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Dawn Escort

The first in a series of drawings that I plan to do for a story of mine,Tales of Sand.

In an apocalyptic future, earth's surface has become a scorched wasteland. Daytime temperatures on the surface regularly exceed 100 degrees in the winter and 160 in the summer. The seas have dried up, and all surface water has retreated underground. Of the cultures that arose in Arusha, the region that was once North America, Petrolia is the most advanced. Their flag is a black gear with a drop of oil in the center on a yellow field. Living around ancient oil wells in what is roughly present day Texas, they produce 90% of the oil in the region and thus are the primary manufacturer of oil related goods. What they lack however, is water. They trade their crude and manufactured products such as synthetic rubber and vehicles for food and water from their northeastern neighbors. Depicted here is a typical scene from said trade.
The over-sized sidecar bike is called a Dune Hopper. (I borrowed the turret and some of the hull design from the German Sdkfz.222.) Dune Hoppers are well armed scout vehicles, usually tasked with escort duty for land ships or settlement defense. The massive vehicle in the background in a Petrolian land tanker. After trading the diesel fuel in it's rear tank to a Nomad convoy in the Oasian settlement of Haven, the land ship filled it's forward tank with water from Haven's oasis and is now making the long journey back to the Petrolian capital of Rigsville. Due to the extreme daytime temperatures, the tanker has been plowing through the night, racing the dawn west and south. The Dune Hopper's gunner, who also doubles as radio operator and navigator, is scouting the land ahead for any sign of pirates, for despite the land tanker's heavy armament, nearly a thousand of gallons of water in the parched lands of Arusha is worth it's weight in gold. 
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I can definitely see inspiration from German design in that bike! Very cool!
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this reminds me of both battalion wars and crossout
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Thanks! :) , have you played crossout? I've been meaning to give it a try but I haven't had the time.
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Yes, im level 15 in it, its like world of tanks meets legos with a mad max skin
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wow man, love the vehicle designs! Reminds me of battalion wars! 
Luftwaffles163's avatar
Thanks! :) I've never heard of battalion wars, but I looked it up and it looks pretty cool. I can definitely see the resemblance.
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