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Staying Unturned, ATG day 14

Artist's Training Grounds, Day 14. Today's prompt: Draw a pony crossing over with your favorite game/book/movie/ect / Draw a pony doing something you enjoy.

One of my all-time favorite games that I've been playing since it's early days is Unturned. You must scavenge the zombie infested remains of humanity for food, water, and weapons in order to survive, all the while fending off the bloodthirsty hordes and other desperate survivors.

Here we have 3 of my OCs caught out in the open during a Full Moon, an event that turns the eyes of every zombie a malicious glowing red and causes them to swarm any nearby players.

Alone, they wouldn't stand a chance. Together however, they just might.
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It has been far too long since I played Unturned
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Sounds like it's time to give it a try again. :)