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Mission to Phobos


I've been wanting to depict Phobos from that angle for a long long time...

In case you don't know, Phobos is the main moon of Mars (the other being Deimos) and rotates close to Mars (about 9,400 km from its surface - considering Mars has a diameter of 6,779 km), which means when on Phobos, you would have a majestic sight on Mars. Also, Phobos has almost no gravity, which means you could almost approach it as an asteroid, which differs a lot from approaching our Moon.

I've worked around 6 hours on this photomanipulation, made with Gimp (+ a 3D sphere mapping of Mars with Blender).

All on Linux-Ubuntu.

All of my Mars art is detailed on my Da Vinci Mars Design blog :…
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Does Phobos really look monochrome? I thought it was slightly tinted?
We are now crossing Uranus an- oh... My mistake!
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You used images of the Moon's surface to do this, didn't you?  Very nicely done.
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Thank you ! Yes, I used two Moon surface photos. One from Apollo 16 and one from A.17.
I can't wait for the time we will have surface shots of Phobos itself !
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Is that Stickney crater?
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No, this is a random crater, a very small one. Stickney is HUGE, the size of a medium town.
I have an idea for some epic image with Stickney Crater which I will try to create someday.
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Wow WHAT A VIEW! Very crisp details, great sense of scale!
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Thank you very much ! I've been dreaming of this vision for a long time. It was time to create it ! :)
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Awesome man. Nice job.
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The diameter of Mars is approximately  6,779 km.
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Thank you very much for the note, you are right! I just changed the text.
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Nice work, very realistic.
I read the other comments about the shadow and think you got it about right. The light source appears to be coming from the right hand side and in front of the spacecraft so I think the shadow should fall where it does. I see what others have said about the shadows on the rocks, and the light source on them does appear to come from a different direction but it's still a good picture none the less. And Mars looks good blurred out to the extent that it is, I always think that distant objects should appear less sharp than the foreground.   
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Thank you for your opinion :)
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Excellent piece :)
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Excellent work!:-)
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For Phobos I know you used NASA images from our own moon landings? Phobos isn't that uniform grey color like our Moon is. It's more of a dirty brown/grey color. I recognize a Moon mountain when I see one ;)

Also, the shadow from the craft does not match up with the shadow angles of the rocks, just something to think about.
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Hi !
Thanks for your comments.
I've been thinking about the surface color, but I haven't tried to stick to the brown/gery color because I wasn't sure of how dark it would have to be. That said, I could test an alternate version.
For the shadows, yes, that's the tricky part here. What do you suggest ? Should I move the shadow slightly up ?
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I only pointed out the things I noticed. Fixing them is way out of my realm of expertise. I don't do photo manipulations of this sort.
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