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Cloud Catching

Another piece for Tales of Sand.
A CC-2 Cloud Catcher passing over its mother ship, a Heavy Land Carrier as it climbs to altitude in search of elusive ribbons of high altitude cirrus. 
This large triple engine, yes, your eyes do not deceive you, triple engine monoplane has a crew of 2, a pilot and a navigator/gunner. Its primary role is collecting water from the few high altitude cirrus clouds that ride the jet stream in this barren world. To do this, the aircraft is equipped with a large, microfiber net that catches moisture and funnels it into a pair of hoses that connect to a pair of under-wing storage tanks. A pair of powerful, inline engines mounted one behind the other drive a four-bladed prop that provides the bulk of the aircraft's thrust. The third is a jet engine used to provide extra thrust when the cloud net is lowered as well as during fuel-laden take-offs, water-laden landings, and to quickly climb to altitude. The CC-2's wingspan is impressive for a carrier aircraft, nearly 50 feet from wing tip to wing tip which provides the necessary lift at high altitude. As a result, there are usually only 4 based on board the Heavy Land Carriers that they operate from because they take up so much space even with their wings folded. They usually operate in pairs and can bring back nearly 500 pounds of water each. They lack offensive weaponry but their speed and defensive armament usually discourage any kind of pursuit. At lower altitudes, they are often escorted by Longhorn LO-153 fighter-bombers. The CC-2 is also used for long-range reconnaissance and light cargo transport.
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Prop/Jet! Awesome!
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Interesting concept... 

keep it up! Thumbs Up SPN 
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Thanks! :) I've got some more in the works.