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a compilation of all I wrote on /co/. I've been scolded by my girl for posting as "Anonymous" for the accusations and such I may receive.

in reality, this is what I understand happened on 4chan. /b/ (random board) crashed under some virus. with no board, /b/ started running around to other boards, claiming their stake there mostly just to annoy people.

/co/ (comics and cartoons board) was actually left pretty unharmed, but he's often been depicted as a smooth detective sort. he is, according to the board mythos, married to /ck/ (cooking), and they adore eachother despite /ck/'s unwillingness to share him in general. /co/ has shown no issue, except some posters insisting we have a 3 way with /d/ (alternative hentai; the "worst" of the hentais, unless you count the ultra-gay, while this is mostly straight or lesbian)

anyway, /b/ was famous for hassling /x/ (paranormal; esp and ghosts and such) when it was bored, so it was naturally targeted. /tg/ (traditional games; mostly roleplaying games) was known to stick up for /x/, either fending off the insane /b/ threads or letting /x/ hang out at its board while it wore off. /x/ was hit accordingly during the virus. have also heard of a time when nearly all the boards once joined forces (ie, other people from other boards helped post real /x/ threads) to completely beat /b/ off of /x/ once. sounded grand

/d/ was similarly raided, though for some reason almost all posts in Russian. i think it was an inside joke to people thinking it was a russian version of 4chan that landed the virus. they also practically assimilated with /gif/ (animated, mostly porn), creating what they called "bif"

but eventually, /b/ was restored after about a week of raids and generally slowed 4chan, and they went about their regular lives

mostly there for gag purposes are /a/ (anime), /k/ (weapons and guns), /v/ (video games), /c/ (cute girls), /jp/ (Japanese culture) and /po/ (the oft-forgotten origami board)

that's the jist, but there's lots of inside jokes of 4chan in there that could easily breeze past you. I'm sure people are going to ask, so a koozbanian is an alien from the muppet show's first episode. they did a mating dance before rushing at eachother at top speed, exploding into a cloud that released a half-dozen more of them. their suicidal breeding seemed the perfect metaphor for /b/'s scheme, and /co/ seems like the kind of guy who would make jokes nobody else would get just for kicks. besides, it's his journal

I've got a lot of ideas for what to draw for each segment, roughly 2 or 3 for each paragraph, depending. I'll probably edit the writing as needed for the comic too, but this' the skin and bones of it. expect doodled designs soon enough
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© 2009 - 2021 luffy316
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excellent! all the /b/oards are in synch with their personalities
flammingroy's avatar
the epic story of /b/'s take over of 4chan you nailed it in such a great way!
notalonewolf20's avatar
Fucking epic that made me LOL like you wouldn't believe
necrokami's avatar
pretty good. i actually enjoyed it.
btw, needs moar rainbow-socks.
Matthew0wns's avatar
/X/ has rainbow socks.
necrokami's avatar
i know, but this story needs moar of them!
Matthew0wns's avatar
You know what? It does! Someone write this down!
Wow, this is great. Can't believe this dosen't have more comments.
luffy316's avatar
like to think that they're waiting for the finished product ^_^
love it

protip: suffered a partyvan after a huge CP flood, and went down. shortly thereafter, /b/ had Russians and then /b/ went down. Coincidence? At the time, we blamed the Russians but there was no formal link.

Now is because of another cp-related shutdown. It was dead for a while.
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