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Quelaag, daughter of chaos

Here is the 2nd Dark Souls piece with accompanied short story, featuring the beautiful and fearsome Quelaag. Caution, it's s a bit long.…

The hard part in this illustration was balancing the size between the knight and Quelaag. She is obviously bigger than him when comparing 1:1. So in the framing, I have to be careful in putting the knight too close to her, as it would supposedly make him look much smaller when close, yet not too big when placed further. Also a slightly low angle view in order to include as much QUelaag into the frame as possible. It doesn't seem to be possible to include the full jaw of the spider demon without zooming out too much. This piece was actually done in early 2019. Stay tuned for more updates and stories!

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Marvelous eyes.

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hehe good eyes