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Saturn V Launch

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Published: May 8, 2007
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The launch of a Saturn V rocket.. one of the most impressive acheivments of mankind; designed by one of the most brilliant engineers of all time. Sadly, my crappy drawing doesn't do it the justice it deserves.
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That is AWESOME!!! Wonderful, yet sad moment in space history as the last departure for the moon, Apollo 17, lifts off!
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InfiniteRespectHobbyist Traditional Artist
The space shuttle is a toy compared to this monster!
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morbiusx33Hobbyist Photographer
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Is this Apollo 4?
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Crappy? This is a great piece
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octopanzerHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing. Simply amazing. The russians shoulda had it ):
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LRonTupperwareHobbyist Photographer
Fucking right, son. I'd love to really know what it felt like for them not only when they set foot on another celestial body, but the morning of the launch, waking up and knowing that they're going to be doing something that for generations mankind had only dreamed of, and in some ways, not even had a wild enough of an imagination to dream of.
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Indeed.. it makes your everday happenings seem so mundane in comparison. It must be an awesome feeling, knowing your doing something above and beyond anything the human race has thus far been capable of. Talk about giving life purpose.
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LRonTupperwareHobbyist Photographer
This is one of those interesting paradoxes, for me. I'm 6'4", I've always been used to being the largest person at almost any given point.

But if I were in a room with these men, I'd feel so small.
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bigboss1Student Digital Artist
OH, HELL YEAH! I didn't see this one the first time through. Achievement indeed. This is STILL the most powerful propulsion systme man has ever built. It dwarves the Space Shuttle 4x. Literally.
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SandySkyHawk07 Traditional Artist
Wow. i love this one to. from far away it looked like a realy huge missile fireing up off the eartha nd when i click it i saw it was a rocket. Very Great, you are an epic artist in my eyes.
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you draw well too
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Doesn't do it justice? this is awesome!
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I always wondered what Von Braun was thinking when this thing finally made it to the moon.

Awesome drawing!

I used to give tours at KSC and this was one of my favorite things to talk about.
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Thanks :)

I imagine he was already dreaming of Mars.. shame we never sent men there.. we could have done it even back then, but NASA was starting to decline.. ppl and money creating a barrier to greatness I suppose :(
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I think it was Von Braun that mentioned that if NASA was able to continue from Apollo, there would have been a moon base around 1984. You gotta thank the Nixon administration for pulling the money out. They had the "been there, done that" mentality, along with the pressure of the Vietnam War, Watergate, and other stuff.

I still think that investing money to NASA is like saving money for your retirement. The more you contribute, the better off you will be. I just wish there is more support nationally to go back to the moon.

I just know that things are going to be pretty stagnant between 2011 to 2016 in terms of space exploration for the US. Hopefully more nations like China, and India could add a little competition to help us get there quicker.
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do u know design of all the long range America missile was stolen from this master piece ?
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I don't know if it could be considered stolen, since the Saturn V was already and American design/rocket. Maybe you are thinking of the earlier V2's? The same man designed them both :)
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Your drawing is very good!. I made a 1:96 size model of the Saturn V rocket and it turned out so cool.

and I also agree that the rocket was one of the greatest achievements of mankind.
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