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April 5, 2012
Redeemer Reborn is an amazing addition to ~luffie's Fantasy Illustration collection here on deviantART. Viewing more of his work is a must.
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Redeemer Reborn

What started as a simple fun sketch in the beginning ends up into a complete illustrations :p. I simply wanted to try out different way to do a painting, I used to paint in black and white straight into the canvas, using shapes and values and figuring out the details on the go. Overtime, I find that my method has its own flaws. Firstly, the colors are really hard to pin down, unless I have an exact image in my mind or a very good color reference, otherwise I will have to start form laying muddy looking colors layer by layer and do some trial and error too. Secondly, figuring out details on the go and painting it straight with shapes and volumes is hard, some times its just easier to draw the outlines first, just like when we are using only pencils.

So this time, I actually start by drawing the lines first rather than blocking shapes, laying colors underneath the lines to test the colors without worrying about painting over the details. And paint straight using colors rather than with black and white. I could say I was pleased with the results. Painting details was definitely much easier if I drew the outlines first. I am not sure about the colors, with black and white I could concentrate on getting nice smooth values, it was a little harder with colors, but it definitely results in richer colors. (There are 4 demons on the background, the other 3 are miscellaneous but you might find violator familiar..:))

Overall I am pleased with the results, I'll just have to find a balance between this new approach and my old habits, or... I could just work harder :p. Hope you love Redeemer and may you spread his angelic love by faving it :) Redeemer is a copyright of Todd Macfarlane.

Entry for "Train Your Brain" contest.

For Higher Resolution, check out from my site here Silver March Design

Might upload some WIPs later

P.S: you guys should WATCH me, cos I have many Eva, naruto and various cool art coming up, you will drool i guarantee :)

Check out my gallery for more! [link]

Hope you guys love it, and please leave a comment! :)

PSCS 7 3 days back and forth...
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Dragonlord-Daegen's avatar
i alwase loved heavenly,yet Gothic feel of Redeemer...and u did a great job of capturing the visage  
PhoenixFlamesRising's avatar
Wow, this is VERY impressive!
luffie's avatar
Thanks a lot:):):)
Wesker86's avatar
Nice! Recognized the Violater right away, I'd love to see you draw Spawn
AesirMaster's avatar
Exquisite detailing
luffie's avatar
Thank yoou very much for thattt^^
Estonius's avatar
Wicked cool pose and styley!
JeremiahTaylor's avatar
wow impressive balance in colors i like the shadowy background and the motion effect really helps pull it together great job!
cosmicplasm's avatar
Great job! I love the angel concepts!
ContentialChampion's avatar
Absolutely incredible!
jimmymyself's avatar
great wings and magic is always awesome.
erieartist's avatar
very artistically done, most are too bulky or old fashion style armour. very current/futuristic of a perception of angel armoured knight.
Ciris17's avatar
Who is this from.
KommandantWraith's avatar
SeekHim's avatar
I’ve always had a fascination with angels, but so many portrayals of them these days leave a lot to be desired! For instance; a lot of times angels are portrayed as cute little babies with wings. Angels are NOT cute little babies! They are powerful servants of GOD!

I really like how your pic breaks from tradition; (angels portayed in white) This one is dressed in
dark clothes but defintely good! I also love the details of his sword and armour.

Normally I prefer to see the main character's face, but the fact that you made him maked makes
me more curious about him.

GOD bless!
John 3:16
Thats sick!! Love that when a simple pimple sketch can lead into a work of art, check out my redeemer, made it out pen and highlighter during class:)
jepoytheboy's avatar
great art how long did it take to finish this?
luffie's avatar
about 2-3 days i think :)
EVOUniverse's avatar
Awesome Redeemer notch work man.
LadyFenix's avatar
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