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The Mars Trilogy mosaic - 588 img

Please welcome my new Mars Trilogy mosaic, based on the fabulous novels of Kim Stanley Robinson : Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars.
There are 588 pictures visible here, all gathered among public domain sources on the web, plus photos, 3D models and photomanipulations made by me along the years. This is a very big work, started around 6 months ago and patiently produced with much care to hundreds of details, to be found while exploring the mosaic! The original version is very very big, made as a mural whose details would still look sharp if printed by 5m large.

As always, I made this artwork on my Linux Ubuntu powered PC, with Gimp (for the photomanipulations and crops) and with AndreaMosaic (to assemble the hundreds of pictures in mosaic). Some of the pictures feature 3D models, some made on Sketchup, some others on Blender.
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 This is legend man! Awestruck by the awesome work ! You must be a super patient man dude ! Jawdrop

Respect !#1
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:) Yes, I am very patient and determined. This work has been on my mind for a few years, so I really wanted it to be a special piece!
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Have you tried UbuntuStudio distro (

If you have not, I recommend it for your kinda work, default DE is Xfce, btw . :)
All your skillset programs come pre-installed & with a low-latency kernel.
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hey, that's interesting information! :)
What is DE and XFCE ?
If I understand well, this distribution is built especially for heavy calculation work, right ?
Do you use it yourself ?
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DE is for Desktop Environment, your normal Ubuntu uses a fork(made from) of Gnome DE developed by Canonical(Ubuntu parent) called Unity DE, which is heavy on the resources side, i.e. uses more RAM, CPU for bare minimum operation.

Xfce is one of the middle-weight DE's which uses lower resources than Unity/Gnome/KDE .

This UbuntuStudio Distibution(Distro) is oriented towards people who are into creating audio work, Graphics work etc. hence uses a low-latency kernel which is a patched kernel suited for these operations specifically.

Yes, I have been using UbuntuStudio for a year nearly and am more than happy with it, though i prefer Gnome DE and install it on top of Xfce, which comes with stock UbuntuStudio. I am into audio recording, playing jamming tracks, making songs & have found UbuntuStudio to be great to work with, with Xfce or Gnome.

Suggest you read a little about different DE's available in Linux & choose one or at least try UbuntuStudio & find out for yourself, I guess you will like it.
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Thank you for this cool brief! Sure, I will try Ubuntu Studio someday, and maybe will adopt it as my next distro! :)
Keep the good work dude!
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