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This is a personal tribute to Red Mars, as 2012 is it's 20th anniversary and the year of the new Kim Stanley Robinson epic scale SF novel 2312.
The layout is made on Inkscape and the 3 photomanipulations (2027, 2061 and 2127) were made on Gimp.

For more info and more Mars art, check my Da Vinci - Mars Design blog :
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I first read Green Mars when I was in high school in the 1990's and it was amazing. I'd never read a book where the plot was split between characters. I've lost track of all the characters, is 2312 a new novel from KSR?
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Yes, 2312 is his new novel. I haven't read it but it's considered a masterpiece, one of the best SF books of 2012. I will definitely read it someday.
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Excellent work!:-)
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:) eh eh, that was a lot of fun!
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I am looking forward to year 2027 then, because guess who we can send to Mars just right away?