas, lakes, or rivers, is this just another ghostly mirage on the edge of one’s vision? Nay dear reader, it’s a Wind Runner, racing across the sand on rubber wheels. It’s sleek hull and taught sheets reminiscent of the days when the waves of Arusha were blue…”

Depicted here is an Oasian Wind Runner as cuts through the night on a westerly course, perhaps laden with refined goods from one of the eastern settlements, riding the wind driven before a great storm brewing in the Atlantic Plains. Basically a sailboat with wheels, Wind Runners come in all shapes and sizes with the largest having between 2 and 4 masts and up to three hulls in a trimaran configuration. Used extensively across Arusha and the Golden Sea by Oasians and nomadic peoples, they ply the trade routes, riding the wind from settlement to settlement. While the most basic rely solely on the wind, the majority have some form of re-purposed aircraft engine in the event that they find themselves becalmed. Usually lightly armed if at all, pirates and some defense forces like the OVG (Oasian Volunteer Guard) have been known to soup them up with deck or hull mounted heavy machine guns or cannons, though this costs them speed.

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