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Salty Kisses Ch.9
Chapter Nine: Karma
The unknown entities of the universe twist and entwine. A constant push and pull of forces beyond the power of mere mortal controls the fate of man. The cosmic energies that dictate your place in the world: your purpose. Whatever you put out, you will get back. If you do wrong, it will eventually catch up with you.
White and Black. Light and Dark. Yin and Yang. Kyle and Cartman.
Kyle Broflovski has always been my balancing force. He has always been the one to tell me when I am on the edge of insanity and pull me back when I am about to fall off. Focusing my energies on him gave me purpose. Tricking myself into thinking I hated him gave me meaning. Kyle was the center of my universe. I am merely a shadow who cannot exist without his guiding light.
I have always brought out the worst in Kyle, but I think he enjoyed having someone to hate. I validated him as a good person. The beast to his beauty, the ruffian he longed to reform once upon a time, but he ha
:iconluffy-kun-fiction:Luffy-Kun-Fiction 25 6
MLPFiM: 'Hush Now' Ch. 6 -PinkieDash-
“Hush Now”
Chapter Six: Sprite

Rarity sighed deeply, staring down into the seemingly infinite abyss of her martini glass. She was already a little tipsy, and in her foul mood the swirling, emerald-colored alcohol seemed endless. She was sitting alone at the bar in the Mare-E-Go-Round, nursing her third appletini. Her patience was beginning to run thin. She pouted, looking around the club, searching for her fillyfriend and finding nopony of interest. She grumbled to herself, chastising the absent Applejack and taking another dainty sip of her martini.
The bartender, an alternative-looking cream-colored earth pony with short brown hair that covered one of her bright green eyes and multiple piercings, including a silver bar through her eyebrow smiled at her empathetically, “A bit for your thoughts?” she asked, beginning to mix another appletini and sliding it across the counter towards the alabaster unicorn. “It’s on me,” she winked.
:iconluffy-kun-fiction:Luffy-Kun-Fiction 18 12
Dan Vs: 'The Fairer Sex' Ch.2 -DanxChris-
"The Fairer Sex"
Chapter Two: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Dan stumbled out of bed and ran into the bathroom, tripping over delicate feet.
This couldn't be happening. This was impossible. Dan tried reassuring himself as he entered the bathroom to find the countertop covered in products he did not recognize. The counter was littered with make-up, hair mousse, boxes of tampons, and other feminine products he did not remember stealing. Dan gulped, slowly approaching the mirror, a strong feeling of dread forming in the pit of his stomach. He peered into the cracked surface of the mirror and sure enough, staring back at himů was a woman.
Reflected back through the layers of dust was a decent looking woman in her mid-thirties. Her hair was wild and unruly, encircling her round face in jet black tendrils. Her bright emerald eyes were smudged in black-liner, giving her a raccoon-like appearance. Black lines were smeared down her cheeks from accidentally falling asleep in her make-up. She was
:iconluffy-kun-fiction:Luffy-Kun-Fiction 19 18
MLPFiM: 'Hush Now' Ch. 5 -PinkieDash-
"Hush Now"
Chapter Five: Avarice

Once upon a time, there was a young earth pony couple. They were a simple and hard-working pair, not wanting for much beside the modest roof over their heads and enough food to feed them both. After a few years of trying to expand their family, the couple was blessed with a beautiful unicorn filly. She had a pale silver mane that glittered in the light and a soft and a periwinkle coat that felt like down beneath their hooves.
Unfortunately, their precious daughter was deformed. Her horn was curved under like hook, giving her a malevolent appearance. Unsure of how to handle the situation, the bewildered parents traveled to Canterlot with their filly in tow, in search of somepony who could give them guidance on how to handle their peculiar situation.
Every doctor that met with the frazzled parents was flummoxed by the abnormal deformity, unsure of what tactic to employ to remedy the infant's issues. The physicians hypothesized that if they removed
:iconluffy-kun-fiction:Luffy-Kun-Fiction 50 40
Dan Vs: 'The Fairer Sex' Ch.1 -DanxChris-
"The Fairer Sex"
Chapter One: Cursed

"I am telling you Dan, that wasn't a vampire. It was just some Goth kid at the mall." Chris frowned, flexing his fingers around the steering wheel. He fiddled with the rearview mirror and glanced at the man in the passenger's seat. Dan was staring out the window at the inky, cloudless sky with the same irritated expression that he usually wore, brow furrowed, emerald eyes glistening in the pale moonlight.
"Then why was he carrying an umbrella outside? Hmm?" he asked, turning to glare at the larger man. Chris smiled weakly, about to open his mouth to give a plausible explanation when Dan cut him off. "Obviously to make sure the sun didn't turn him into dust!" he spat, crossing his arms over his slender chest indignantly. The other man shook his head, dismissing the shaggy-haired misanthrope and pulling his car alongside the side of the street, putting it into park.
"Dan, what part of Goth did you not understand?" Chris questioned, frowning. Da
:iconluffy-kun-fiction:Luffy-Kun-Fiction 30 20
Mature content
Dan Vs: 'Free Fall' Ch 1 -DanxChris- :iconluffy-kun-fiction:Luffy-Kun-Fiction 18 6
Mature content
MLPFiM: 'Hush Now' Ch. 4 -PinkieDash- :iconluffy-kun-fiction:Luffy-Kun-Fiction 45 63
MLPFiM: 'Hush Now' Ch. 3 -PinkieDash-
"Hush Now"
Chapter Three: Conversations With A Killer
The mare admired her reflection in her vanity.
She tossed her silvery mane and adjusted her perfect coif. She lifted a tube of mascara from the table and popped the cap, using the wand to apply generous layers of pitch-blackness to her the lashes above her deep violet eyes. Her eye-shadow was a glimmery shade of silver that matched her mane. She pouted coyly at her mirror-image.
Absolute perfection.
The powdery-blue mare reluctantly abandoned her reflection, leaving the vanity to venture out into the main part of her home. The living room walls were covered in pale yellow patterned wallpaper. The old, beaten leather furniture was dull and brown. It was rather modest for her tastes, but she had inherited it from her parents and she had not had time enough to re-model the entirety of the interior. She didn't spend much time here anyway.
She had compensated by covering every inch of the walls with framed photos o
:iconluffy-kun-fiction:Luffy-Kun-Fiction 47 26
MLPFiM: 'Hush Now' Ch. 2 -PinkieDash-
"Hush Now"
Chapter Two: The Eighth Victim
Rarity exited the club in a huff.
The rush of cold air made her unsteady on her hooves. She really should not have had that fourth appletini. She closed her eyes and drew in a slow breath and tried to collect herself. It was incredibly unladylike to chug one's beverage and exit in a tizzy due to a fight with one's lover, but she was so angry!
The parking lot was deserted, not another pony in sight. This was not particularly surprising. After all, it was one o' clock in the morning and everypony who was still awake was inside partying. She stamped her hooves against the ground and let out a frustrated whimper.
Why did she have to be so difficult? Rarity had only wanted a nice night out with her lover. Was that so much to ask? She didn't think so, and after Rarity had gone through all the trouble of putting together a nice outfit for her, that pony had shown up in her dirty work uniform! Rarity found it incredibly insulting, especi
:iconluffy-kun-fiction:Luffy-Kun-Fiction 46 21
MLPFiM: 'Hush Now' Ch. 1 -PinkieDash-
"Hush Now"
Chapter One: The Unicorn Killer
Rainbow Dash had been an agent of the Equestrian Bureau of Investigation for over three years now. When she had applied for the position, she had imagined a life of excitement. One filled with high-speed chariot chases and dangerous drug busts. She had dreamt of giant magic battles and gritty hoof-to-hoof combat. Her expectations of an exhilarating life were quickly replaced with one filled with humdrum activity and boring paperwork.
The lightning cutie mark on her flank reflected her need for excitement, which was why she jumped for the chance to be on her first murder case. Nothing said excitement like serial murder and she hoped that the success would get her a permanent spot in the homicide division so that she could finally leave foreign affairs and achieve the life she always dreamed of.
- 0 -
Rainbow Dash rushed towards the conference room. She was late for her initial briefing and the last thing she needed was to make
:iconluffy-kun-fiction:Luffy-Kun-Fiction 121 52
Mature content
MLPFiM: 'Apple Cinnamon' -Cupcakes Sequel- :iconluffy-kun-fiction:Luffy-Kun-Fiction 53 85
Dan Vs: 'Poptarts' -DanxChris-
Dan taps his foot impatiently.
We are sitting in the waiting area of the California Department of Motor Vehicles. I have to get my license renewed before the end of the week and I refuse to put it off any longer. I had managed to talk Dan into putting his revenge for the day on hold so that I can run my errands.
He had thrown a fit, but he knew that I wouldn't drive without a license, no matter how hard he had pushed me to do otherwise several times in the past. And if he wanted me to continue to be his personal chauffer, he had to acquiesce to this small deviance from his plans. However, his irrational hatred of the Department of Motor Vehicles meant that he had no intention of making the experience neither simple nor pleasant.
Dan hated the DMV with passion. He hated the DMV so much that it was on his list three separate times. It was not unusual for Dan to hate something, in fact it was the norm, but he absolutely abhorred anything to do with the California Departm
:iconluffy-kun-fiction:Luffy-Kun-Fiction 23 29
Mature content
Dan Vs: 'Jumping' -DanxChris- :iconluffy-kun-fiction:Luffy-Kun-Fiction 22 34
Yotsubato: 'Phone Tree' -FukaKoiwai-
"Phone Tree"
Fuuka lay on her back in her room. She clenched her stomach as tight as she could and pressed her legs together, lifting them five inches off the ground. She pointed her toes and began counting to fifteen, attempting to hold the position. I can lose weight! She mentally reassured herself, as she began the tedious countdown. Suddenly, fifteen seconds became fifteen years. Her thighs burned with the effort and she slammed them back into her bedroom carpet. Only three seconds, dammit!
She sighed, throwing an arm over her eyes, Fuuka tried not to cry. She felt utterly useless. She was always going to be fatter than her sister. She had these super fat legs while Asagi effortlessly slipped into the smallest and most fashionable clothing. Hell, she couldn't even wear her hand-me-downs. Fuuka had attempted to borrow a pair of her jeans before, only to have the seams split when she tried to pull them up her legs!
Fuuka lamented her situation. She would always b
:iconluffy-kun-fiction:Luffy-Kun-Fiction 12 15
Salty Kisses Ch.8
Chapter Eight: Garbage
When I was younger I fancied myself a superhero.
I wanted nothing more than to be the next Superman. In my youth, I poured over comic books. I read everything from Superman to Plastic Man. I voraciously consumed Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk. I even read Aquaman for fuck's sake. Ordinary men granted magnificent powers by chance, abilities beyond the comprehension of mere mortal. Wondrous gifts given to a blessed few, setting them apart from the meandering masses of sheeple wandering the streets like the worthless wastes of skin they are. Superheroes are superior for a reason.
I wanted that.
So I created an alter-ego. I wanted power and prestige and I would have it. I looked into the mirror and finally felt as if I was special. I was worth something. People love heroes. I had never felt the adoration of others and I wanted nothing more than to experience the thrilling sensation of being basked in the warm affections of the doting public. I wanted it to
:iconluffy-kun-fiction:Luffy-Kun-Fiction 51 48
Salty Kisses Ch.7
Chapter Seven: The Hole
When one lies, does he lose a bit of himself? With every untruth does a piece of the soul escape through the mouth, forever attached to the white lie he has just told? If this is so, there is nearly nothing left to Eric Cartman. For I have lied more times than I can count.
My life is a constant lie. A string of deceit surrounds me. I feed into it like a drug addict searching for his next fix. Another lie and I will be satisfied; just one more and it will all be okay.
I am sheltered and shielded from the truth, locked away in a shit stained cage high above my filthy existence. It wasn't until I was much older that I found out who my father was. Some ginger freak who fucked my mother on a bar room floor. His agent had paid my mother to keep her mouth shut. She had pushed the town to follow suit. Money and a good season for the Broncos was more important that my knowing the truth behind my paternity.
But the truth is scarier than any lie I have ever told. I
:iconluffy-kun-fiction:Luffy-Kun-Fiction 35 35

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It has been a while, hasn't it? I wanted to update everyone on how I have been and what's new in my life.  Since the surgery in October, I have been improving quickly and I could not be happier. I have stopped slurring entirely and haven't collapsed once. I still have to get IVIG treatments every six weeks to keep the disease under control, but it is nowhere as bad as it was just a few months ago. In another year or so, we will know if the surgery forced it into remission. I am hopeful. I still have bad days, since the Myasthenia Gravis and Hypothyroid were just two additions to a laundry list of chronic illness I have been suffering from since I was eleven. I am working to get healthier.

I have more energy now than I have had in years. I feel like I have a life again. I am catching up on my requests and commissions as quickly as possible, but I am also taking the time to enjoy myself as well. You see, when you are ill for a long time, it feels as if time comes to a screeching halt. You are trapped in a vortex and life passes you by while you are at a standstill. When you finally emerge, everything is different and you are the same. I want to reconnect with the people who thought I abandoned them due to my illness. I want to go on real dates with my boyfriend. I want to go on vacation. I am doing some of these things and I enjoy it. I will be going back to school in the Fall and though I am self-conscious about how far behind I will be when my friends are all near graduation, I understand it is not my fault. I want to push forward and get my degree.

I want to pursue voice-acting in particular because I know this is the best option for my health. I am aware that I will still have to obtain a degree in a "legitimate" career just to make sure I can provide for myself while pursuing my true love, so I am still studying Psychology in school but I have never been more serious about making something of myself and am looking for any advice on voice.

I also got a TUMBLR under the name LuffyKun3695 so you can follow me if you want to. Anyway, thanks for reading. I appreciate the patience and the support more than I could ever properly put into words. Even though there are a lot of stupid people in this generation, I am glad I am alive now because without the internet I never would have met all of you wonderful people.

I am working diligently on all of my stories as well as some smutty commissions to be posted off-site.

:heart: Luffy-Kun


:bulletpink::bulletpink: *~*STORY UPDATES*~* :bulletpink::bulletpink:

*~*Current Stories*~*

"Salty Kisses "

Chapter Nine is barely started and has only 1,200+ words at the moment. I am having a bit of trouble leading in from the last chapter, but I know how the rest of the chapter is meant to work out, so once I beat the writer's block that is killing the beginning, the rest should fall into place rather quickly.

"Hush Now"

Chapter Five is about one-third done and currently stands at 2,000 words. I am working up profiles and timelines for the previous victims of the Horn Hawker, so it is taking time. I want to make sure that it makes sense.

"Yours, Mine, & Ours"

If you follow my other account Yours-Mine-Ours,  I started Chapter Six and  I am 1,500+ words in. This chapter has as much physical comedy as the last, which I take the time to describe properly to paint a picture, so I tend to write and re-write like a psychotic perfectionist.

*~*Coming Soon*~*

"Free Fall"

Dan Vs. Chris x Dan. This is the sequel to "Jumping" chronicling Chris' separation from Elise and starting a life with Dan. The first chapter is currently 6,000+ words long and contains at least one spicy male/male sex scene. I plan to have "lemon" in much of the story. This is my first attempt at writing a multi-chapter story with both plot and sex intertwined.

"Please Don't Leave Me"

Dan Vs. Chris x Dan. One-Shot. Lemon. This is a short smut piece I started detailing violent relationships and brutal sex between Dan and Chris following the song and video "Please Don't Leave Me" by P!nk without the arrest.

"Those Were The Days"

The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon x Penny. One-Shot. This story is currently 8,000+ words long and it will take a while to be posted. I started a story about how Sheldon and Penny got together after a friend who is a Shamy-Fan asked me "How could those two ever hook up?" and I decided to show her.


This is Luffy-Kun-Fiction! A fanfiction of works written by deviant Luffy-Kun. Instead of posting it in her own account, she decided to be kitchy and make a separate account. Welcome!

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My Erotic Fanfiction List
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:bulletorange: *~*FAN ART*~* :bulletorange:

I would absolutely adore fan art. My only rules are to attempt to stick to the story and of course, give me credit for the story. If you would like the fan art can be posted up in this account with links to the original work. It is appreciated beyond what you know.

:bulletred: *~*WARNINGS*~* :bulletred:

There are warnings. I write femmeslash/slash and incest. Flaming will not be tolerated. The "erotic" stories are on AdultFanFiction. They are there for a reason.

:bulletblue: *~*OTHER STORIES*~* :bulletblue:


Thanks for reading!


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I created this account to display my fanfiction and other written work.

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Courtney "Luffy" Dracon

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April 12, 1991

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Bisexual - Seme

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SasuSaku & NaruHina | Homophoia & Heterophobia | Racism | Sexism | Rape | Religious Zealots | Sparkly Vampires

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Naruto x Sakura | Naruto x Sasuke | Soul x Maka | Sebastian x Ciel | Luffy x Nami | Chris x Dan | Kyle x Cartman | Craig x Tweek | Stan x Wendy | Rarity x Applejack | Courtney x Duncan | Sheldon x Penny | Shawn x Lassiter | Jade x Tori

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Current Residence: Ohio
Favourite Genre of Music: All Types
Favourite Style of Art: Anime
Operating System: Kira (Minitop)
MP3 Player of Choice: Christophe (iPod Nano)
Shell of choice: Hermit Crab
Wallpaper of Choice: Matthew Gray Gubler
Skin of Choice: Your Mom
Favourite Cartoon Character: Eric Cartman |Craig Tucker | Dan | Pinkie Pie | Marceline the Vampire Queen | Etc.
Personal Quote: "MOW!"



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