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Another vehicle from my story: Tales of Sand
A Petrolian LLC (Light Land Cruiser) opens fire on a Cult controlled Oasis, providing fire support for the infantry in a daring night raid on the enemy encampment. These massive land ships strike fear into their opponents and instill a sense of security in those under their protection. They will often serve as the flagship for scouting parties, filling the role of a troop carrier, fire support platform, and mobile base. Like all Petrolian vehicles, however, its range is limited by the amount of fuel it can carry, and it guzzles gas, hence the importance for the LLCs Tanker They are equipped with a catapult for launching a gyroplane scout and twin gantries for deploying a pair of Dune Hoppers.  There is also a recovery version of the LLC that works like a tow truck in the event that another land cruiser breaks down. The tanker variant is considered to be the most important of all Petrolian vehicles, as they facilitate the trade of Petrolian oil and Oasian water. The heavy firepower is replaced with two large liquid storage tanks, one for water and the other for refined gasoline. Tankers will also rendezvous with scouting parties to extend their range and will accompany the fleets as a supply vehicle during wartime.

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